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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people now eat more and more and more complicated. While people's requirements for eating, they also pay special attention to food health and safety. In particular, pesticide residues are particularly important. In fact, pesticide residues are not decomposed in the period after the use of pesticides and remain in the trace of the organism, harvesting, soil, water body, and atmosphere.

The general term for pesticide originals, toxic metabolites, degradation and impurities. If you do not detect and deal with it in time, it will often cause harm to the body. So, what if you test it? In 2012, the "Grassroots Agricultural Technology Promotion System Construction Project" across the country has been launched. The pesticide residue speed measurement instrument can quickly detect pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, which can effectively control the amount of pesticides. At the same time, the instrument is widely used in the detection of pesticide residual poison testing of product quality supervision and inspection, health prevention, environmental protection, environmental protection, industrial and commercial management, vegetable wholesale markets, vegetable production bases, supermarkets, shopping malls, pesticide residual monitoring systems and other departments.

After understanding the application scope of pesticide residue detector, what is the working principle? In pesticide residues analysis, extraction solvents must be applied to the matrix of water, oil, sugar, and substances with different contents, and extract a compound with various polarity. In order to provide appropriate conditions, the residue was transferred from the sample to the extraction solution. For example, one or more mixed solvents such as soil, food and other dry samples are soaked in one or more mixed solvents, and the samples of medium and high water content must be crushed in the existence of one or mixed solvents in a high -speed crushing machine. Essence Under normal circumstances, the vegetables and fruits are extracted with a uniform machine or tissue.

So, what are the advantages of using pesticide residue detectors? The difference between pesticide residue detector and traditional testing instruments depends on its faster testing speed, small instrument and equipment, and suitable food hygiene and safety on the spot. As a manufacturer of pesticide residue detectors, Proven Medical Device Manufacturers are currently launched equipment. The equipment is novel in appearance, high test accuracy, convenient operation, and more product details. Welcome to inquire.

Do You Know the Working Principle and Application Scope of Pesticide Residue Detector? -Prang Medica 1

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