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Prestan Professional Adult CPR AED Manikin Dummies are great CPR Trainers because they are of high quality, functional, have a lot of ringing signs and are in the mid-price range. The Nasco CPR Prompt Manikins are inexpensive, functional dummies that are suitable for beginners on a small budget. These exercise dummies work with AED training, chest compression and rescue breathing.

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For a higher budget, Prestan Professional Adult CPR and AED Manikin are high-quality CPR dummies offering valuable audiovisual feedback features that will appeal to anyone who has tried CPR at least once in a lifetime. The Prestan Adult Professional Training Manikins are realistic and have an eye for touch like no other on the market. Prestan Professional Adult CPR provides audiovisual feedback to improve CPR training.

The unique shell design of the adult training doll helps instructors to save valuable training time by setting up, transporting, packaging, and inserting face protection and lung pouches quickly and easily. CPR dolls with pulmonary pouches are available in different models of maniKins. Prestan Training Manikins are equipped with a shell that houses easy-to-use facial shields and lung pouches.

There are special lung pouches for adult dolls, children / infants and ultralight dolls. If you need a lung bag for a Prestan you own, please check twice what type of maniKin you are ordering from.

The Prestan Ultralite mannequins are excellent wearable CPR dummies with solid design, great features and durable workmanship. The realistic Prestan mannequin with eye contact is unique on the market. It is also light and less heavy than its nearest competitors.

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The Prestan Manikin CPR Monitor is one of our most popular simulation models. We have listed some of the biggest benefits associated with this model to give you a better idea of its suitability for your environment.

The Stimulaid Adult CPR Training Pack Adult Manikins that we sell at the DRS Toy Store offer many students the most realistic and cost-effective way to make their own doll to practice real life scenarios. We have mannequins and other Prestan products in our product range, and when they are on the market, we are proud to dedicate ourselves to the Prestan profession, and to this extent we recommend Prestan CPR ManiKins to our national and international instructors.

These scenarios create a better experience for students to learn the correct routines, movements and amount of force required for proper CPR procedures. Basic life-support skills are trained in a simulator called a BLS training doll. This provides the means to practice techniques and equipment that reflect the emergencies that students will encounter.

This handy package is perfect for beginners and includes 4 American Red Cross AED trainers, a multilingual USB port, a metronome for adults and toddlers, and a Prenstan Manikin CPR monitor. It contains all the necessary equipment to teach first aid, CPR and AED training to adults and infants up to a class size of 8.

This pack of 4 Prestan professional adult CPR / AED Training Manikins with Medium Skin is ideal for group training as each student has his own doll for maximum training time. Included in the package are a CPR monitor, 50 adult face shields, a lung bag, a red nylon case for ease of use and instruction manuals.

Designed to meet the American Heart Association's criteria for desirable doll features. Comprehensive design allows practising Heimlich manoeuvres, abdominal thrusts, CPR and mouth-to-mouth ventilation. Full chest and pulmonary pouch ensure that students receive an accurate and realistic training.

The clicker mechanism helps students apply the right amount of force to press the victim's chest to the right depth. It also increases the confidence of students in appropriate compression.

The Prestan Adult Manikin CPR Monitor provides instant feedback on the rate of chest compression during CPR. The unique technology of the Prestan Professional CPR Rate Monitor provides real-time feedback on lifeguard performance and allows teachers to monitor multiple students simultaneously. AHA requires all CPR courses to integrate policies and feedback from devices that provide real-time audio and visual feedback on compression rate and depth.

In the USA, as an international CPR training organization with thousands of CPR instructors, we converted all Prestan products into our CPR training manikins for AED trainers. There is no need for a CPR manikin comparison chart to see the value of these dolls: real-time feedback from the monitor, the reading room of the instructor and the skin develops clean and leaves no residue on the AED electrodes.

As already mentioned, realism is important when it comes to the training of mannequins. A realistic looking and acting doll is acceptable to both faculty and students. Prestan Adult Manikins are lightweight and have less weight than other CPR training maniKins.

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