Operating Room Bed 1 SET - - MeCan 1
Operating Room Bed 1 SET - - MeCan 2
Operating Room Bed 1 SET - - MeCan 1
Operating Room Bed 1 SET - - MeCan 2

Operating Room Bed 1 SET - - MeCan

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Company Advantages

1. MeCan Near Vision Test is designed in a professional way. The design will make very accurate postural check-up, and conduct a high-resolution digital analysis of the foot loads with 2D or 3D technologies before the sketch.

2. The design of MeCan mobile ventilator is finished using various designing technologies. They include optoelectric 2D and 3D foot scanners, and CAD technology.

3. The design of MeCan giving birth simulator requires to consider different aspects. It is engineered for the functions of specific wearing purposes, as well as considering the common types of foot types and arch types.

4. The design of MeCan Stainless Steel Dog Cage resorts to digital high tech. The foot types, arch types, foot type molding, and matching are collected and analyzed by the high tech.

5. The design of MeCan thermal inkjet printer is human-oriented. It is carried out by designers who have a deep understanding of plantar pressure distribution and different arch types.

6. The product has very good oil resistance. It can be fully submerged in oil and maintain good resistance, and will not swell in reaction to the oil.

7. The product can withstand extreme weather elements. It can resist extreme cold, hot, dry, and humid environment without losing its original properties.

8. The product has the advantage of aging resistance. The thermal oxidation aging problems have been solved by adopting various modifiers and forming process agents.

9. The product has very good resistance to abrasion. It is able to withstand the friction when it comes into physical contact like repeated impacts, scuffing, scraping, sliding and grinding, among other motions.

10. The product is characterized by strong abrasion resistance. It is able to withstand attack from a wide variety of mechanical damage.

11. MeCan does its greatest effort to produce portable cautery machine with high quality.

12. MeCan always tries its best to provide finest animal equipment.

13. ultrasound machine for home use are all manufactured with exquisite quality.

14. Before loading, all the anestesia machine hospital will be through complete tests.

15. The Biological Safety Cabinet; Safety Cabinet; Biological Cabinet of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited enjoy high popularity for its high quality.

    Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator Machine

    Main body

    High-strength engineering plastic rack, light, beautiful 
    and corrosion resistant

    Scope of application

    adult, child

    Gas source

    O2: 0.28~0.6MPa

    N2O: 0.28~0.6MPa

    Flow meter

    O2 : 0.05~1.0L/min


    N20: 0.05~1.0L/min


    O2 N2O linkage and N2O Stopper

    When using nitrous oxide, oxygen concentration>25%;

    When the oxygen pressure<0.2Kpa, the flow of nitrous 
    oxide would be  cut off.

    Flow rate of rapid 
    oxygen supply


    Low oxygen pressure alarm

    There will be sound alarm when the oxygen pressure
     < 0.2MPa


    It has the function of automatic compensation based on
     pressure, temperature, and flow rate. The regulation
     range of evaporator concentration is 0~5 vol%. Among
     Halothane, two
     can be chosen for application as required by the 
    customer. And vaporizers that are imported with original
     packaging are also available.

    Respiratory circuit 

    working mode: all-close, semi-close, semi-open 

    APL≤12.5 kPa

    Respiratory Bellows 

    bellows for adults, tidal volume range:0~1500 ml

    bellows for children, tidal volume range:0~300 ml

    anyone can be chosen for application as required by
     the customer

    Display mode

    High-definition 5.7” LCD screen display

    Part of Ventilator

    Ventilation  mode


    Ventilation functions


    Ventilation parameters

    Tidal volume

    50~1500 ml


    2~99 bpm

    SIMV rate

    2~20 bpm



    Inspiratory trigger pressure

    -10~20 cmH2O


    2~20 cmH2O

    Pressure range           

    5~60 cmH2O


    1.5 times the inspiratory time
     (60-120 adjustable)

    Security Alarm System

    Airway pressure alarm

    upper limit setting range  5~60 cmH2O

    low limit setting range     0~50 cmH2O

    Per-minute ventilation volume alarm

    upper limit setting range   1~20L/min

    low limit setting range   0~19L/min

    Tidal volume

    upper limit setting range  100~1500ml

    low limit setting range   0~1400ml

    Sustained high-pressure alarm

    it will give alarm when stress have consistently been 
    higher than 25 cmH2O


    AC 220V±10%     50Hz±1Hz(UPS, Storage battery)

Company Features

By offering high-quality Stainless Steel Pet Cage, MeCan has the power to enter a wider market. Constantly developing unique and fashionable Stainless Steel Pet Cage keeps MeCan forward in the same occupation. MeCan works on producing the most reliable Stainless Steel Pet Cage while achieving our value. As one of the leading Stainless Steel Pet Cage suppliers, what MeCan offers can satisfy different needs of different clients.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is equipped with industry-leading automated production equipment and testing equipment. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has introduced internationally leading and domestic first-class standardized Stainless Steel Pet Cage production lines. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited closely relies on scientific and technological progress, and introduces advanced equipment from overseas.

All employees at MeCan are ready to provide satisfactory and honest services to customers with an active attitude. We are always committed to becoming the top one brand in Stainless Steel Pet Cage industry in China. MeCan brings more value to customers than other brands. We will continue to provide customers with quality and perfect customer service. Customer satisfaction is the business objective of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited.

Product Details

MeCan adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of Operating Room Bed.

Application of the Product

Operating Room Bed, one of MeCan's main products, is deeply favored by customers. With wide application, it can be applied to different industries and fields.

With many years of practical experience, MeCan is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

Our Operating Room Bed has a certain share in the market because of the following characteristics.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has a group of highly educated, high-quality and high-level talents. They are the internal motivation for our sustainable development.

We are equipped with a batch of professional sales and customer service staff. They are able to provide consulting, program customization, product selection and related services.

Our company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of 'integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win'. We adopt the most cutting-edge technology to maintain low cost and high benefits, so as to achieve a long-term and steady development under the ever-changing era.

Since the establishment in MeCan has been pursuing innovation and progress. And we have gained achievements in business scale and strength.

Our products have been sold at home and abroad, and are highly praised by consumers and recognized by the market.

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