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Semen Analyzer 1 set Bulk Buy 1 set MeCan

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Company Advantages

1. With rational construction, Diagnostic Audiometer takes on in a better way.

2. Vision Tester looks luxuriant in design to create enjoyable experience.

3. Professional and reasonable design plays a crucial role for pc company.

4. Beautifully designed, Intraoral Scanner looks more attractive.

5. The modern design of Veterinary Blood Gas Analyzer is its one of biggest advantages.

6. Thanks to the advanced technology, our electrolyte analyser can be controlled intelligently.

7. To save the energy, MeCan puts the eco-friendly materials into use during the production.

8. The installation of RIC Digital Hearing Aid system is much more convenient than other equipment.

9. This well-designed product is able to deliver illumination effectively to the desired direction, enabling users to see things clearly.

10. This product is able to work in extremely cold or hot temperature settings. Users do not have to worry that it will not work in freezing winter or torrid summer.

11. This product is firm and robust in design without fragile components. Thus, users can be assured that it will not break down suddenly.

12. Being able to emit natural light which is similar to the sunlight, the product offers users a soft and comfortable lighting environment.

    Veterinary Trolley Semen Analyzer

    What is the function of our Veterinary Trolley Semen Analyzer?
    Brief introduction:
    Animal sperm comprehensive and intuitive image data, test data-rich, comprehensive data semen analysis, excellent operating performance.
    Intuitive, clear, beautifully printed reports designed to make diagnostic results at a glance.
    Main function:
    Curvilinear motion, linear motion, the average path;
    Sperm velocity classification statistics to live before a Class A rapid rate, slow to live before the b-class rate, c-class movement rate to non-pre-, d-level slow;
    The main test items: other component of animal sperm, mixing abnormal sperm count, abnormal sperm count, abnormal sperm, sperm appearance;
    Allowable number of sample collection (a) 1-2000 (or more), the detection rate range (um / s) 0-200;
    Capture several images (frames) 0-75, resolution particle diameter (um) 1-10;
    Analysis of the acquisition time (sec) 1-5 or more (the size of the computer memory), the number of groups of image acquisition (group) 100.
    Software Features:
    Medical dedicated capture card supports a single field, single frame, continuous field, collecting a continuous frame.
    The software has a high resolution image capture, image processing, interface driver software automatically sperm static and dynamic analysis of statistical software, sperm deformity analysis and other components of semen analysis software, capable of visual analysis, diverse query, modify, statistics, store and print test reporting and other functions.
    What is the specifications of our Veterinary Trolley Semen Analyzer?
    Vitality (Motility) Analysis:
    Analysis can save images to facilitate the future; sperm can quickly generate accurate illustrations,
    precise analysis of kinetic parameters of the trajectory of a single sperm and sperm motility;
    VAP: average rate;
    VCL: track speed;
    VSL: straight rate
    ALH: Head swing frequency;
    BCF: Flogging frequency;
    LIN: linear (VSL / VCL);
    STR: straight Index;
    WOB: Vibration Index.
    Concentration Analysis:
    According to WHO standard, it can be detect sperm concentration automatically, quickly and accurately;
    Sperm per milliliter concentration and overall density;
    Total static number of sperm (Type D);
    Forward movement of sperm count (Type A + B);
    The total number of sperm movement (Type A + B + C);
    Morphology Analysis:
    In the monochromatic mode, identification swimming sperm head deformities, central, for analysis of the individual,
    and to provide a basis and parameters for quantitative analysis of sperm morphology;
    Spherical normal;
    Head size (area, perimeter, length, width);
    Middle size (area width);
    Central embedding (distances, angles);
    Normal tail.
    Standard Configuration:
    . Main Unit with 21.5" LCD Display : 1set
    . Camera : 1pc
    . Binocular Microscope: 1pc
    . Analysis Software: 1pc
    . Counting Plate : 1pc
    . USB Capture Box : 1pc
    . Softdog: 1pc
    . Color Jet Printer : 1pc
    . ABS Trolley: 1pc 
    . Sperm Thermostat : 1pc
    . Microscope Slide : 1bag
    . Full sets of wires : 1set
    . User Manual : 1pc

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has developed into an international company. For many years, we have devoted to the R&D and producing of portable blood gas analyzer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is growing steadily with increased market share after years of devotion in the portable blood gas analyzer manufacturing industry. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited becomes one of the leading enterprises specializing in the manufacturing of portable blood gas analyzer. We are well-known for our abundant experience in this field.

The Technology Center of MeCan has been persistently focusing on forward-looking technologies at home and abroad. By mainly satisfying the needs of developing enterprise, MeCan has successfully introduced high technology. MeCan has made some breakthroughs in improving quality of the portable blood gas analyzer.

The service of MeCan helps us to win more trustworthy partners. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been holding the attitude that putting customers first during the business is important. The service assurance is also very important in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited. To be a well-known company, it is essential for MeCan to focus on customer service.

Product Details

With a focus on every detail of Semen Analyzer, we strive to create high-quality products.

Application of the Product

The Semen Analyzer developed by MeCan is widely used in industry.

MeCan always adheres to the service concept to meet customers' needs. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions that are timely, efficient and economical.

Product Comparison

MeCan's Semen Analyzer has the following advantages over products in the same category.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has a development team with many years of technical experience, and the team members have strong industrial logic thinking and industry experience, providing a strong guarantee for our development.

MeCan insists on the principle to be honest, practical, and efficient. We continue to accumulate experience and improve service quality, so as to win praise from customers.

Looking to the future, MeCan keeps carrying forward the enterprise spirit, to be progressive, united and innovative. Our business is focused on providing quality products and seeking rapid development. With a focus on talent cultivation and technological innovation, we, relying on technology, strive to build an excellent brand in the industry and establish a good corporate image.

MeCan was founded in Based on the years of experience, we have become a famous production enterprise at home and abroad.

Our company is actively carrying out the export business. And our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

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