How Is the Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Working? What Are the Internal Composition Structure

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Before we understand the working principle of fully automated biochemical analyzers, we must first understand what is automatic biochemical analyzer? The fully automated biochemical analyzer is an instrument in the liquid to analyze a specific chemical component in the liquid. It is the biochemical analysis instruments that are automated operations such as sampling, test agents, mixing, insulation reactions, testing, results calculation and display, and cleaning in the analysis process. Due to the high degree of automation and the function of setting and automatic correction, the subjective errors and system errors are relatively small, and it is convenient to use.

Due to the advantages of fast analysis, high analysis speed, high accuracy, and small consumption dosage, etc., it has been applied to the fields of epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, family planning service stations, etc. For testing and analyzing life chemicals. The diagnosis and treatment of Chinese diseases provide information basis.

After understanding the basic definition and application scope of fully automated biochemical analyzers, the editor of Prank Medical Equipment for its specific workflow will be introduced for further introduction. The fully automatic biochemical analyzer is determined by the analysis of blood or other body fluids to determine various biochemical indicators: such as Alt, TP, Alb, TCHO, CREA, GLU, CA, MG, P, etc. Combined with other clinical data and comprehensive analysis, it can help diagnose diseases, evaluate organ function, identify concurrency factors, and determine future treatment. The fully automated biochemical analyzer is mainly developed based on the spectrophotia method. So far, the lighting method is also its core method. The optical ratio part is the core of the entire instrument. The proofing system is the prerequisite for analysis. The control unit is the guarantee of the analysis. The data processing system is a function expansion. Its main classifications include: continuous flow (pipeline), separation, centrifugal, and dry film type.

Due to the high accuracy, flexibility and efficiency, the fully automatic biochemical analyzer has become one of the indispensable equipment in the field of clinical testing. In the context of the implementation of "cancer early screening" in domestic policies, the fully automated biochemical analyzer Market demand has continued to rise, and industry development prospects are better. As a manufacturer of fully automated biochemical analyzers, Prank Medical Equipment currently sells more automatic biochemical analyzer types. There are not only two types of automatic and automatic and automatic automatic, but also a variety of products to choose from. In addition to the excellent quality of itself, it also provides a thoughtful service system. If you are interested in our fully automated biochemical analyzer product, welcome to call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.

How Is the Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Working? What Are the Internal Composition Structure 1

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