How About the Domestic Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer? What Are the Advantages of the Product?

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Blood gas analysis is a means of using fully automatic blood gas analyzer to understand the human respiratory function and acid -base balance state. It is vital to play the process of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, acute respiratory failure diagnosis and treatment, newborns monitoring, and critical condition monitoring. The role of the treatment plan, ventilator mode and parameters can be adjusted in time according to the test results, which greatly reduces the patient's retention time in the emergency department, reduce the crowding of patients in the emergency department, better implement the emergency process management, improve patient satisfaction Essence

So, how about a domestic fully automatic blood gas analyzer? What are the advantages of the product?

With the development and progress of domestic medical device technology, the domestic fully automatic blood gas analyzer has become the primary choice for various medical institutions with the advantages of performance, price, and after -sales. Blood gas analyzer brand. PL2000PLUS blood gas analyzer product advantages are as follows:

1. Full automatic blood gas analyzer fast and simple

1. Automatic inhalation of proofing system, automatic standard;

2. Fast detection, 80s/sample;

3. Automatically collect waste liquid to avoid biological pollution;

4. Can be connected to the LIS data system for easy management.

Second, the fully automatic blood gas analyzer is small and portable

1. Portable design, built -in lithium batteries;

2. The temperature of the reagent bag is stored without refrigeration.

Third, automatic blood gas analyzer free maintenance

1. There is no internal liquid road with high stability;

2. Built -in self -diagnosis function;

3. The integrated design of the reagent package, which contains suction needles, detect electrodes, standard products and waste liquid areas, and abandon it after use.

The PL2000PLUS fully automatic blood gas analyzer closely combines the test with the patient's clinical diagnosis and treatment due to its convenience, rapid, and accurate characteristics, which improves the quality of emergency emergency response and the success rate of treatment. If you want to buy the blood gas analyzer of Prank Medical, or understand the specific technical parameters, please consult 400-6656-888.

How About the Domestic Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer? What Are the Advantages of the Product? 1

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