Quality MeCan Brand MCS-SP05 Infusion Chair 1
Quality MeCan Brand MCS-SP05 Infusion Chair 1

Quality MeCan Brand MCS-SP05 Infusion Chair

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    Single Channels Portable Electric Automatic Syringe Pump


    Main features
    Colorful TFT screen with keyboard button
    Automatic self-identification of 5mL, 10mL, 20mL, 30mL and 50mL syringes
    Compatible with all kinds of syringe brands
    4 injection modes: ml/h Mode. Weight Mode, Volume-Time Mode, Standby Mode
    25 injection speed units
    KVO & Bolus function
    Visible and audible Alarms
    Real time display
    Rechargeable Lithium battery can work continuously for over 4.5 hours
    Stackable combination with single AC power supply
    Double CPU
    Autosave 2000 syringe records

    Technical Parameters

    Applicable Syringe Specification

    5ml, 10m1, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml


    Injection Volume




    Syringe Brand

    Any syringe brand



    Three levels for selection:


    Scope of Injection rate

    0.1-100mI/h, 5mI Syringe



    4modes: ml/h mode, Weight mode,

    Volume-Time mode

    0.1-300ml/h, 10ml Syringe


    AC power failure, Syringe falls off, Reinstall

    syringe, Countdown, Air, Occlusion, Low

    battery, Error, Over, no enough drugs,

    beyond Parameters range

    0.1-600ml/h, 20ml Syringe



    Environment Temperature: 5°C-40°C

    0.1-800ml/h, 30ml Syringe


    Relative Humidity: 20%-90%

    0.1-1200ml/h, 50ml Syringe

    Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPa-1060hPa

    Bolus rate

    50-100ml/h(Default 50ml/h),


    AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz,

    DC 14.8V(+5%,-10%) 2000mAh rechargeable

    50--300ml/h(Default 50ml/h),


    Input Power


    50--600ml/h(Default 50ml/h),



    Rechargeable battery; Charging time: 12-16h;

    Discharge time: over 4.5h(when the battery is full)

    50--800ml/h(Default 50ml/h),



    AC 250V 3.15A

    50--1200ml/h(Default 50ml/h),


    Safety Level

    Class 1, Type BF

    KVO rate

    0.1-1.0ml/h, adjustable at

    Increment level of 0.01ml/h

    IP Grade





    245mm x 135mm x 120mm

    Speed unit (Dose-rate unit)

    25kinds of injection-speed

    units as follows:

    ml/h, mg/min. m9/h, mg/24

    mg/kg/min. mg/kg/h.

    mg/kg/24h. ug/min. ug/h,

    Ug/24h, ug/kg/min. ug/kg/h,

    ug/kg/24h, U/min, U/h, U/24h.

    U/kg/min, U/kg/h. U/kg/24h,

    kU/min, kU/h, kU/24h,

    kU/kg/min, kU/kg/h,



    G.W:3.3kg, N.W: 2.3kg

Company Advantages

1. MeCan blood gas electrolyte analyzer is manufactured using the most advanced technology and most sophisticated equipment.

2. The complete production management ensures the fine production of MeCan lab oven.

3. The production process of MeCan caesarean section set adheres to the requirement of standardization production.

4. The product features a clean appearance. It has been coated to enhance decontamination and prevent corrosion or foreign material contamination.

5. The product features ease of use. The display gives full visualization of current machine status, including cycle time, idle time, efficiency, and parts life status.

6. The product stands out for high machining productivity. It can operate 24/7 if desired. It only stops working when it requires maintenance or repair.

7. Under systematic management, MeCan has trained a team with high sense of responsibility.

8. Only professional team can provide professional service and high quality Sterilizer For Hospitals.

9. We have professional after-sales team to ensure the delighted shopping experience in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited.

10. A professional service during the purchase is guaranteed in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited.

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is one of the leading suppliers in China with a focus on designing and manufacturing product mortuary freezer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been established for years. We are proud of our position as one of the leaders in the manufacture of mortuary freezer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has built a reputation in the manufacture of mortuary freezer. Our extensive manufacturing experience has been built over the last years. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is considered as an indispensable source of mortuary freezer. We have a wealth of experience in product design and manufacture. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a well-known supplier of mortuary freezer. We have the experience and expertise to fulfill customers' unmet needs.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has attracted many outstanding mortuary freezer design engineers to work for MeCan. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has standardized the materials and process standards of mortuary freezer produce. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has introduced advanced measurement equipment for mortuary freezer from overseas. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has mastered professional core technology for mortuary freezer.

MeCan makes determined decisions to be the leading supplier in mortuary freezer industry. For a higher degree of customer satisfaction, MeCan has been striving to provide the most professional service. MeCan devotes to work for customers with superior services and quality guarantees. MeCan has encouraged innovation, practicality, and the pursuit of technical and management excellence. MeCan does its utmost regarding the customer demand.

Application of the Product

MeCan's infusion chair has been widely used in many industries.

With a focus on customers' potential needs, MeCan provides customers with one-stop solutions.

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