A Brief Guide to Selecting 3D Anatomy Education Virtual Anatomy Table

Hundreds of institutions have introduced the Anatomage Table as an anatomical and physiological teaching tool. This course is a good choice for faculty who want to equip their students with anatomical references, study resources, and job creation tools. If you want a virtual dissection tool to replace a cadaver laboratory in your institution, or if your institution wants to set up a virtual dissection laboratory with an anatomical table, you should take a look at Natures products.

A Brief Guide to Selecting 3D Anatomy Education Virtual Anatomy Table 1

The format of our integrated laboratories is consistent with the preferences of students to combine anatomy and radiology [25]. The main difference between Anatomage Table and course material is how you want your students to use 3D anatomy technology. The contrast in user experience between the anatomical table and the course material shows us that the table provides a cadaver replacement without requiring the use of a textbook, while the course material replaces the textbook and serves as a learning tool to improve traditional cadaver, dissection and laboratory experiences.

Our pilot study showed a novel way to structure an anatomy laboratory for medical students, using virtual cadaveric sections to familiarize students with basic radiology concepts. In this model, which was used throughout the curriculum, the students spent 10-15% of their time in the laboratory to dissect virtually. Our study showed a way in which virtual and corpses were combined: Students perceived the integrated experience as valuable to their learning.

A number of innovative studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D printed models in facilitating anatomy teaching. While many studies have used radiological images for anatomy teaching, there is a lack of literature on the use of DTD to extend the cadaverous dissection experience of medical students. Cadaver CT scans are inferior to anatomy lessons because they do not show a living anatomy, which is essential for doctors to understand.

They were also notified that students reported difficulties using VR tools. Overall, the feedback from students and lecturers was positive. We expected that these difficulties would be overcome during the first training and use of the LMC and that the initial feedback from students would be used to improve subsequent activities.

A Brief Guide to Selecting 3D Anatomy Education Virtual Anatomy Table 2

Various strategies have been studied to improve the effectiveness of anatomical learning, such as multimodal anatomy training, which improves student performance [31]. The important role of 3D information processing in understanding complex anatomy has been supported by studies on virtual reality [32-34].

On this basis, 3D printing is an ideal tool for teaching anatomy, as students can observe and manipulate 3D topographic features with their hands. Furthermore, it can help to promote deep learning, as students interact with the content and apply the concepts in daily practice [35].

Students can learn about neuroanatomy and neurophysiology relevant to neurological diseases using LMC-based models. With devices like the LMC, students can be encouraged to use health science databases to achieve significant learning on the course topic.

For example, the drilling of cartilage tissue requires a liquid coating to increase the physical strength of the structures generated by BJs, as opposed to the infiltration of elastomer resins, which is intended to increase their flexibility. 27 BJs can also be used for tumors in surgical simulations.26 Arteries can be taught in human anatomy for transcatheter valve replacement 17, liver segments 50, and hearts 17-51. The same rigid models can also be used for orientation.46 Levi et al. 28 emphasize the importance of the inhabitants seeing the operation several times in order to memorize all phases of the procedure.

For inexpensive and accessible methods, FDM is the best choice for those who need fine print, but by definition the size of the model is too large, so we recommend SLA. Models obtained with SLA have more detail and are better suited to low pressure than models of coronary arteries. Gross Anatomy Models A complete anatomy model for men is the gold standard for anatomical training.

The Anatomage Table is the most advanced 3D anatomic visualization and virtual dissection tool ever developed for anatomy and physiology classes in the heart of the Anatomy Lab of Justin and Jeanette Hinckley. The team has created models based on anatomical papers from classical textbooks and scanned data to give you the closest thing to a real human body to study. With microscopic models that match the rough anatomy, you will learn about the function of all the important tissues and cells that make up your muscles, bones, skin, nerves and much more.

Mount Aloysius College received a $100,000 grant from George I. Alden Trust to purchase a virtual human dissection table (anatomy) used to improve the anatomy teaching in College Health Programs. The anatomage table allows students to dissect topics in a 3D environment and solve quizzes with built-in software. Virtual reality technology (VR) enables interactive virtual environments and allows students to develop their own experiences and interact with learning materials (Zhao and al., 2020).

It allows students to visualize inner structures that would be impossible with 2D viewing. Various video games allow students to select a neuroanatomical region in the virtual model, move it, turn it around and zoom in and out of the 3D space.

In the stereoscopic 3D group, students with lower spatial ability performed the best (P = 0.899), while the 2D group of students with lower spatial ability had the lowest values and the highest spatial ability (Cui et al., 2017 ). Students who used a 3D stereoscopic model instead of a 2D image improved pre- and post-test results (P

Students who had received a 2D / stereoscopic / 3D representation of neuroanatomy reported in another study (Kockro et al., 2015) no significant difference in the results after the test (KOCKRO et al., 2015). Alternative research (Farias et al., 2016) found that students who were instructed to use 3D, stereoscopic and 3D / non-stereoscopic models significantly performed better in follow-up tests than those who were taught with standard 2D images (p = 0.05). This is a strong positive response to AR and Magic Mirror for the usefulness of active learning with 3D understanding.

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