Daily Maintenance Operation of Fast Biochemical Analyzer Pay Attention to These Points

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As a instrument for testing and analyzing life chemicals, the rapid and biochemical analyzer can provide information basis for clinical diagnosis, treatment and prognosis and health of diseases. With its high -tech, high accuracy, high precision, high flexibility, and high work efficiency advantages, the rapid and biochemical analyzer has now become one of the essential medical equipment in the modern clinical laboratory room.

We all know that any medical equipment requires the daily maintenance of the staff to ensure that the inspection work is carried out normally and extend the service life of the equipment. Next, I will introduce the daily maintenance operation steps of fast biochemical analyzer:

1. The distilled water should be replaced diligently. It is recommended to replace it once 3 days, and there must be no impurities for rinse with distilled water to prevent bacteria in the barrel. Especially in summer, water is easy to breed bacteria and image results. After a certain period of time, add dilute hydrochloric acid to remove the precipitation inside the barrel.

2. The reagent cup should be cleaned frequently. The reagent cup cannot be used for a long time without cleaning, which prevents precipitate and grow bacteria, so as not to block the sampling needles and pollution reagents.

3. The rapid biochemical analyzer shall be managed and repaired by a special person, and various components shall not be replaced or moved at will.

4. The cleansing of the pipeline system, the higher the degree of automation, the more complicated its pipeline system. Although it is not the core component of the analyzer, it often affects the normal work of the instrument due to its more faults. Pipeline systems are often blocked, air leakage, leakage, and connecting off. In order to ensure the reliability of the test results, the rapid biochemical analyzer generally involves an automatic flushing system.

5. The correct use and maintenance of the electronic system. When a lower analyzer is generally adopted by a single -chip control system, and the mid -to -high -end analyzer generally uses multiple unprocessed device. In its use maintenance, in addition to the maintenance, heat dissipation, dehumidification and other maintenance, it is correct. The operation is also very important:

First of all, a dedicated uninterrupted power supply should be equipped to prevent the voltage from being too high or too low or suddenly disconnecting the movie like the instrument to work normally or causing data loss or even burning the line board. Secondly, before the new phase is put into use, the operator should be trained to master the performance characteristics of the instrument and operate regularly. In addition, the operating system of the fast and biochemical analyzer should be produced and backup the startup disk to prepare the system after the instrument is crashing.

Daily Maintenance Operation of Fast Biochemical Analyzer Pay Attention to These Points 1

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