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MeCan Brand Trios Scanner Factory 1
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MeCan Brand Trios Scanner Factory


Company Advantages

1. Manufacturing MeCan hemodialysis machine with appropriate equipment can improve product quality. The choice depends on the type of sewing stitch in order to be manufactured smooth.

2. The quality of MeCan Thermostatic Shacking Gas Bath; Shacking Gas Bath ; 600W Gas Bath  is guaranteed. A number of quality control checks and tests have been carried, including color shading, colorfastness check, size fitting test, etc.

3. MeCan medical enteral feeding pump's quality is guaranteed. Its manufacturing process pays attention to consumer safety by ensuring compliance with health standards in the production process.

4. The product is rather safe. It has been inspected by third-party laboratories that conduct a fiber identification or material composition test to verify fabric composition.

5. The product is safe. It has passed the composition testing which guarantees it to avoid any materials that skins might be allergic to.

6. The product features high stitching quality. A measuring tape is adopted to count the number of stitches per inch on at least two pieces per style to make sure stitch accuracy.

7. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited hopes to meet all its economic goals within years by employing advanced technologies.

8. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's mission is to provide superior automatic syringe pump with advanced technologies and gorgeous design.

9. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is willing to strengthen cooperation with companies all over world.

10. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's mission is to provide superior Hospital ECG Machine solution.

11. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited promotes the systematic improvement of its competitiveness.

    Professional Emergency rescue bed


    Applicable Department: ICU/ Resuscitation room/ Rescue room


    Rotating side rails

    Side rails can be fixed at a horizontal position for drip and puncture .loading capacity 10kg

    Concave design can prevent catheter slide

    Both sides of bed body have folding lifting IV pole, easy to use or store.

    Silent casters with central lock

    200mm diameter resin casters with lock pedal on four Corners, easy for nurse to operate

    Multifunctional demonstration

    Using hydraulic cylinder and high-low hand crank and Self - pull rod and gas spring to lift.


    using 70mm thick sponge to make  patient more comfortable. fabric is waterproof and breathable.

    Fifth Wheel

    The conversion of stretcher cart is easily realized between " straight" and " free" by operating the lever. easier to control the direction with" straight"

    Push handle

    Style of P- shaped front and U- shaped back. Ergonomic design, more easy to push.

    Double locks of side rails

    Double lock on the foot side, prevent wrong operation, more safe

    MeCan Brand Trios Scanner Factory 3

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a professional manufacturer of Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is one of the first companies in China to concentrate on Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited provides the exact same excellent products as the worldwide famous Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer manufacturer. MeCan is China's outstanding Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer system complete solution supplier. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is well-known and popular in the area of Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited makes use of advanced technology to greatly improve output of Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's technology competency has reached international level. The technology strength of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited improves efficiency of Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer production. The cutting edge technology successfully helps Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited improve quality of Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer. The technology level of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is high comparing to other companies.

To fulfill the responsibility for the environment, we will manage the natural resources in the most effective and efficient way. We will introduce highly effective manufacturing facilities to help us achieve this goal. We comply with the regulations of waste management. We ensure any waste and emission we produce as a result of business operations are handled appropriately and safely. We will make sure our production activities will not pose any risk to the environment. We will treat hazardous substances and emissions in an appropriate and serious manner before we throw out or discharge them. We will integrate environmental concerns into our business strategy. We take environmental initiatives as a way of pollution prevention, such as introducing efficient manufacturing machines and adopting more reasonable supply-chain management.

Product Details

Our trios scanner's outstanding quality is shown in the details.

Application of the Product

The trios scanner produced by MeCan is very popular in the market and is widely used in industry.

MeCan always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.

Product Comparison

Under the premise of ensuring the same price, the trios scanner that we develop and produce as a whole has been substantially improved in a scientific way, as shown in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has an R&D team consisting of professional scientific manpower from various fields. Moreover, we have long-term cooperation and technical exchanges with well-known research institutions at home and abroad.

MeCan advocates to focus on customer's feelings and emphasizes humanized service. We also wholeheartedly serve for every customer with the work spirit of 'strict, professional and pragmatic' and the attitude of 'passionate, honest, and kind'.

Our company adheres to the tenet of 'integrity-oriented, customer first', and follows the management concept of 'striving for high-quality and excellence'.

MeCan was established in We have rich industry experience because we have been focusing on the production and sales of for years.

Apart from sales in many cities in China, our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other foreign countries, and are highly praised by local consumers.

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