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Sonoscape Portable Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

SAdvanced Technologies:

1. New generation digital front-end technology

2. Multi-beam processing technology

3. Spatial compound imaging

4. Post-processing technology

5. Tissue Harmonic Imaging

6. High Pulse Repetition Frequency

7. Panoramic imaging

8. 4D imaging

9. Graphic diagnosis icon

10. Touch screen with human-computer interaction technology

3.  Standard Configurations

B mode

Color mode

PW mode

CW mode

THI mode

DPI mode

DDPI mode

3D imaging

Cardiology measurement package

Gynecology measurement package

Urology measurement package

Vascular measurement package

Small parts measurement package

Orthopedic measurement package

IMT measurement

TEI index

Spectral Doppler auto trace

Color flow volume measurement

MLA probe

Phased array probe

Multi-beam processing technology

TDI function

B mode: Five variable frequencies

High Pulse Repetition Frequency

Triplex mode

Panoramic imaging

Compound imaging

Trapezoid imaging

ECG function module

4.  Optional Functions

Steer M mode

Color M mode

4D imaging

TEE probe

Image rotation function

IMT measurement

B Flow function

DICOM transmission

DICOM storage commitment

DICOM worklist function


Stress echo

5.  Optional Accessories

Biopsy guide

Color ink-jet printer

B/W video printer

Color video printer

Probe cable hanger

Foot switch

Remote control


6.  Probe Scan Ranges

Curved transducer: ≥70°

Phased array transducer: ≥90°

Micro-curved transducer: ≥193°

7.  Scan Methods

Electronic curved sector scan

Electronic linear array scan

Electronic phased array sector scan

8.  Applications








Interventional ultrasound

Small parts, 




Company Advantages

· There are many ways to make MeCan Infant Radiant Warmer Machine. These processes affect the final results by removing smaller fibers or burning down "fluff".

· This product is wear and tear resistant. The table-board and panel are made of wear-resistant materials which protect the surface of the product from the damage of heavy use.

· The product can provide full brightness once it is switched on. Its fast response capacity lights up space quickly without any delay, thus, users do not have to wait for it to achieve maximum output.

Company Features

· Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of best intraoral scanner. We have established an all-round product lineup.

· As the business has grown, we have got new customers from a wider mixture of places. We are known through clients' word of mouth, and the customer base is becoming larger.

· From directing the best intraoral scanner marketplace today, MeCan will provide more and better professional service for clients. Inquire now!

Application of the Product

The dental floss produced by our company can be applied to different fields and scenarios. So the different requirements of different people can be satisfied.

We strive to provide customers with efficient, complete, and flexible solutions based on their needs.

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