Five -point Precautions for Using Biochemical Analysis Instruments

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Biochemical analysis instruments are a kind of medical equipment commonly used in various hospitals. They are mainly used to determine various chemical components in human serum, measure liver work, kidney skills, myocardial enzymes, blood sugar, blood lipids, ions, etc. The correct operation of biochemical analysis instruments is very important for the accuracy and repetitiveness of measurement results. The operating methods of the standard substance, reaction reagent, and operator have an impact on the results and detection results.

In order to correctly use biochemical analysis instruments to ensure the accuracy of the test results. The editor summarizes the following suggestions, for the reference of the operators and maintenance workers.

1. Biochemical analysis instruments are operated according to regulations.

Regular maintenance and maintenance instruments shall be operated according to the steps of operation, and daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly and quarterly maintenance in accordance with the instructions. Pay special attention to when a detection item is transferred to another detection item, it must be cleaned in time and the residual reaction solution must be washed away, otherwise it will cause errors in the test results.

2. Use reagent setting parameters in accordance with the prescribed regulations

The reagents used must be preserved under the temperature of 2-8 C during the shelf life. Be sure to enter the setting parameter according to the reagent description. In order to ensure the accuracy of the testing, the large pollution reagent can increase the amount of suction fluid. The general amount of liquid suction should be greater than 400 L. The general item is 500 L, and the ZUI can be used 700 L. To ensure cross -pollution rate

Third, properly handle samples.

1. Prepare and save samples as required.

2. There are no blocks in the sample and no turbid.

3. Some substances in the sample: such as drugs, anticoagulants, and preservatives cannot affect measurement.

4. The sample cannot be placed for a long time due to volatilization.

5. Hemolysis, jaundice, and chylite particles can affect the measurement results, and it is recommended to blank.

4. Select the correct detection method and set the delay time.

There are many methods for biochemical testing. Generally, there are end -point method, rate method, two -point method, and so on. The delay time refers to the time when the liquid measured liquid enters the color cup and reaches the actual detection. Therefore, in order to make a certain delay from the temperature balance and tiny bubbles in the color pool, it is necessary. Generally, most endpoints detection should be delayed for 5 seconds, and the rate method is below 25 C. The delay should not be less than 10 seconds. The delay below 30 C should not be less than 12 seconds, and the delay below 37 C should not be less than 15 seconds. In addition, the reagent blank is generally used in two points, and the rate method is not blank.

Fifth, implement complete quality control.

Generally, the biochemical analysis instrument measures the absorption value of the reaction solution, and the operator wants to get the concentration value, which requires the suction value of one or more known concentration reaction liquids to obtain a conversion factor. By converting factor, the absorbance value of the reaction liquid to be measured to be measured is converted into a concentration value. The known concentration of the concentration is called a standard sample, and the process of obtaining the converter factors through standard substances is called a fixed standard. Therefore, in order to obtain the correct converting factors, the measurement must be accurate and reliable, and the correct standard and correct standard must be used. Therefore, a reliable standard must be used and the standard and quality control parameters must be entered in advance to detect the instrument. If you want to detect accuracy, you must implement a complete quality control on the instrument.

Five -point Precautions for Using Biochemical Analysis Instruments 1

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