Fully Automated Analyzer Operation Method and Daily Maintenance Precautions

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Fully -automated analyzer is referred to as biochemical instruments, which can quickly and accurately detect various items, including liver function, renal function, blood sugar, blood lipids and other categories. With the widespread clinical application of fully automated biochemical analyzers, how to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the smooth progress of daily work, extend the service life of the instrument, and the maintenance of the instrument and equipment more prominent its importance. Next, I will introduce the operation method of fully automated biochemical analyzers and daily maintenance precautions.

Fully automated analyzer operation method:

1. Start work inspection. Whether the probe and stirring rod have water droplets, dirty dirt, whether to bend or block. Whether the cleaning agent is sufficient can be used for one week, but it needs to be checked every day. Whether the liquid suction mechanism leaks liquid. Whether the waste liquid box is full. Whether the printer is placed in (on) and the printer is sufficient.

2. Connect the power. Prepare the ion exchanges water installation, and use distilled water for later use. Place the host power switch at the (ON) position. The fully automatic biochemical analyzer enters the preheating state.

3. Prepare reagents. Enter the reagent information program, and a barcode label reagent, which can read the reagent information (type, batch number, validity period, etc.) of each item from the barcode. The remaining dosage can be recorded in the level of information without barcodes. According to the specific specimen volume and additional reagent reagents on the day of the laboratory, the lid of the tightly lid is added to enter the test agent program.

4. General sample registration and entry. Each sample registration, select the sub -menu of conventional operation, enter the start number of the sample at the (sample number), and enter the patient's ID, blood collection time, gender, age and other patient information if necessary. Select the required determination of the sample, press Enter to confirm, and automatically convert it to the next two sample numbers. When registering multiple samples in batches, batch registration is performed.

5. Prepare samples. The prepared samples, mass controls, and standard solution are stored in the sample disk (or sample rack).

6. Start analysis. In the standby state, the fully automated biochemical analyzer selects the start key. At the monitoring window of the biochemical analyzer, monitor the analysis of the sample. Enter the (result printing) state after the measurement. The reaction cup and probe used for cleaning, the biochemical analyzer turned into a state of stopping.

7. Confirmation of calibration results. Confirm the indoor quality control within 2s and standard curves and calibrations.

8. End work. After the measurement results are printed, turn off the power, turn off the power supply of the faucet and the ion exchange water equipment, and do a good job of finishing work.

The daily maintenance of the fully automated biochemical analyzer needs to pay attention to the devices of the instrument, and the daily maintenance is related to the accuracy of the normal operation and detection results of the instrument. Mainly pay attention to the following two aspects:

First, when the automatic biochemical analyzer is not used for a long time, the pump tube should be removed from the pump wheel. In order to extend the service life of the color pool and reduce cross -pollution, after the daily work is over, it is necessary to compare the color pool and the liquid path for rinse. You can wash it with sodium chloride first, and then rinse it with distilled water. Pay attention to the use of distilled water to clean the suction switch and remove the test tube. It is necessary to make a part of the distilled water in the absorbing pipe, and keep it in the color pool. Use the instrument to completely empty the road. To do well in order to make the instrument longer.

Second, the fully automated biochemical analyzer of long -term operation, each part of the instrument is likely to be worn or worn, and there are potential faults. If the filter is filter, the filter will decrease after a period of use. When the instrument cannot work normally, the instrument light source lamp When the light source is faulty, the instrument will automatically give a prompt. At this time, you can open the instrument cover and check it. Essence

If it is a power failure, please ask medical equipment professionals to repair it. Another example is that after a period of use, the pump tube will cause deformation or even rupture leak due to a long period of use. There are also insurance pipes. After the insurance tube is burned out, be sure to cut off the power and replace the same specifications or replace it under the guidance of a professionals.

Effectively maintaining the fully automatic biochemical analyzer can ensure the inspection effect of the equipment. Welcome to contact us if you want to buy a fully automatic biochemical analyzer of Proud Medical, or want to know the technical parameters of the product.

Fully Automated Analyzer Operation Method and Daily Maintenance Precautions 1

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