MeCan Pcr Primers 1
MeCan Pcr Primers 1

MeCan Pcr Primers

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Company Advantages

1. MeCan LED Shadowless Lamp; Operation Lamp; Shadowless Operation Lamp is required to undergo a series of tests. The tests include the insulation properties of materials, the integration of the circuit board, the shockproof performance of housing.

2. A series of tests for MeCan aed defibrillator have been carried out. It has strictly tested in terms of the performance of the circuit board, plugs, voltage, housing, etc.

3. MeCan impact windows has passed prescribed tests before delivery. These tests cover appliance characteristics, energy efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical safety.

4. The product uses far less energy. It shines with the familiar warm glow of a traditional light bulb and closely mimics natural light.

5. The product lasts a lot longer than the average light bulb and it will keep shining almost most of its lifetime whereas many other bulbs start to noticeably fade even after a year.

6. The product has the most significant advantage of long lifespan when compared to traditional lighting. It delivers a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours.

7. With this product, a commodity can stand out from the competition. Personalized customization makes it possible to differentiate commodity.

8. With clear printing, this product helps to showcase the good's logo and name and helps to promote this good to the public.

9. This product will help customers get a more memorable unboxing experience when they receive the goods.

    DNA Extraction Machine Thermercycler PCR Machine

    Main Features

    1. 7 ColorFull Touch Screen, Graphical Display of Protocols.

    2.Effortlessly Interchangeable Modules,Swapped in Seconds without Tools.

    3.Durable Premium Peltier Element,Ensure Long Life and High Quality.

    4.Large Storage of 10000 Programs on Board,Enhancing Friendly Operation.

    5.Update Software through USB Flash Drive.

    6.Outstanding Block Temperature Uniformity,Ensuring Best Possible Experimental Results.

    7.Global Universal Switch Power(85V-256V),Increasing Safety & Reliability.

    MeCan Pcr Primers 2

    MeCan Pcr Primers 3

    Optional Module (with gradient)

    9 6 Module




    4 8 Module


    384 Module


    Multi-purpose Module

    9677 Module + In-situ Adapter


    Block Temperature Range


    Max.Heating Rate


    Max.Cooling Rate


    Temperature Uniformity 

    ≤±0.2℃(at 95℃)

    Temperature  Accuracy


    Mode of Temperature Control

    Sim-tube & Block mode

    Ramping  Rate  Adjustable



    Gradient  Accuracy


    Column Uniformity

    ≤±0.3℃(at 95℃)

    Gradient  Range


    Temp.Differential Range


    Gradient Capability

    12 Column

    Heat Lid

    1.Open Method:Innovative Designed Two-in-One (Open/Lift) Lid.

    2.Auto Shut-off Heating Function of Lid at Low Temperature (<30℃) of block.

    3.Height of Heat Lid:Steplessly Adjustable Lid, accommodates all kinds of PCR tubes,strips and plates.

    4.Protection for Pressure:Patented technology,alert tone for excessive pressure of heat lid.

    5.Heat Lid Temperature Range:30℃-112℃.


    1. Max.30 Steps

    2.100 Typical Cycles, max. 60,000 nesting cycles.

    3.Time/Temp. Increment/Decrement is available for performing Long PCR and Touchdown PCR.

    4.Auto Pause; Auto restart after power failure.

    5.An Infinite incubation time at low temperature for overnight working.

    6.Multi-user log in with password-based authentication prevents from view, copy and alteration of protocols, ensure user’s privacy and safety.

    7.Tm calculator automatically calculates the melting and annealing temperature through input two primer sequences, greatly improve work efficiency.

    8.Program wizard provides a quick method for creating PCR protocols in a few steps.

    9.Display recent run 10 programs for easy access .

    10.Get detailed running report, providing objective and precise information for the whole experiment.

    11.Effortlessly Combine up to 50 units of A100/200 for remote control and management by computers.

    Other Features

    1.Wide Range Power Supply 85V-265V, 47-63Hz.

    2.Communication Ports: USB2.0, LAN and RS232.

    3.Power Consumption: Max.600W.

    4.Certificate: ISO 9001:2000, CE, RoHS.

    5.Dimension(L×W×H): 362×256×255mm.

    6.Net Weight: 7.3kgs

Company Features

MeCan gets its worldwide fame as an experienced led surgical light manufacturer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited enjoy its reputation as a professional led surgical light supplier. As one of the well-known tailor-made manufacturer of led surgical light, MeCan is always offering the best for customers.

Our company has set up a wide sales network throughout the world. With the help of the sales network, we have built a strong customer base, which is mostly from Asia, America, and Europe. We have brought together a team of professional designers. With their years of design expertise and unique design concept in mind, they can constantly keep trends with the latest market to design products with the best concepts. Our manufacturing plant is located in the industrial city based in Mainland, China and it is quite near to the transportation port. This convenience allows our manufactured products to be quickly delivered and helps us save transportation costs. We have imported a series of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These facilities constantly underwent routine inspections and are maintained in good conditions. This will greatly support our whole production process. With years of development, we have established a cooperative relationship with many customers around the world, such as Asia, Europe, and America. We have also opened up many new led surgical light markets such as Central Europe and Northern Europe.

We conduct sustainability during our operation. We constantly seek new methods to minimize the ecological impact during production. We think highly of environmental protection. We work to improve energy and water efficiency, reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing waste. We are guided by our sustainable development goals. We will develop and manufacture our products in a way that ensures they are safe, environmentally friendly and economical. Our business goal is to help our customers become more competitive by manufacturing products in lower-cost according to the highest established quality standards. Sustainability continues to play a key part in our operation. We adopt an efficient process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, solid landfill waste, and water consumption.

Product Details

More detailed information about pcr primers will be shown below for you.

Application of the Product

pcr primers developed and produced by MeCan is widely applied to many industries and fields. It can fully meet the diversified needs of customers.

Since the establishment, MeCan has always been focusing on the R&D and production of With strong production strength, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to customers' needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with other ordinary products, the pcr primers produced by MeCan has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan takes talents cultivation seriously. This is why we establish a loyal and efficient talents team comes out. The team members have professional skills.

MeCan has an experienced service team and a complete service system to provide quality and considerate services for customers.

Our company will always insist on taking the market as the guide and performing continuous industrial upgrading. We operate our business according to the philosophy of 'law-abiding, integrity management, cooperation and win-win'. Moreover, our goal is to achieve international development based on the local market. Therefore, we continue to be provide consumers with quality products and professional services.

Founded in our company has been engaged in the industry for years. After the accumulation of these years, we have obtained excellent competitiveness and economic strength, and established a certain degree of prestige in the industry.

MeCan's products sell well in many parts of the country. They are also exported to the EU, Southeast Asia, the Americas, and other regions.

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