Can Fast Blood Gas Analyzers Use Venous Blood? Will It Affect the Test Results?

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The fast blood gas analyzer is a medical equipment used for blood testing. It can not only detect the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the patient's blood in a few minutes, and changes in blood acid and alkali and related indicators in the blood, but also quickly reflect the potassium and sodium in the blood. The content of calcium provides a favorable guarantee for the rapid and accurate testing of the patient's rescue.

Can the fast blood gas analyzer detect by venous blood? Will it affect the test results?

Blood gas analysis is the main means to determine whether the acid and alkali of the body's body is imbalance. In the past, the arterial blood gas analysis was adopted clinically to judge the acid -base imbalance in the patient's body. The pain nerve is more sensitive. It is easy to damage the arterial blood vessels during blood collection, and it is also easy to mistakenly use the venous blood. Not only is the blood collection difficult, it is also easy to cause the patient's arterial vascular injury and have certain bleeding risk.

Therefore, more and more clinicians advocate the use of peripheral vein blood gas analysis under urgent situations, and some studies have pointed out that the detection of rapid blood gas analyzer is usually detected by the serum pH value. It can also be tested by venous blood, at least the patients who meet the patients who meet specific conditions will not affect the detection results.

Varicular blood gas and arterial blood gas generally exist between the two:

When the circulation function is not good, the difference between the pH, PC02, and HC03-between the arteries and the central vein will increase. At this time, it is prompted that the prognosis is not good. However, intravenous blood gas analysis can only be used to judge acid -base imbalances and cannot be used to judge respiratory function.

Can Fast Blood Gas Analyzers Use Venous Blood? Will It Affect the Test Results? 1

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