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T/T in Advance MeCan Brand Neonate Patient Monitor Factory 1
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T/T in Advance MeCan Brand Neonate Patient Monitor Factory

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Company Advantages

1. The raw materials of MeCan Protein Shaker with Mixer; Protein Shaker; Shaker go through demanding qualitative selection criteria in terms of nature constancy and the absence of contaminants.

2. From the selection of raw material of MeCan dog water treadmill to burnishing, body repairing, glazing, and sintering, quality management is conducted throughout every stage.

3. MeCan waste incineration is made of fine-particle clay, which is typically comprised of feldspar, kaolin, and quartz, with the advanced firing technique at high temperature.

4. The quality control of MeCan poct analyzer strictly complies with the regulations of ceramic tableware industry, including the raw materials and the workmanship of glaze decoration.

5. MeCan Digital Programmable Hearing Aids is produced under complete and complicated procedures conducted by professional technicians. These procedures include molding, applying on the pigment, low baking, and high-temperature sintering.

6. With the necessity of beauty as well as comfort, every detail of this product is fabricated to guarantee upgraded user-friendliness.

7. The product is not easy to fade. It is provided with a weather coat that is efficient in UV resistance and the blocking of sunlight exposure.

8. The product is not susceptible to the influence of external factors. It is treated with a layer of finishing that is anti-insect, anti-fungus, as well as UV resistant.

9. The product has good surface finish. It is dipped into the designated paint or coatings for some time and wiped dry to get the sleek finishing.

10. The product requires little maintenance because of no fungi and bacteria accumulating, which will help the owners of the water parks save running costs.

11. One of our customers says that it doesn't get dirty quickly and is easy to wipe. The maintenance of this product is a really easy task.

12. This product is easy to clean and maintain, thus I don't have to pay more for the amazing water fees. - One of our customers says.

13. One of our customers says: 'This product keeps my visitors playing the way they are meant to be safe and fun. I have gained high guest compliments from them.'

14. The product creates screams and laughter for our visitors. It has absolute influence and makes us stand out from the competition.

    7 Inch Vital Signs Neonate Patient Monitor

    Our neonate patient monitor provides a clinical solution for the difficulty in normal monitoring of the vital signs of neonates. Through years of studies, we have developed the respiratory measurement algorithm with independent intellectual property right. with the use of "self-help module of asphyxia"‘babies will have no difficulty in breathing any longer. Besides, our products adopt the U.S. Masimo SET oximetry module, which can solve the problem of correct measurement of the blood oxygen of newborns under the body motion and weak perfusion condition. With the use of "oxygen concentration detection module",it can avoid excessively high or low oxygen demands for new-boms which may cause lesions. The U.S. SunTech blood pressure module is used to comprehensively monitor the blood pressure of newborns.The fragile life required dedicated care. We have been working hard for caring for our next generation.

    Vital Signs Patient Monitor

    Asphyxia self-help module

    patient monitor

    For premature or newborns, since their respi-ratory center is not mature, often irregular breathing and even recurrent apnea if serious, bran damage may occur when handled im-properly. The asphyxia self-help module can self-start when neonatal apnea or asphyxia occurs, to give foot stimulation, to make more professional and reassured care for newborns.

    US Masimo oximetry module

    7 inch patient monitor

    With the original Masimo oximetry module, the neonatal arterial oxygen saturation can be measured stably under the condition of body motion and low peripheral perfusion.

    U.S. SunTech dedicated neonatal blood pressure module

    hospital patient monitor

    Our patient monitor adopts U.S. SunTech dedi-cated neonatal blood pressure module;together with the professional neonatal blood pressure cuff, it can achieve reli-able measurement of blood pressure for newborns.

    112mm holographic waveform data printing

    Neonate Patient Monitor

    112mm holographic data waveform printing can com-prehensively reflect the physiological condition of patients. With waveform selection print, it can offer more support for clinicians.

