Brief Analysis of the Current Development Status and Trend of Chinese Medical Device

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At present, the epidemic is still spreading globally, and international trade and economic growth have stalled. Although the exports of Chinese medical equipment remain stable as a whole, they need to be alert to relevant risks and challenges. The relevant person in charge of the Medical Institution Department of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce pointed out that in the short term, due to the needs of epidemic prevention and immunity, the global market has increased its dependence on the supply chain of Chinese medical device.

In the long run, the epidemic has become a catalyst for reshaping the global industrial structure. With the introduction of policies in various countries, international competition will intensify, and the competition between Chinese medical devices in the global market will be more intense.

In terms of market risks, the global economic recovery will lower the ability of the international market to procure ordinary medical supplies. The surge in demand for epidemic prevention materials, coupled with the decline in the efficiency of the port work, has caused serious lag in the circulation of containers, bringing a sharp increase in international logistics costs, especially shipping. The rise in raw materials and labor costs, and the strengthening of the supervision of merchants by cross -border e -commerce platforms will further squeeze the export profits of the enterprise.

In addition, due to international travel restrictions, it is difficult for engineers and sales staff to conduct promotion activities in overseas markets and after -sales service for some large -scale equipment exported equipment, and it is not conducive to market sales.

Overseas market expansion also needs to focus on the impact of changes in international market regulations. For example, the European Union has implemented new medical device regulations (MDR) and in vitro diagnostic medical device regulations (IVDR), pay more attention to the clinical performance of the product, strengthen the traceability of medical device products, and pay attention to improving the transparency of patients.

These will improve the management and restrictions on medical device products entering the European market accordingly, and put forward higher requirements for the industry's employees, which will bring about increased costs to Chinese export companies, extending certification cycle, and increasing compliance risks, etc. challenge.

Brief Analysis of the Current Development Status and Trend of Chinese Medical Device 1

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