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What is a fully automatic electrolyte analyzer? It is believed that for many people, this is a strange term. In fact, it is an automatic analysis instrument based on an ion -based electrode method and voltage pressure method, using micro -processing machine to analyze. So, how does it work? The editor of the Proven Medical Equipment manufacturer will introduce it in detail.

The fully automatic electrolyte analyzer uses an ions to select the electrode measurement method to achieve accurate detection. The ion concentration difference between the internal electrode solution and the sample will generate electrochemical voltage on both sides of the membrane of the working electrode. The voltage is attracted to the amplifier through high -conducting internal electrodes. The reference electrode also leads to the location of the amplifier. The standard curve is obtained by detecting a accurate -known ion concentration standard solution to detect the ion concentration in the sample.

After understanding the specific working principle of fully automatic electrolyte analyzer, what are the main aspects of its main application? The instrument can quickly and accurately analyze the content of potassium, sodium, chlorine, and calcium ions in serum, and the size of pH value, TCO2, calculate the gap (AG), the measurement result is displayed directly on the LCD display, and prints on the built -in printer.

Proven Medical Equipment manufacturers produce electrolyte analyzer equipment. There are many models currently sold, which can provide corresponding products according to different needs, and the manufacturer's after-sales service system is complete. More product information can be consulting: 400-6656-888.

How Does a Fully Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer Work? What to Detect What-Prove Medical 1

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