    Physical specifications
    Net Weight (Standard Configuration):Size   300(W)×270(H)×145(D)mm

    Type and size   8.4" Color TFT
    Resolution: 800*600
    Number of trace: 6 traces
    Sweep speed: 12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s
    Display modes: Standard display, Large-font display, Trend coexist display, OxyCRG dynamic view display

    Apnea analysis diagram display                        
    Drug does calculation: Yes               
    Standby mode: Yes     

    Opertion Environment

    Temperature :   -10ºC ~ 50ºC
    Relative Humidity:     ≤85% (noncondensing)
    Atmospheric pressure     860hPa~1060 hPa


    Temperature: -10ºC ~ 50ºC
    Humidity: ≤93% (noncondensing)
    Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa~1060 hPa

    Adapter: Output DC 19V 3A   
    Vehicle power supply: DC 12-14V    5A   
    AC input power: 70VA

    Type: rechargable Li-ion battery
    Voltage: 14.8V                  
    Maximum number of batteries: 2           
    Battery life: 7 hours with 2 battery
    Charge time (Monitor switched off): 4 Hours with 2 battery
    Charge time (Monitor switched on): 10 Hours with 2 battery
    Categories: Physical alarms and Technical alarms
    Priority: High, Medium, and Low
    Alarm sound levels: 0,1,2,3,4
    Notification: Visual and Audible
    Pausing: 1min, 2min, 3min
    Setting: Latch, Unlatch

    Neonate Patient Monitor

Company Features

As a developer and producer of coagulation analyser of a high standard, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited lives up to the name of a strong competitor in the market. Depending on competitive coagulation analyser manufacturing advantages and ability, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has taken up a lead in the domestic markets. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has gone far ahead in the market when it comes to the development and production of coagulation analyser. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has made a lot of achievements in developing and manufacturing coagulation analyser. We have achieved much praise from competitors. With core competency extending, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has become one of the key market players in developing and manufacturing coagulation analyser.

After being put out, our products such as coagulation analyser have received very good market repercussion. The market response provides us the opportunity to continually assess the market trend, thereby we can provide market-oriented products. Every production lines are reasonably arranged in the factory, aiming to give full play of productivity. These production lines are under the supervision of the ISO 9001 management system, guaranteeing all products including coagulation analyser are produced in line with standards. Our factory owns advanced production facilities and well-organized production lines. These facilities are lines are controlled and monitored by professional QC teams, which can guarantee they work continuously without procrastination or malfunction. The factory has an independent quality control department. This department is equipped with product data testing center. Products, including materials and parts, have to go through the quality analysis and testing in this center for upgrade and optimization. We have exported products such as coagulation analyser to European, Asian, American, and other regions. At this moment, we have established stable business cooperations with clients from all over the world.

We take our responsibility to the Earth seriously and are committed to sustainable business practices. Our performance in meeting our environmental goals—related to energy efficiency, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water intake, and waste to landfills demonstrates our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. We create solid business schemes with sustainable values and secure entrepreneurial success. Today, we closely examine every step in the product life cycle to uncover ways to minimize our footprint. This starts with designing and manufacturing products that incorporate recycled content. We believe that implementing cost-effective, more sustainable solutions is a powerful and ongoing source of business value. We conduct our business in a way that sustains the well-being of society, our environment and the economy in which we live and work.

Product Details

We strive for perfection and pursue excellence in every detail of production. All this promotes the high quality of our products.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Neonate Patient Monitor is widely used in various industries and fields.

We will communicate with our customers to understand their situations and provide them with effective solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same category, MeCan's Neonate Patient Monitor has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has a group of professional technical talents to develop products. We also have an experienced marketing team who is dedicated to providing sincere service according to the market tendency.

MeCan always puts customers first and treat each customer sincerely. Besides, we strive to meet the requirements of customers and solve their problems duly.

MeCan's tenet is 'integrity, pragmatism, innovation, high efficiency'. The quality policy is to survive with credibility and develop with quality'. Based on the market and sincerity-based management, we look forward to working with customers and creating a win-win situation.

Since the establishment in MeCan has continuously innovated the business model and has improved the management system. Now we run a business in a modern way.

MeCan's products are sold in major domestic markets. Besides, they are exported to overseas markets including

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