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Nitrous Oxide Sedation System  L/C - - MeCan 1
Nitrous Oxide Sedation System  L/C - - MeCan 2
Nitrous Oxide Sedation System  L/C - - MeCan 3
Nitrous Oxide Sedation System  L/C - - MeCan 4
Nitrous Oxide Sedation System  L/C - - MeCan 5
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Nitrous Oxide Sedation System  L/C - - MeCan

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Company Advantages

1. Strictly inspect is carried out on the production process of MeCan 304 stainless steel dog cage to ensure that the width, length and appearance of the fabric meet the bedding standards and regulations.

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4. The design of MeCan digital x ray was developed around some basic concepts, such as comfort, permeability, safety and appearance.

5. The product has good heat dissipation performance. Its powerful cooling system is beneficial for maintaining the proper temperature of mechanical components for better operation.

6. This product keeps the appearance clean. It has a unique metal-coated surface that effectively prevents dust and fumes from sticking during operation.

7. This product is safe to use. All its circuits are exquisitely designed. They include the main circuit, the control circuit, signal circuit, and other local circuits.

8. Enhancing customer service is good for the development of MeCan.

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    Guangzhou Good Quality Nitrous Oxide Sedation System

    Model: MC-5000E
    Our Nitrous Oxide Sedation System bases on the technology of US and has gained several national patents. The system provides a new dental sedation solution which is widely accepted by patients especially for children. patients with coronary heart diseases and high blood pressure because of the excellent quality. This device is authorized by some dental hospitals in Beijing and Guangzhou. and brings into clinical use. After breathing in. it is very effective in 30 to 40 seconds. and the affection will disappear after stopping breathing. The notable feature is strong analgesic effect and weak anesthesia effect.
    What is the feature of our Nitrous oxide sedation system?
    1. Strong analgesic effect and can greatly reduce the patient's pain and anxiety.
    2. Sweety, non-respiratory tract irritation, patients are willing to accept.
    3. Patients always remain sober, and cooperate =natively and non-respiratory tract inhibition.
    4. Easy to use, do not need special equipment and professional anesthetist.
    5. The density and the flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen can be adjusted.
    6. Can use in the pediatric extraction, without increasing respiratory secretions, without affecting on breathing, without muscle relaxant role; patients can breathe independently, the protection of the throat reflection is active, no reserves, you can go back immediately after operation, safe and reliable.
    7. Hypertension patients use the oxide and oxygen inhalation device in the extraction- electrocardiogram blood pressure, pulse, respiration oxygen saturation are stable, no signs of arrhythmia and myocardial ischemia, no stress-induced hypertension response.
    8. In the extraction of buried teeth, use the nitrous oxide inhalation
    analgesia and partial infiltration anesthesia it can achieve perfect results;
    simple method. less cost, obvious effect.
    What is the specification of our oxide sedation system?
    Technical Specification:

    Maximum total flow >17L/min
    Precise flow min 0.5L
    N2O 0-70%
    O2 30%-100%
    Input pressure 5OPSI±10%
    Input link standard 5/8' DISS
    Patient output link 15/22 mm
    Double mask scavenger optional
    Bag tee Emergency air valve
    Safe valve autoumatic on/off N20
    Compensation proportion Adjustable in 0-17L/min when the mixed density is stable
    02 quick supplement not less than 17L/min
    Standard: Flow meter. bag tee. double mask scavenger. respiratory pipeline
    Optional: High-efficient HEPA filter,autoclavable mask,disposable mask,demand valve resuscitator
    More pictures:

    Nitrous Oxide Sedation System

Company Features

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Product Details

In order to strengthen your understanding of Nitrous Oxide Sedation System, MeCan will show you the specific details of Nitrous Oxide Sedation System in the following section.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Nitrous Oxide Sedation System can meet the different needs of customers.

With professional service spirit, MeCan always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

MeCan's Nitrous Oxide Sedation System has been further improved based on advanced technology, as reflected in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

With a focus on talents cultivation, MeCan has an elite team equipped with abilities to create, learn and execute.

Our company regards the development prospects with an innovative and advancing attitude, and provides more and better services for customers with perseverance and sincerity.

Our company will, as always, fulfill our corporate mission of 'pursuing excellent quality and satisfying customer's needs', keep making progress and innovation, and provide customers with high quality and good service.

After years of development, MeCan gains a set of advanced modern technology to produce high-quality

Based on the domestic market, our company is also actively exploring foreign markets.

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