MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 1
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 2
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 3
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 4
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 1
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 2
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 3
MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory 4

MeCan Brand MCL-6018T Operating Room Bed MCL-6018T Factory


    Trolley Color Doppler

    What is technical parameters of our Trolley Color Doppler?
    Monitor : 19” high-resolution LCD color monitor
    Gray scale : 256
    Scanning lines : ≥256
    Dynamic Range : 30dB-75dB
    Maximum frame rate : ≥65/s
    Pseudo-color display : 11
    Note: body mark and character note, body mark: ≥100
    Cine loop : ≥100 frame
    Image memory : ≥160G, format BMP/JPG/DCM/TIF 
    TGC : ≥8
    Partial enlarged : ≥ 4 times
    Image mode: B, BB, 4B, B+M, PWD, PwrD, CD, CWD, DirPwr, B+C+D.
    Image processing : 8 frame-related, 6 related to six-speed lines
    Image flip : up and down , left and right , image rotation ( 2B, 4B mode rotated 90 ° ) , black and white
    DICOM3.0 interface with network remote assistance software
    Sampling frame size, position and color : support B / color consistent width adjustable 
    Pulse repetition frequency : 0.5-2khz , 6 adjustable
    Gain : 20dB-48dB , grading adjustable 
    Wall filter : 40-500 adjustable 
    Noise Reduction : 32 adjustable
    Sample volume : 0.5-10mm adjustable range 20
    Scan speed : 8 adjustable
    Support synchronous updates automatically trace and spectral inversion
    Baseline position, spectrum volume and correction angle : adjustable
    Blood flow measurement velocity:
    a) Maximum blood flow velocity measurement : pulse doppler > 2m/s
    b) Lowest measured blood flow velocity : <2mm /s (non-noise signals)
    Port and holder: 4 activated probe ports and holders, 1 Gel heater holder
    Input / Output Interface: USB2.0, LAN, VGA, Video, DICOM3.0, foot switch, XGA,DVD burner 
    Machine dimension (mm): 920*550*1450
    What is specifications of our Trolley Color Doppler?
    Mode B (2D) measurement
    a) General measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, distance narrower radio, area stenosis ratio.
    b) Gynecological measurement: uterine size and volume, cervix size and volume, right/left ovary size and volume, endometrial thickness, right/left follicle volume.
    M-mode measurements: distance, heart rate.
    Doppler measurements: General measurement: systolic and end-diastolic velocity, peak flow, time, blood flow, pulse index and heart rate.
    Standard Configuration:
    Scanner Body: 1pc
    3.5Mhz Convex Probe: 1pc
    Charger with a Set of Wires: 1set
    Bottle of USG gel: 1pc
    User Manual: 1pc
    USB disk: 1pc
    Micro-convex probe 
    Phased array probe 
    Trans-virginal probe 
    Linear probe 
    4D Volume probe 
    Guided probe holderTrolley Color DopplerTrolley Color DopplerTrolley Color Doppler

Company Advantages

1. MeCan Trolley Video Colposcope is strictly manufactured in line with the production procedure.

2. The production of MeCan gastroscope and colonoscope has come up to advanced international standards.

3. The production of MeCan Surgical Operation Lamp; Operation Lamp; Shadowless Operation Lamp follows the international standards and green norms.

4. MeCan cardiac echocardiography machine is manufactured with countless technology improvements.

5. This product has the required durability. Made of high-quality fabrics, it can greatly withstand body pressure, movement, and sharp objects.

6. The product has the advantage of flammability resistance. Its fabrics have been specially treated to reduce its burning rate when there is a fire.

7. This product has the desired seam strength. Its seams have the ability to stand up to a certain pull without sudden burst.

8. The product is highly hypoallergenic. Its fabrics are specially treated to be free of any kind of bacteria and fungi when is processed.

9. This product is not prone to generate mold. Its moisture resistance property contributes to resisting the reaction between water and bacteria.

10. MeCan maintains relationships with a number of prestigious brands around the world.

11. Fetal doppler/monitor has always taken the lead in the market through the implementation of our rigorous control process for production.

12. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited exerts great effects on Handheld Ultrasound Scanner industry.

Company Features

As a front-runner enterprise, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's technology capability is recognized globally. With large manufacture base, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has big advantage in capacity for laboratory sterilizer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is capable of producing laboratory sterilizer with large capacity. Over the years, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited have made big progress in the development laboratory sterilizer.

We have an in-house R&D team. They are responsible for the development of new products and the adoption of innovative ideas. They are able to exactly meet the needs of the laboratory sterilizer market. We have a professional product development team. They have much expertise in improving product performance. They effectively coordinate and implement our production with their innovative ideas. We invest a lot in our production facilities and constantly upgrade them each year, which enables us to improve operational efficiency for our orders and raise productivity. Our factory is located close to the airport and the harbor. This advantageous traffic condition greatly guarantees the smooth supply of raw materials and quick delivery of our finished products including laboratory sterilizer.

The commitment of our company is to provide real-time and professional service for our customers. Now we are enhancing our OEM & ODM capacity so as to better meet customers' needs. The aim of our company is to become a world leading company. At present, we are dedicating to improving our product quality and establishing a strong R&D and customer service team. Our company is always committed to serving our customers whole-heartedly and help them to manufacture the accurate products they want. We always believe that only when we take care of our customers and employees first, then the profits will follow. We try our best to serve all of their needs.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Operating Room Bed can be widely used in various fields.

With a focus on customers, MeCan analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions.

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