3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 1
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 2
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 3
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 4
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 5
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 6
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 1
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 2
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 3
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 4
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 5
3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication 6

3-15 jours ouvrables Machine d'anesthésie Ppt MeCan fabrication

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3-15 jours ouvrables
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Notre machine d'anesthésie est équipée d'un vaporisateur d'anesthésie dédié à la précision et d'un dispositif de sécurité pour prévenir la cyanose et le système d'alarme nécessaire. Il dispose d'un écran LCD couleur, peut afficher la pression temporelle, le temps d'écoulement et la boucle de volume de pression, avec la surveillance de la concentration d'oxygène. Cette machine d'anesthésie convient à l'anesthésie à faible débit.

Company Advantages

1. The production of MeCan Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner is permitted by the industrial production license issued by the Country. And the quality of the product meets the mechanical seal standards of Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

2. MeCan x ray machine definition has gone through a series of quality tests to meet the desired reliability, life-cycle costs, and the speed standards for the mechanical seal application.

3. During the designing stage of MeCan portable patient monitor, consideration such as type, pressure, and chemical characteristics of the sealing object are taken seriously by the designers.

4. The product has high-quality seams. Its seam is more security and durability, preventing threads from getting caught up or damaged.

5. The product features high precision in stitch. Timely adjustment of inconsistencies will be made on the spot to make sure the right number of stitches per inch.

6. The product features good sewing quality. The mature selvage workmanship makes the fabric tightly woven to prevent thread unraveling.

7. The product is user-friendly for it does not produce electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to people or produce thermal radiation and UV and infrared ray.

8. Supplied by a stable voltage, the product can provide users with a stable illumination environment without flickering.

9. The product features low consumption and has superior quality in energy conservation. This means that users can benefit from this product to reduce their electricity cost.

    Medical Anestesia Equipment, Anesthesia Machine For Anesthesiology Department

    Prospective service and support

    Our Anesthesia Machine is equipped with an accurate dedicated anaesthetic vaporizer and a safety device for preventing cyanosis and necessary alarm system. During the anesthesia, the patient’s respiratory functions can be managed by using a microcomputer controlled pneumatic electrically controlled synchronizing anesthesia respirator. Each connection part of the whole machine is a standard interface. A highly efficient and large volume soda lime absorber can minimize the re-inhalation of carbon dioxide by the patient.

    Power On Self Test

    The automatic conversion for standby power while AC power outage,  keep working  not less than 1 hour.

    Component Details

    Na Lime Tank: Equipped with international advanced one-piece soda lime cans,it can be fast replaced with  hands  and  withstand temperatures up to 134℃

    Circuit: Metal integrated breathing circuit, Perfect function of gas sealing under high temperature disinfection, and easy to cleaning and disinfected.

    Flowmeter: 5-Tubes flowmeter;

    1. Assure that O2 output not lower than 20%

    2. NO2 automatically off while O2deficiency

    Display & Operating  Interface

    10.4'' LCD Display Screen, can feedback patient data

    Shuttle button: More accurate

    Vaporizers:  En flurane/ Iso flurane/ Sevo flurane(Option: Halothane)  

