Classification and Technical Advantages of Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument

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The rise of temperature has repeatedly occurred, and the nucleic acid is one of the effective means to prevent and control the epidemic. Therefore, many inspection agencies and hospitals need to purchase a large number of nucleic acid extraction equipment to meet the needs of testing. So, how to choose the appropriate nucleic acid extract equipment? Before we buy, we must have a certain understanding of the basic knowledge of the nucleic acid extract equipment. How many types are divided into? These questions, follow the editor to find out.

Nucleic acid extraction instrument is an instrument for the extraction of the extraction of the sample nucleic acid to apply a supporting nucleic acid extract reagent. It can replace the original complex manual operation, the instrument automatically completes the treatment of cells or tissue, and analyzes the target DNA/RNA. So, what are the main types of?

Nucleic acid extraction instruments are divided into two categories: one is large automation, which is generally called automatic liquid workstation; the other is a small nucleic acid extract instrument. The encapsulated supporting reagent is automatically completed to complete the extraction purification process. Due to the high equipment cost and high operating cost, large automatic liquid workstations are suitable for extraction of thousands of the same type specimens at a time, so they get less applications; and small automated instruments, because the equipment and operating costs of instruments and operation are low, the operation is convenient to get and get more and more. More applications.

What technical advantages do nucleic acid extraction instruments have?

1.10 inch color touch display, graphic, Chinese and English interface, easy to use, no external computer, no special training.

2. Customize temperature and procedures according to the requirements to meet the requirements of different reagents.

3. Short operation time, 15-40min/time.

4. Nucleic acid is high, and the magnetic beads are less losses, and the results are good.

5. Ultraviolet disinfection method, open the side fan of the experimental cabin to reduce the pollution of different batches of samples.

6. Edit the volatile speed of different needs.

8. The appearance is small, the material is strong, and the design life is long.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the number of detection of nucleic acids has increased, and the method of antigen detection has now increased. We can buy through network channels and conduct self -detection. However, for some large -scale detection, we need to rely on the support of nucleic acid extraction equipment. In particular, the application of fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument has greatly improved the efficiency of detection. If you want to understand the nucleic acid extract device product produced by Progen equipment, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

Classification and Technical Advantages of Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument 1

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