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Animal epidemic refers to serious harm to humans and animals, and may cause major economic losses. Strict control and extinguishing measures must be taken to prevent diffusion, or they are just discovered and have harmful or potential harm to animal husbandry production and human health. , Or have been included in the control or elimination of animal infectious diseases and parasitic diseases in my country.

In the production of the aquaculture, animals often encounter epidemic diseases. These epidemics have a significant impact on the health of animals, and even caused infectious diseases, leading to large -scale livestock and poultry health.

Animal disease is not controlled. If many livestock and poultry are found in the early stages of the onset of onset, it can be effectively controlled. However, due to the large number of livestock and poultry products, the previous detection methods are too time -consuming. It was not discovered in the later period that the disease had begun to spread, which brought great difficulties to diagnosis and treatment.

If you want to find it out in time before the epidemic, you need a special instrument to complete the detection. The rapid diagnostic instrument of the animal epidemic can quickly detect the pork blue -ear virus, swine fever virus, patelis virus B1, puppet rabies virus, pig pseudo -virus, pig Pseudo -rabies GE protein, pork mouth hoof disease 3ABC protein, pig's hoof disease IgG, pork fine virus, chicken and bird flu and other fast detection. A variety of epidemic detection of animals, higher detection efficiency and higher detection efficiency.

In addition to enough testing items, the rapid diagnostic instrument of animal epidemic is suitable for animal diseases, veterinary drug residues, toxic and harmful substances and antibiotic residues in pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep, cattle, milk, milk and other animal products. Animal epidemic monitoring can understand the health of animals in different periods, achieve real -time monitoring, and improve the safety system for breeding and production.

The DWB-96G animal epidemic diagnostic instrument and the corresponding reagent of the DWB-96G animal epidemic in Prang Medical Device manufacturers are metable or quantitatively detected in a variety of animal epidemic. Drug residue detection system networking. If you want to know the specific technical parameters of this product, please contact us.

Animal Epidemic Diagnostic Instrument Can Detect Which Animal Epidemic Can Be Detected? -Prang Medic 1

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