B -ultrasound, Two -dimensional Color Doppler Ultrasound, Three -dimensional Color Doppler Ultrasoun

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During the pregnancy examination, the pregnant mother is more exposed to ultrasound examination, but the ultrasound is divided into B -ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound, and the color Doppler ultrasound will have two -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, and four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. The young layman mothers are stupid. What is the difference between them? Here, the editor of the medical device to meet them with expectant parents.


Two -dimensional B ultrasound



Two -dimensional B ultrasound is suitable for early pregnancy. The two -dimensional B -ultrasound is an ordinary B -ultrasound. It uses black and white ultrasound diagnostic technology, that is, the black and white images are measured through the ultrasonic probe, and only the tissue structure of the fetus can be observed. Internal organs, skeletal sizes and forms, and whether there are deformities.



Two -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound


The two -dimensional ultrasound is suitable for the entire pregnancy, especially before giving birth. The images of the two -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound are not colorful, but the indicators such as the heart and blood flow with color. In fact, the high -definition black and white B -ultrasound plus the color Doppler. The observed images are mainly red and blue blood flow directions, and are red for probe, otherwise blue. This technology can observe the blood flow of the fetus, which is conducive to discovering the abnormalities of the fetus in time. For example, a blood flow on the neck on the fetus means that the umbilical cord that can cause suffocation and death will occur.



3D color Doppler ultrasound



The three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound has three -dimensional imaging, image rotation, and high -plane image analysis function. It can observe the fetus from the front, back, left and right, and upper and lower positions, which is more comprehensive, authentic and clear. This is different from the plane images observed through the two -dimensional B -ultrasound and two -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. For example, rabbit lips, two -dimensional B -ultrasound see a crack on one side, and the three -dimensional B -ultrasound can detect the left and right sides of the upper lip. For example, the blood vessel can see the direction of the blood vessels in the 3D color ultrasound, and the blood vessel Wall; as if the umbilical cord is around the neck, the three -dimensional B -ultrasound can be clearly seen around a few times, and it is still loose.


Four-dimensional ultrasound



Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound can see the face and organs of the fetus. The four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is the dynamic display of 3D color Doppler ultrasound. The four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound can multi -directional, multi -angle, intuitive, and three -dimensional display of the three -dimensional structure and dynamics of the fetal organs, real -time observation of the three -dimensional structure and the growth and development of the fetus in the palace. Provide accurate scientific basis.





The image of the three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is generated later. It does not mean that the image observed is three -dimensional and four -dimensional, but still uses ordinary color Doppler ultrasound observations. , Four -dimensional three -dimensional images.

B -ultrasound, Two -dimensional Color Doppler Ultrasound, Three -dimensional Color Doppler Ultrasoun 1


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