How Does the Magnetic Pearl Nucleic Acid Extraction Extract Nucleic Acid and Where Is the Advantage?

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As one of the current effective epidemic prevention and control methods, nucleic acid extraction and testing are no stranger to everyone. Prior to this, the method of extracting the traditional nucleic acid was chemical cracking and cylindrical method. However, with the rapid development of gene diagnosis, genetically modified food detection, and personalized medical care, traditional nucleic acid extraction technology can no longer meet the needs of today's biotechnology. As a result, magnetic pearl nucleic acid extraction came into being.

No. A commercialized reagent that used the magnetic bead method to extract DNA and successfully applied for patents in the United States appeared in 1998. The magnetic bead method first absorbs the free nucleic acid molecule to the surface of the magnetic particles by cracking the cells, while the protein and polysaccharides are left in the solution. Under the influence of the magnetic field, the magnetic particles are separated from the liquid to discard the liquid to eliminate the liquid Later, the purified nucleic acid molecules were obtained after being eluted.

The magnetic bead method uses the principle of combining and dissipating the magnetic acid activity group with a magnetic granular activity group under certain conditions to avoid the loss of nucleic acid during the extraction process as much as possible, and it can also remove the interference substances in the specimen (such as hemoglobin The effects of bilirubin and lipid blood), obtain high -quality nucleic acid templates. With the development of magnetic bead method extraction technology, DNA extraction has really begun to achieve standardization, rapidness and automation.

The kits based on the magnetic acid extractor of the Magnetic Pearl Method are also widely used. Nucleic acid extraction kit does not require any organic solvent and no need to repeat centrifugation. At present, it can extract high -quality DNA and RNA from full blood, serum, plasma, saliva, urine, feces, cerebrospinal fluid, tissue and cells, and shorter time. The recovery rate is higher. And it can be automated and uninvited through mechanical equipment.

In addition, the principle of magnetic pearl method is safe and non -toxic, and does not use toxic reagents such as benzene and chloroform in traditional methods. Mainstream nucleic acid extraction methods at home and abroad.

How Does the Magnetic Pearl Nucleic Acid Extraction Extract Nucleic Acid and Where Is the Advantage? 1

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