Family Non -invasive Ventilator Is Uncomfortable, Maybe These Reasons?

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Many people think that ventilator is a device for first aid, but with the development of homeless ventilator, ventilator has slowly entered the family, as an effective equipment for treating obstructive sleep and respiratory. Welcome, many people use household non -invasive ventilator to help their night sleep.

However, some people feedback that their useless invasive ventilator is uncomfortable and unwilling to use it. Indeed, this situation is indeed located, and there are several factors that occur in this situation. The following editors will analyze it for everyone.

1. Parameter settings. Without considering the leakage, the pressure of the parameter setting cannot meet the treatment, it can regulate the pressure. If the pressure demand is higher than the ZUI pressure of your current homeless ventilator, then it means that this ventilator is not suitable for you. Just change to a more stress -range ventilator.

Second, the problem of leakage. Generally, a small amount of air leakage is a normal phenomenon. Many household non -invasive ventilators have a leakage compensation function. If the mask is not worn well, or the mask itself involves problems, a large amount of air leakage may occur. In this case, the mask must be adjusted. Or replace a mask with better gas tightness.

Third, sleep was awakened. Many people use single -level breathing opportunities in the early stage to be awakened at night, which is considered to be caused by insufficient pressure. A confrontation, so if the pressure demand at night is too high, it will be exhausted.

If you just start this situation, it is a particularly normal phenomenon, you can adapt for a few days. Generally speaking, it is basically adaptable to not more than a week. If you cannot adapt, you need to adjust the parameter. You can put the ZUI under pressure. Turn a small point, let the user be used at night, slowly adapt to the pressure before adjusting the pressure.

In addition, it can be replaced with a dual horizontal ventilator, because there are two pressures of dual -horizontal automatic ventilator, one is inhalation pressure, one exhales pressure, and there is a pressure difference between one and one breath. The comfort will be relatively high.

Fourth, early mouth is dry. Some people use household non -invasive ventilators to get up in the morning after they get very dry. Generally speaking, this is caused by the wetter. If it is equipped with a wetter, it can solve this problem by raising the humidity.

If you use household non -invasive ventilator correctly, many discomfort when wearing can be avoided. With the improvement of technology, the model design is now becoming more and more user -friendly, and most of the discomfort symptoms do not understand the homeless ventilator, which is caused by the error use of the ventilator. After reading these introductions, do you use these introductions? Do you have a clearer understanding of homeless ventilator?

Family Non -invasive Ventilator Is Uncomfortable, Maybe These Reasons? 1

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