MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 1
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 2
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 3
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MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 5
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 1
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 2
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 3
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 4
MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier 5

MeCan Brand T/T in Advance Digital Radiography Ppt T/T in Advance Supplier

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    500mA High Frequency Digital Radiography Fluoroscopy X Ray Machine

    What is application of our digital radiography x-ray ?

    Our digital radiography system has the function of fluoroscopy and spot film radiography, which can be applied for the radiography of alimentary tract, biliary tract, urinary tract, veins of lower extremity and so on. It can also operate on the reposition of fracture and take the corpus alienum under the pattern of fluoroscopy.

    What are features of our digital radiography equipment?

    1. Good image clarity and high contrast, easy to identify nidus.
    1) Adopt Toshiba image intensifier, enhance grayscale, resolution and contrast to make image clearer
    2) Equipped with imported CCD camera, easy to accurate diagnose at real time dynamic observation
    3) Progressive input/output medical definition television system, low noise, high resolution and contrast
    4) Imported grid improves X-ray quality, to get good image quality
    5) Tube voltage change in short time, high accuracy exposure
    2. It’s simple flexible and convenient to operate.
    1) Visual display interface
    2) Digital image processing system 
    3) Diagnostic table rotating range 90 ° ~ 0 ° ~ -25 °
    4) One-button operation handle
    5) Bed-control is easy to operate
    6) Widely spot film device and imaging system movement range
    3. Security
    1) Computer program control and remote operation, avoid X-ray radiation hazard
    2) Automatic brightness control system (IBS), get the best image in various parts of the body and at the same time, maximize the protection of patients and health care workers
    3) The electric multi-leaf limier, adjust X-ray irradiation range to reduce X-ray radiation hazard
    4) Inverter control technology
    5) Reliable, high precision angular displacement sensor technology

    What is specification of our digital radiography?
    Item Content Parameters
    Power supply Voltage 380V±38V
    Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
    Capacity ≥40kVA
     Internal resistance ≤0.17Ω
    X-ray high voltage system Radiography Tube voltage 44kV—125kV, 41 steps
    Tube current 32mA—500mA, adjust stepped
    Exposure time 0.02s—4s, 21 steps
    Fluoroscopy Tube voltage 44kV—110kV, 2kV/step
    Tube current 0.5mA—5mA
    X-ray tube Model HXD52-30、50/125
    Output power Big focus:50Kw
    small focus:30kW
    Anode thermal capacity 140KJ(180KHU)
    Module thermal capacity 1100kJ(1500kHU)
    Rotating anode 2800rpm
    Focus 2.0mm /1.0mm
    Remote diagnosis table Table rotating range 90°~0°~-25°
    Table surface Horizontal movement ±110mm
    Longitudinal movement of frame and spot film device ≥720mm
    Film size 8″×10 ″—14″×17″
    Spot film division method Whole film, 2-division film, 3-division film, 4-division film
    Control mode Remote control
    Soft boot and stay of frequency conversion
    Limiter         electric multi-leaf
    Grid Grid density: 103L/INCH
    Grid Ratio :10:1 
    focusing distance 120cm
    Image system Image intensifier Toshiba 9’’
    CCD camera Imported 0.47 mega pixel 
    Monitor 14’’ Medical high definition monitor, Horizontal center resolution 1000 line, margin 800 line 
    video bandwidth12.5MHz, 50bit 
    25 frame/s
    Digital image processing system  High definition progressive output 
    (CCU center control) 8 grades noise reduction 
    8 images in storage
    LIH, mirror image, Negative, OSD
    What is  configuration of our digital fluoroscopy x ray machine?

    Item  Quantity
    Control console 1
    X-ray high voltage generator 1
    Cassette type remote diagnosis table 1
    9’’ image intensifier 1
    Imported 0.47 mega pixel CCD camera 1
    Medical high definition monitor 2
    X-ray tube 1
    Electric multi-leaf limiter 1
    High voltage cable 1
    What is packing size of our 500ma digital radiography x-ray ?

    Item Packing Dimension(mm) NW(Kg) GW(Kg)
    1 2175*1390*1476 1206 1361
    2 1675*1040*1020 227 317
    3 840*420*1085 150 172.5
    4 610*500*935 261 280.5

    More pictures

    digital radiography

    fluoroscopy machine

    digital radiography x-ray

Company Features

Established years ago, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is specialized in manufacturing high-quality products such as Anatomy Model. We are highly appraised by a broad range of customers. Powered by years of manufacturing expertise, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been a reliable manufacturer of Anatomy Model. We are engaged in design and production. Having extensive expertise in manufacturing Anatomy Model, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been renowned for strong production capabilities. As one of the recognized leaders in manufacturing Anatomy Model, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited holds top positions in many international ratings and rankings.

We are blessed with an excellent R&D team. They are actively developing new products such as Anatomy Model to meet different market requirements each year based on market surveys, and they are quite good at offering ODM services. Our factory has invested a lot of advanced facilities which are imported from overseas. They embrace a broad range of advantages, including the guarantee of high production, low energy consumption, and zero malfunction. The factory has a large scale floor space, covering a large materials storing area, machining area, testing, and packaging area. The arrangement of the space has guaranteed orderly and efficient production procedures. There is a wide range of reliable and high efficient manufacturing facilities in our factory. These facilities have greatly improved production efficiency no matter in machining or packaging. Based on years of market expansion experience, we have become a global market player in the Anatomy Model industry, especially in the markets of North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

We insist on excellent quality and good service for our Anatomy Model. Professional service for Anatomy Model can be fully guaranteed. We can supply a abundant of Anatomy Model with high quality. Our Anatomy Model is widely appraised for high quality.

Product Details

MeCan pays great attention to the details of digital radiography ppt. The following will show you one by one.

Application of the Product

MeCan's digital radiography ppt is widely used in many industries.

Our company will modify and adjust the original solution according to the customer's needs. By doing so, we can provide solutions that best meet the customer's needs.

Product Comparison

Our digital radiography ppt has the following differentiated advantages compared to similar products.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company focuses on talents and virtue, and a group of elite teams are cultivated. They have good communication skills and teamwork abilities.

Our customer service staff have been trained professionally. In this way, we can provide customers with the best quality and the most thoughtful service.

Our company holds the value of 'professionalism, integrity, excellence, and mutual benefit'. During the development, we greatly focus on team ship, hard work, tenacity and persistence. In addition, we abide by the principle of 'demand-oriented, customer first'. Our goal is to build a brand respected by the industry and trusted by customers.

Since its establishment in our company has walked through the journey of years. Nowadays, we create a large-scale management and gain rich management experience.

With a broad market, MeCan's are sold well in various regions in the country. They are also favored by many foreign customers.

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