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Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 1
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 2
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 3
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 4
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 1
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 2
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 3
Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1 4

Wholesale 3-15 Working Days Sternum Saw MeCan Brand-1

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3-15 working days

Company Advantages

1. MeCan Operation Lamp has been put through rigorous testing. It has passed colorfastness testing, fabric construction testing, strength testing, dimensional stability testing, and flammability testing.

2. MeCan pediatric gait trainer has passed the necessary safety testing. It has been tested with regard to chemicals (lead, flame retardants, formaldehyde, etc.), flammability, and mechanical hazards (sharp points and edges).

3. The fabrics of MeCan Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner undergo comprehensive performance testing. They have been tested in terms of colorfastness, tear, tensile and seam strength, thermal protection, and appearance defects.

4. MeCan Laboratory Equipment Lab Centrifuge Machine is innovatively designed. It is designed by our designers who put emphasis on popular colors, patterns, sizes, and construction based on the latest apparel market trend.

5. The fabrics of MeCan portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy have been tested to prove its performance. These tests include dimensional stability testing, colorfastness testing, abrasion or pilling testing, etc.

6. This product has a neat surface. Created by our professional designers, the content of its surface is reasonably arranged.

7. This product reflects a professional appearance presented by the company's name, logo, brand tagline, website, and social media handles.

8. This product does no harm to the environment. Even if it is disposed of as waste, it does not pollute the environment.

9. MeCan has been attracting more and more customers since the development of mature sales network.

10. MeCan has developed many customers which are satisfied with our diathermy machine with reliable quality assurance.

11. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a supplier of focusing on the quality assurance of Syringe Pump.

12. To be an unequaled medical feeding pump supplier, it is necessary for MeCan to develop more comprehensive sales network.

    Medical Hospital Anesthesia Workstation For ICU


    1.Operating Modes: Pneumatically driven & electronically controlled, closed, semi-closed and semi-open
    2.Anesthesia Ventilator: Built-in 8.4 inch color TFT display, able to display Pressure-Time, Flow-Time, Pressure-Volume and Flow-Volume, displayed waveforms can be cycled instantly with a touch of a button
    3.Standard integrated metallic modular respiratory circuit; completely solves the problem of gas sealing under high temperature disinfection, easy to clean and disinfect
    4.Power Failure Support Functions: Automatically converts to backup power mode during AC power outages
    5.Equipped with electronic pressure differential flow sensor, imported respiratory control valve, stable and reliable, rapid response time
    6.High precision five tube flowmeter, fitted with interlocking oxygen-nitrous oxide supply, guarantees oxygen output is never lower than 21%
    7.Nonhazardous environmentally friendly frame, precise construction, elegant design, equipped with automated self-checking function during startup and an automatic self-calibrating sensor
    8.Alarms: Audible and/or visual alarms for tidal volume, airway pressure, oxygen concentration, asphyxia, power failure, oxygen failure and other alarms, also features a alarm query function
    9.Vaporizer: Imported tank components assembled locally; Enflurane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane (Halothane optional). Also possesses self-compensating functionality
    10.Advanced and stable Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve, suitable for low and ultra low flow anesthesia
    11.Equipped with advanced international rotating Na-lime tank, easy-operate, requires only one hand, and uses imported PPSU material and temperature resistant to 134°C

    12.Multi-parameter Patient Monitor: Optional


    Display 8.4 inch TFT display
    Flowmeter Range O2:0.1-10L/min
    Air: 0.1-10L/min
    Ventilation Mode IPPV, SIPPV, VCV, IMV, SIMV, MANUAL, Standby
    Back-up Power Supply At least 4 hours
    Tidal Volume Adjustable range:20-1500ml
    Display range: 0-2000ml
    Respiratory Rate 1-100bpm
    Inspiratory/Expiratory (I:E) Ratio 8:1-1:10 (capable of inverse ratio ventilation)
    PEEP Range 0-20cmH2O (electronically controlled)
    Inspiratory Pressure Trigger Range -10-10cmH2O (electronically controlled)
    SIGH 1 sigh breath in every 80-120 breaths
    Inhaled Oxygen Concentration Monitor 21-100%
    SIMV Rate 1-20bpm
    Inspiratory Plateau 0-1 second
    Vaporizer Concentration Ranges 0-5%
    Vaporizer Slots Double PA-I type slots
    Component Details

    anesthesia workstation

    Na Lime Tank

    Equipped with international advanced one-piece soda lime cans,it can be fast replaced with  hands  and  withstand temperatures up to 134℃


    Metal integrated breathing circuit, Perfect function of gas sealing under high temperature disinfection, and easy to cleaning and disinfected.

    hospital anesthesia workstation 


    5-Tubes flowmeter; 
    1. Assure that O2 output not lower than 20% 
    2. NO2 automatically off while O2deficiency

    Display & Operating Interface

    10.4'' LCD Display Screen, can feedback patient data
    Shuttle button: More accurate 

    medical anesthesia workstation 


    Enflurane/ Isoflurane/ Sevoflurane(Option: Halothane)   
    Setting Range:  0.5~5%

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is one of the most outstanding manufacturers of Hospital electric delivery bed. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited primarily provides Hospital electric delivery bed for global customers. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a professional Hospital electric delivery bed producer for global customers. Mainly manufacturing Hospital electric delivery bed, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is highly competitive in capacity and quality. As an outstanding producer of Hospital electric delivery bed, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is popular among customers.

Thanks to the strict R&D process, our Hospital electric delivery bed is unique in its great performance. From products R&D to production, MeCan ensures the great quality of Hospital electric delivery bed. Strictly following the quality management system more guarantees the distinguished performance of Hospital electric delivery bed.

desires to be an influential Hospital electric delivery bed Enterprise in this industry. To be a leading Hospital electric delivery bed supplier, MeCan needs the effort of each staff. Our desire is to be the leading influential Hospital electric delivery bed supplier in the market.

Product Details

Compared with ordinary products, our Sternum Saw has the specific differences as follows.

Application of the Product

The Sternum Saw produced by MeCan can be used in many fields.

MeCan is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

Product Comparison

We demand ourselves in the production of Sternum Saw with stricter standards. Based on this, we ensure that our products have advantages over the general products in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan is equipped with a group of high-quality and high-level talents. They contribute to the rapid development for our company.

We always render our customers with advanced technical support and sound after-sales service.

MeCan adheres to sustainable development and fair business. We are able to seize opportunities to reform the industry in time and develop a series of forward-looking strategies. All efforts are for the first-class brand building.

Since it was established in our company has been focusing on the research and development and production of main products for years. So far, we have accumulated a large amount of professional knowledge and rich production experience.

MeCan's sales network spans five continents.

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