MeCan Rt Pcr Machine 1
MeCan Rt Pcr Machine 1

MeCan Rt Pcr Machine

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    Comprehensive Refractometer View Tester, Manual Phoropter Ophthalmic Equipment

    What is feature of our phoropter ophthalmic equipment?
    1. Equipped with comprehensive measuring functions, it provides SPH, CYL, AXIS and pupil distance optometry
    2. Durable and easy to operate
    3. Easily and intuitively read the sphere focal scale value
    4. High eco-friendly materials
    5. Design fitting the face curve and no stimulation
    6. Easy to take and clean
    7. Free switch between the cross-cylindrical lens and the rotary prism
    8. When rotating risk is turning by sphere,it can make sphere power adjust 3.00D for big scope.
    9. It is designed expediently and smartly for particular cross cylinder.Supporting supplementary lens could increase scope of measurement.
    What is the technical specification of our phoropter?

    Range:-19.00~+16.75m-1 Step: 0.25m-1, 3.00m-1
    Range: 0.00~-6.00m-1(Measuring Range With Accessories0.00~-8.00m-1) Step: 0.25m-1
    Cylinder Axis
    Range: 0~180°, Step:5°
    Distance of Optical center (also known as Pupil)
    Range: 50~75mmStep: 1mm
    Sight Switch
    Range:∞~380mm (distance of Optical center is64mm)
    Front Chin Test
    Range: 0~16mm
    Distance (from cornea vertex to the lens surface)
    Standard Accessories Lens
    two pieces of Auxiliary Cylinder -2.00m-1 and -0.12m-1 respectively
    Standard Accessories
    one piece of M2 Hexagon wrench , one piece of a Myopia Standard Card, two piece of Myopia Standard Card , one piece of standard card holder , a dust cover
    Auxiliary Lens
    “O”:Open aperture
    “R”:Retinoscope lens
    “R”:Retinoscope lens
    “R”:Retinoscope lens
    *Lens of +1.50m-1 ,It is suit for the distance of 67 centimeters
    * it is used for examining the dioptric balance of eyes , Implicit strabismus and stereo vision
    “RMV”:Red Vertical maddox
    *Be used to examine Implicit strabismus
    “RMH”:Red horizntal maddox
    *Be used to examine Implicit strabismus
    “WMV”:Plane Vertical Maddox
    *Be used to examine Implicit strabismus
    “WMH”:Plane horizontal maddox
    *Be used to examine Implicit strabismus
    “RL”:Red lens
    *Be used to examine eye function, Blending function and Implicit strabismus
    “GL”:Green lens
    *Be used to examine eye function, Blending function and Implicit strabismus
    “+”:Test mark of optical center adjustment
    “+.12”:Dioptric of the Spherical Lens is +0.12m-1
    *Be used for the semi-adjustment of sphere lens, 0.25m-1
    “PH”:1mmPinhole lens
    *Be used to exclude visual non-refractive errors of the tested eye
    “6ΔU”:6ΔBottom-up prism
    *Be used to examine the rotating prism with the detection of nearly horizontal squint
    “10ΔI”:10ΔBottom-up prism
    *Be used to examine the rotating prism with the detection of nearly horizontal squint
    “±0.50”:Cross-cylindrical lens
    *Be used to examine the corrected dioptric of the Presbyopia and spherical lens
    “OC”:Black lens
    about 5kg

Company Advantages

· Assessment of quality will be conducted once MeCan ct scanner is produced. It will be strictly checked on such parameters as fibers strength, water shrinkage, colorfastness, weaving strength, etc.

· The product features strong corrosion resistance. Both the metal parts and mating faces are made of anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel, plated steel, carbon, or ceramic.

· The product allows perspiration to permeate out to maintain a relative cool and dry environment, hence offering a more comfortable wearing experience for people.

Company Features

· As a China-based company, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited specializes in designing and manufacturing Electrophoresis with years of experience in the marketplace.

· We have staff that is second to none. We have hundreds of skilled personnel available in the required crafts, and many of them have been in their respective fields for several decades.

· We are putting efforts into a sustainable future. We are working hard to reduce production waste and CO2 emissions to minimize our footprint.

Application of the Product

Our rt pcr machine is widely used in multiple industries and fields.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

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