Basic Definition and Classification of Color Ultrasound Machine

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Many people are not unfamiliar with the term color ultrasound. When conducting inspections or medical examinations in the hospital, we will often contact each other, especially for women, which may be more contact. But what exactly is a color Doppler ultrasound machine? How many types are there?

The color Doppler ultrasound is a highly clear B -ultrasound plus color Doppler. In addition to generating images, it can also have color and provide information on blood flow. The color Doppler ultrasound is superimposed with the two -dimensional black and white ultrasound image to achieve blood flow. Due to this characteristic, color Doppler ultrasound is mainly used for blood flow detection in blood vessels in heart disease and other organs to obtain blood flow information. The color Doppler ultrasound is divided into two -dimensional, three -dimensional, and four -dimensional. The three -dimensional and four -dimensional four -dimensional imaging can be used to display images more clearly and comprehensively.

What types of color ultrasound are divided into?

1. Depending on the principle of imaging, it is divided into simulation color Doppler ultrasound and full digital color Doppler ultrasound: Since the full digital color Doppler ultrasound has good imaging technology, traditional simulation color Doppler ultrasound is gradually being replaced by the full digital color Doppler ultrasound.

2. Depending on the installation method, it is divided into desktop and portable: portable color Doppler ultrasound has the advantages of convenient carrying, friendly and fast operation interface; desktop color Doppler ultrasound is relatively large to carry More powerful functions and better performance.

3. Depending on the application field, it can be divided into general machines and specialized planes. Generally, general machines can be used for systemic examinations, and specialty machines are mainly used for specialty examinations such as heart, gynecology.

In addition to simply understanding the basic definition and specific classification of color Doppler ultrasound, we may be curious when we do inspection. How does it work? In fact, the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument generates incident ultrasonic and accepts reflex ultrasonic through the probe. The probe can emit and receive ultrasound to transform the electrical and voice signal.

The ultrasonic signal that can be reflected by the tissue organs can be transformed into a electrical signal and displayed on the display of the host.

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Basic Definition and Classification of Color Ultrasound Machine 1

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