Vital Signs Patient Monitor MCS-PM10 - - MeCan 1
Vital Signs Patient Monitor MCS-PM10 - - MeCan 1

Vital Signs Patient Monitor MCS-PM10 - - MeCan

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1 set

    Wall Mounting Portable Vital Signs Patient Monitor

    1. New high-precision modules, new digital oxygen technology
    2. 12" color TFT display, up to 12 waveforms
    3. Arrhythmia analysis, ST calculation, Pace analysis
    4. Various interfaces: A single guide, standard, large font, all leads
    5. Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator
    6. Patient info input management function
    7. Multi-lead ECG waveforms display in phase
    8. 1-7 level audio/visual alarming 
    9. Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall
    10. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient
    11. Built-in recorder and battery

    Basic information

    6 parameters ECG,HR/PR,SPO2,NIBP,RESP, TEMP
    Size 12.1 inch portable ICU monitor
    Weight 3.1kg(with lithium battery)
    Voltage 220v
    Power 40w
    Leads  3-5 leads
    Suitable places Bedside care ward, ICU, CCU, operating theaters, emergency centers, family care and the like.
    Optional ETCO2 module; Build-in thermal printer; lithium battery; mobile stand/ wall mount
    SFDA classification Class II
    Working system Continuous running equipment
    Standard configuration
    Patient multi parameter monitor×1 set,
    Rechargeable lithium battery×1 pcs,
    standard 5-leads ECG conductance joint connecting cables×1 set,
    standard adult blood pressure cuffs×1 set,
    adult SPO2 probe×1 set,
    TEMP probe×1 set,
    power plug line×1 set,
    grounding wire×1 set,
    English operation manual×1 set.
    Three certificates×1 set.
    EtCO2 module; Build-in rechargeable lithium battery; build-in thermal printer; monitor mobile stand/ wall mount

    Technical parameters


    lead mode;I,II,III,AVR,AVL,AVF,V1-6
    Gain: ×0.25, × 0. 5, and × 1, × 2
    Frequency: 0.5 Hz - 100 Hz
    Common-mode signal inhibition: More than 70 dB
    Scan rate: 12.5 mm / S, 25 mm / S, 50 mm / S standard three stalls.
    HR: ± 5 BPM
    Precision calibration signal: 1mv(peak, ± 3% accuracy)
    ST Detection: measurement range (-2.0mV----+2.0mV)
    Using Standard: meet the ANSI / AMI EC13 -2002 standard
    Response time: 1s
    Alarm: Sound and Light
    Preset heart rate range: (Alarm over preset numerical)
    Ceiling: 1-255 bpm adjustable
    Threshold: 0-254 bpm adjustable


    Range: 0-100%
    Accuracy: 1%
    Resolution: 1%
    Pulse frequency: 20-250 times / min
    Response time: 1s
    Alarm: Sound and Light
    Preset range: (report Alarm over preset numerical)
    Ceiling:     1% - 100% adjustable
    Threshold:   0% - 99% adjustable

    Breathing frequency range: 0-60 bum
    Accuracy: ± 1rpm
    Response time: 1s
    Gains options: × 1, × 2, × 0.5, and × 0.25 four trenches
    Alarm: Sound and Light
    Alarm range: (numerical preset alarm over)
    Ceiling: 10-100 bpm adjustable
    Threshold: 0 -99 bpm adjustable


    Technology: Oscillography
    Mode: manual / automatic
    Measurement units: mmHg / kPa
    Scope: Pressure Cuffs 0-250 mmHg
    Inflatable cuffs: 180 mmHg (120mmHg for children, 70mmHg for newborn)
    Inflatable cuffs follow: original SBP: + 30 mmHg
    Measuring range: SYS: 60-250 mmHg
    DIA: 40-220 mmHg
    MEAN: 45-235 mmHg
    Response time: 1s
    Alarm: Sound and Light
    Preset range: report (Numerical exceed preset alarm)
    SYS: maximum: 1-255 mmHg adjustable
    Threshold: 0-254 mmHg adjustable
    DIA: ceiling: 1 -255 mmHg adjustable
    Minimum standards: 0-254mmHg adjustable


    Technology: thermostat temperature probe
    Measuring range: 20 ° C-45 ° C
    Temperature resolution: 0.1%
    Accuracy: ± 0.1 ° C
    Response Time: 1s
    Alarm: Sound and Light
    Preset range: report (numerical preset alarm over)
    Maximum: 20.1 ° C-45.5 ° C adjustable
    Threshold: 20 ° C-45.4 ° C Adjustable


    Specification: Dual channel thermal array data recorder
    Print mode: Real time or event triggered record waveform and text
    Accuracy: horizontal: 4oodpi  vertical: 800dpi
    Annotation: Date/ time(24 hours)
    Optional wall bracket, mobile stand, visits backpack.


    Screen:12.1 inches TFT screen of LCD
    Battery: sealed maintenance-free lithium battery
    Safety standard: lec601-1(GB9706.1)

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Application of the Product

Our Vital Signs Patient Monitor has a wide range of applications.

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