Compared with Ordinary Color Doppler Ultrasound, What Are the Advantages of Portable Color Doppler U

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Due to the relatively flexible use of portable color Doppler ultrasound, the use of portable color Doppler ultrasound machines can be used in the clinical examination of some unable to move in patients who cannot move. Therefore, its use has been widely spread. With the development of modern medicine, the demand for portable color Doppler ultrasound is becoming more and more urgent. The portable color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic device is based on its lightness, clear images, and convenient operation.

It develops rapidly in the medical field. Especially in grass -roots medical institutions such as most rural medical institutions in my country, village clinics and other grass -roots medical institutions, large desktop ultrasound equipment is not completely covered, and a portable color ultrasound machine with a very good price, volume and effect is particularly important. The portability of portable color ultrasound machinery allows doctors to use them freely at large hospitals and remote clinics.

Portable color Doppler ultrasound instruments are widely used in clinical diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, obstetrics and gynecology, etc. Color ultrasound machineless, safe, non -taboo, convenient carriers, low prices. With the rapid development of the economy, portable color ultrasound machines have become more and more popular in my country's grass -roots medical institutions. The use of portable color Doppler ultrasound machines in poor areas has become an important sign that reflects the improvement of grass -roots medical institutions.

The G31 portable color Doppler ultrasound has a multi -wave speed formation function, and the IMT endometrium automatic measurement. It has a powerful patient information management system, real -time image amplification technology, M super anatomical line, in obstetrics and gynecology, small organs, emergency, muscle bone, anesthesia, anesthesia anesthesia Waiting for a new experience in clinical diagnosis, and a small and exquisite design, the built -in battery life is up to 10AH lithium -ion batteries to ensure enough outdoor use for a long time.

Portable color Doppler ultrasound instruments can be safe and small in bedtime application and application. Its functions are complete, the characteristics of fast operation, convenient operation, and dual -use use, which is very suitable for bedside applications and operating rooms in various clinical departments. It can not only meet the conventional needs of ultrasound examination, but also easily bring to any narrow, crowded space, such as ambulances, disaster scenes, operating rooms, bedside, etc., providing a reliable basis for treatment.

Compared with Ordinary Color Doppler Ultrasound, What Are the Advantages of Portable Color Doppler U 1

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