How Does the Home Ventilator Treat Snoring? How to Choose a Ventilator That Suits You

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The home ventilator can be said to be the primary choice of snoring, which not only eliminates snoring, but also reduces the probability of chronic diseases caused by snoring. In addition, the small side effects and fast results are also its advantages. The only disadvantage is that it can only be treated and cannot be cured. It can be understood as myopia glasses.

So, how does home ventilator treat snoring?

The principle of home ventilating machine treatment snoring is very simple: the gas stent is formed by continuously transporting a certain pressure on the patient's respiratory tract to support the open airway of the patient, ensuring the smooth breathing of the patient, eliminating snoring and the negative effects brought by OSAHS.

Therefore, home ventilator is not helping you breathe, but blowing air in your airway, supporting your blocking position, and breathing still rely on yourself.

How to choose a ventilator that suits you?

The first is to choose the appropriate mode according to their own needs. There are many types of home ventilator and many models. For example, models with CPAP and APAP mode are mainly used to treat basic snoring, sleep respiratory suspension syndrome, BPAP syndrome, BPAP -ST is mainly used to treat slow pulmonary blocking and breathing incomplete.

Many people think that the difference between home ventilator is not clear and bought one casually. This is a misunderstanding. Different patients have different types of breathing, and the degree of severity is different. There are differences in the type and pressure setting of the ventilator.

Before choosing a home ventilator, patients still have to go to the hospital for sleep testing, perform pressure titration for all night, and determine the required treatment pressure range according to the results of the pressure. Essence

How Does the Home Ventilator Treat Snoring? How to Choose a Ventilator That Suits You 1

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