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MeCan Manual Operating Room Bed

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Traction Bed

Digital Display Traction Bed for Model Cervical And Lumbar Vertebra Treatment Multifunctional Equipment

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Technological advantages
1. Adjustable dynamo from Taiwan is used as motive power.
2. Total time, time of duration, intermittent time and traction force are all digitally displayed.
3. It can automatically compensate the traction force.
4. It has a simple method of inputting traction parameters.
5. It can carry out three-dimensional traction, that is, plane vertical traction, upper angulation traction, lower angulation traction, and automatic rotation side pull traction. The three functions mentioned above can be used separately or in combination.

Power voltage

AC220V+22V 50HZ

Rated input power


Lumbar vertebra traction distance

0~ 200mm

Total lumbar vertebra traction time:

0~99min Adjustable

Lumbar vertebra traction force:

0~99kg Adjustable

Continuous traction time:

0~9min Adjustable

Intermittent traction time:

0~9min Adjustable

Cervical vertebra traction force:

0~300N Adjustable

Cervical vertebra traction distance:

0 ~ 99min Adjustable

adjustable at will within

-10°~ +30°

Angulated angle range

About 25Adjustable

Rotation angle range

About 25Adjustable




Why choose us

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Company Advantages

· The manufacture of MeCan fluoroscopy x ray machine complies with mandatory and voluntary requirements of national and international markets. They include AATCC, ASTM, AS, BS, CAN/CGSB, US CPSC, DIN, EN, FZ, GB, ISO, JIS, NF, SATRA.

· The product has been tested by many quality norms and has been approved to be qualified in all respects, such as performance, service life, and so on.

· This product finds a broad range of applications.

Company Features

· Winning the market's appreciation in the R&D and manufacture sectors, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been engaging in the production of Acid Extractor; Nucleic Extractor; Extractor for years.

· Located in a place where has industrial clusters, the factory enjoys a geographically advantage. This advantage enables the factory to cut costs in sourcing raw materials or send the products to process.

· The culture positioning of MeCan brand is to make each staff to serve customers with their professional skills. Ask online!

Application of the Product

The Manual Operating Room Bed of MeCan can be used in many industries.

We have been engaged in the production and management of for many years. For some problems encountered by customers in the procurement, we have the ability to provide customers with a practical and effective solution to help customers solve problems better.

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