Obgyn Table MCE-AA05 - - MeCan 1
Obgyn Table MCE-AA05 - - MeCan 1

Obgyn Table MCE-AA05 - - MeCan


    Education Models Ladybug Anatomy model

    Education Models Ladybug Anatomy model

    It is enlarged ladybug model to show the structure of ladybug.
    Size: 29*25*11cm
    Weight: 1.8kgs

Company Advantages

1. MeCan leep machine is carefully developed. It is carried out by the R&D team who takes many factors into considerations such as radiated emissions, radiated susceptibility, ESD (electrostatic discharge), electrical transients, etc.

2. MeCan Nursing Training equipment has passed the common electrical safety testing. It includes electric shock hazards testing, flammability testing, heat-related hazards testing, radiation testing, and chemical hazards testing.

3. MeCan electrosurgical generator has been tested for guaranteed safety. It has passed the electric strength test, also known as high-voltage insulation test under different rated voltage conditions.

4. During the development stage of MeCan Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology, possible electric issues will be considered. Its electrical heating elements are developed after considering the potential overload, surge current, and static problems.

5. The product features a sturdy structure. Its rugged industrial strength frame makes it not susceptible to any kinds of elements such as shocks and vibration.

6. The product features the desired repeatability. It has the ability to return to the same position multiple times under identical conditions.

7. The product has the advantage of temperature resistance. Variations in temperature will not generate significant deviations in its stiffness or fatigue resistance, nor in any of its other mechanical properties.

8. The product is now widely accepted among customers and has a wide application in the market.

9. The product, even in the fierce market competition, has won wide recognition in the market and has a bright application prospect.

10. The product is popular among old and new customer and boasts a promising market application prospect.

Company Features

MeCan is recognized by numerous people at home and abroad in underwater treadmill for dogs market. MeCan is thousands of people's first choice when they are in need of underwater treadmill for dogs. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited primarily produces underwater treadmill for dogs with high quality in the market of

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Application of the Product

MeCan's obgyn table can be used in a variety of situations.

Before developing a solution, we will fully understand the market situation and customer's needs. In this way, we can provide effective solutions for our customers.

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