MeCan Syringe Pump Amazon 1
MeCan Syringe Pump Amazon 1

MeCan Syringe Pump Amazon

Single Channel Syringe Pump with 4 Injection Modes Main features Colorful TFT screen with keyboard button Automatic self-identification of 5mL...
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    Single Channel Syringe Pump with 4 Injection Modes

    Main features
    Colorful TFT screen with keyboard button
    Automatic self-identification of 5mL, 10mL, 20mL, 30mL and 50mL syringes
    Compatible with all kinds of syringe brands
    4 injection modes: ml/h Mode. Weight Mode, Volume-Time Mode, Standby Mode
    25 injection speed units
    KVO & Bolus function
    Visible and audible Alarms
    Real time display
    Rechargeable Lithium battery can work continuously for over 4.5 hours
    Stackable combination with single AC power supply
    Double CPU
    Autosave 2000 syringe records

    Technical Parameters

    Applicable Syringe Specification

    5ml, 10m1, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml


    Injection Volume




    Syringe Brand

    Any syringe brand



    Three levels for selection:


    Scope of Injection rate

    0.1-100mI/h, 5mI Syringe



    4modes: ml/h mode, Weight mode,

    Volume-Time mode

    0.1-300ml/h, 10ml Syringe


    AC power failure, Syringe falls off, Reinstall

    syringe, Countdown, Air, Occlusion, Low

    battery, Error, Over, no enough drugs,

    beyond Parameters range

    0.1-600ml/h, 20ml Syringe



    Environment Temperature: 5°C-40°C

    0.1-800ml/h, 30ml Syringe


    Relative Humidity: 20%-90%

    0.1-1200ml/h, 50ml Syringe

    Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPa-1060hPa

    Bolus rate

    50-100ml/h(Default 50ml/h),


    AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz,

    DC 14.8V(+5%,-10%) 2000mAh rechargeable

    50--300ml/h(Default 50ml/h),


    Input Power


    50--600ml/h(Default 50ml/h),



    Rechargeable battery; Charging time: 12-16h;

    Discharge time: over 4.5h(when the battery is full)

    50--800ml/h(Default 50ml/h),



    AC 250V 3.15A

    50--1200ml/h(Default 50ml/h),


    Safety Level

    Class 1, Type BF

    KVO rate

    0.1-1.0ml/h, adjustable at

    Increment level of 0.01ml/h

    IP Grade





    245mm x 135mm x 120mm

    Speed unit (Dose-rate unit)

    25kinds of injection-speed

    units as follows:

    ml/h, mg/min. m9/h, mg/24

    mg/kg/min. mg/kg/h.

    mg/kg/24h. ug/min. ug/h,

    Ug/24h, ug/kg/min. ug/kg/h,

    ug/kg/24h, U/min, U/h, U/24h.

    U/kg/min, U/kg/h. U/kg/24h,

    kU/min, kU/h, kU/24h,

    kU/kg/min, kU/kg/h,



    G.W:3.3kg, N.W: 2.3kg

Company Advantages

1. MeCan Temperature Controller Magnetic Stirrer; Stirrerr; Magnetic Stirrer adopts international advanced technology to achieve exemplary performance.

2. This MeCan Reflection Operation Lamp ; Operation Lamp; Electric lntegral Operation Lamp is composed of functional grade materials.

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4. A coordinated look is easy to achieve for MeCan Dental Chair Equipment.

5. The product is environmentally friendly. The ammonia refrigerant used breaks down quickly in the environment, minimizing potential environmental impact.

6. The product features safety. Any spill or accidental release can be quickly identified and detected, because of ammonia's strong odor.

7. The product has become renowned for its energy efficiency. The refrigeration systems used can effectively move heat energy out of one area and into another, consuming little electricity.

8. The product features uniform quality of air circulation. The atmospheric temperature and relative humidity have been homogenized to keep it reasonably uniform.

9. The product is easy to operate. Changes in operating parameters can be easily made to achieve different storage conditions and temperatures.

10. This product can mitigate solar insolation, thereby offering reductions in heating/cooling loads, and improve the distribution of daylight.

11. This product allows for the powerful plasticity of the building’s design while responding to very different functional demands.

12. This product is a great idea for creating impact and iconic status – and novelty value, particularly on an existing building.

Company Features

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Application of the Product

The syringe pump amazon produced by MeCan can be used in many fields.

We have a professional team and can provide customers with the most appropriate solutions to help customers achieve their goals quickly and effectively.

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