    Setting Range:  0.5~5%

    china anesthesia machine

    1.Manual/Maneuvering changeover valve

    2.Common gas inlet

    3.Gas storage bag connection port

    4.Carbon dioxide absorber

    5.Exhalation valve

    6.Exhalation screwed pipe port

    7.Inhalation screwed pipe port

    8.Inhalation valve

    9.Pressure gauge

    10.APL safety valve

    11.Air bellow

    12.Driving gas inlet

    13.Pressure signal  

    14.Oxygen concentration sensor interface

    15.Waste gas exhaust port

    16.Connection with 17 through screwed pipe

    17.Connection with 16 through screwed pipe

    Physical specifications 
    Screen 10.4 '  LCD  Display Screen
    Suitable Adult & Child
    Mode pneumatically powered and electrically controlled system
    Working Mode Closed; Semi-Closed; Semi-Open
    Circuit Breathing circuit integrated standards
    Flowmeters 5 Tubes Flowmeters:  O2:0.1~10L/Min,  N2O:0.1~10L/Min; Air: 0.1~10L / Min
    Trolley Fitted with 4 nos anti-static rubber castors; two of which are lockable for braking and easy maneuverability with foot operated brake provisions
    Drawer unit TWO drawers  totally extractable
    Technical Specifications
    Gas requirement Medical oxygen and nitrous oxide with a pressure ranging from O2: 0.32~0.6MPa ;   NO2: 0.32 MPa to 0.6 MPa.
    safety valve  <12.5  kPa
    Respiratory Rate 1~99bpm
    oxygen concentration in the mixed gas N2O/O > 21%
    Oxygen Flush 25~75 L/min
    modes of ventilation A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, PCV, VCV, PEEP, MANUAL, SIGH
    PEEP: 0 ~ 2.0 kPa
    Inspiratory trigger pressure -1.0kPa ~ 2.0 kPa
    I/E Ratio 8:1 ~ 1:10, Has the inverse ratio ventilation
    Tidal Volume 0 ~ 1500 ML
    Inspiratory Plateau 0~1s
    O2 Concentration 21%~100%
    Sigh one deep breath per 70 ~ 120 controlled respirations, the inspiration time is 1.5 times of the setting point
    Maximum safety pressure ≤ 12.5 kPa
    Pressure limit range 0 ~ 6.0  kPa
    Airway pressure alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating Lower: 0.2kPa~5.0kPa;   Upper: 0.3~6.0  kPa
    ±0.2 kPa
    Tidal volume alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating upper alarm: 50 to 2000ml, lower alarm: 0~1800ml
    Oxygen concentration alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating upper alarm: 21% ~100%;  lower alarm:10%~80%
    Power Supply Alarm Ac/dc power supply are after failing to send out alarm immediately
    Alarm Time: keep >120s
    The airway pressure continues to be higher than 15 hPa ±1 hPa for 15s±1s, then the machine will raise an audible alarm, the pressure will be displayed in red and the continuous high pressure red alarm wording is displayed on the screen of the anesthetic respirator.
    Operating conditions
    Ambient temperature 10 ~ 40oC
    Relative humidity no higher than 80 %
    Atmospheric pressure 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa
    Power requirement 100-120 Vac, 50/60 Hz;  
    Attention: the AC power supply used for the anesthesia machine must be well grounded.
    Attention: the anesthesia machine used must be equipped with a carbon dioxide monitor complying with ISO 9918:1993, an oxygen monitor complying with ISO 7767:1997 and an expiratory gas volume monitor complying with of Medical Electrical Equipment Part II: Special Requirements for Safety and Basic Performance of Anesthesia System. 
    Ambient temperature -15oC ~ +50oC
    Relative humidity no higher than 95 %
    Atmospheric pressure 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa.
    It should be stored in a room without corrosive gas and well ventilated
    packaging box comply with the requirement of GB/T 15464
    Between the packaging box and product, soft material with appropriate thickness provided to prevent loosening and mutual friction during transportation
    Moisture protection and rain protection to ensure that product is protected from natural damage. 
    Safty & Alarm
    Oxygen Alarm It alarms when the oxygen  supply from pipe or cylinders lower than 0.2MPa
    Ventilation Volume Alarm Lower: 0~12L/Min;   Up: 18L/ Min
    Power Alarm It Alrmas while AC and DC supply failure ; Keep alraming  time: >120s
    Air Tract Pressure Alarm Lower: 0.2kPa ~5.0 kPa;  Up: 0.3kPa ~ 6.0kPa

    Q:What is the packing size of the anesthesia machine?

    A:2 cartons:940*790*1270mm,700*680*370mm,Gross weight:114KG.

    Q:What is the packing list of the anestesia machine?


    1 Main unit 1 pc
    2 5-tube flow meter 1 pc
    3 Patient circuit(Na lime tank) 1 set
    4 bellows 1 set
    5 vaporizer 2 pcs
    6 Oxygen transport pipe 1 pc
    7 Oxygen concentration probe  1 pc
    8 air transport pipe 1 pc
    9 Flowmeter sensor 1 set
    10 Oxygen pressure reducer 1 set
    11 anaesthetic reservoir bag ( Blue) 2 pc
    12 Threaded pipe 4 pc
    13 Mask (Silicom) 2 pc
    14 Y pipe 1 pc
    15 Battery 1 pc
    16 Power wire 1 pc
    17 Tools Attachment 1 set
    18 Tail gas absorber  2 pcs
    19 User Manual (English Version) 1 pc
    20 Patient Monitor(option) 1 pc

Company Features

With a history stretching back years ago, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is one of the Chinese leading providers of Dental Handpiece Steam Sterilizer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a well-acclaimed Chinese company that shares valuable knowledge and experience. We manufacture Dental Handpiece Steam Sterilizer with speed and efficiency. Established years ago, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is proud of our reputation as a leading manufacturer of Dental Handpiece Steam Sterilizer in China.

We are backed by a team of product experts. Depending on their years of industry expertise, they help assist in technical sales and product development by providing innovative insights. We have an experienced management team. On the basis of their diverse expertise, they have the ability to bring considerable insights and experience for our business. We have a team of dedicated management members. Based on their years of expertise and experience, they are able to put forward innovative management methods for the whole manufacturing process. We have employed a pool of excellent R&D members. They show great abilities in developing new Dental Handpiece Steam Sterilizer or upgrading the old ones, with their years of expertise.

We've created aims and targets to put our business activities to attain sustainable improvement. During the development course, we will guarantee energy consumption will be cut, wastes will be finely handled, and resources will be utilized in a reasonable way. We always consider high customer satisfaction can help us succeed. We need to guarantee smooth communication between clients and our staff, and consistently attempt to give customers with excellent services and products that are sophisticatedly produced. As an environmentally responsible company, we purposely decrease the negative influence posed on the environment. Our concerns over the earth's resources are presented by the rigorous resource utilization requirements.

Product Details

With a focus on product quality, MeCan pursues perfection in every detail.

Application of the Product

The anesthesia machine ppt developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields.

MeCan has been engaged in the production of for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. Based on that, we could provide comprehensive and excellent solutions according to actual situations and the needs of different customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, the anesthesia machine ppt of MeCan is more strict in the selection of raw materials. The specific aspects are as follows.

Enterprise Advantages

Our talents are high in quality and rich in industry experience. They are the solid foundation for our company's long-term development.

We promise choosing MeCan is equal to choosing quality and efficient services.

MeCan adheres to the development philosophy of 'pursuing excellence and continuous innovation', the enterprise spirit of 'integrity, pragmatism, development and innovation', and the principle of 'technology leadership, service first, cooperation and win-win'. We make effort to build a leading enterprise integrating production, sales and the whole industrial chain.

Since the establishment in MeCan has experienced vigorous development and continuous growth for years. Now, we have been leading the industry.

Our sales network is spreading all over the country. We are dedicated to making it go global.

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