MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 1
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 2
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 3
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 4
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 5
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 6
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 1
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 2
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 3
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 4
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 5
MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw 6

MeCan Brand MC-PL-6018P Custom Sternum Saw


Company Advantages

1. MeCan automated coagulation analyzer has passed the specialized testing conducted by third-party testing labs. It is tested in terms of appearance after washing/dry cleaning, crease-resistance, seam Performance, and flammability.

2. The fabric quality testing of MeCan c arm x ray machine has been conducted. The testing mainly includes the aspects of construction weight, fiber content, strength properties, dimensional stability, and flammability.

3. The fabrics of MeCan 100ma x ray machine are subject to rigorous tests. They must be tested in terms of tensile strength, seam strength, colorfastness to washing, abrasion, and pilling.

4. The product has high dimension precision. All its assembled parts are strictly controlled within a limited tolerance to guarantee they fit each other perfectly.

5. The product is durable in use. It has been tested with guaranteed service life and its structure is strong enough to withstand years of uses.

6. The product features high quality. It does not have the obvious color difference, black spots, or scratches, and its surface is flat and smooth.

7. The product is safe to use. Its wood/metal/leather materials, glue agent, coatings or wax does not embrace any harmful substances.

8. This product is safe and harmless. It has passed the materials tests which prove it only contains very limited harmful substances, such as formaldehyde.

9. Placing a hot pan directly on this product, spilling liquids all over it, or the claws of a pet will not have any effect on it.

10. As this product is unique in characteristics and color, it can easily freshen or update the look and feel of any kitchen.

11. The product has been a key part of kitchen renovations. It adds a new aesthetic to space as well as improved functionality.

12. The product is the best choice for people who need a countertop with an elegant, heat resistant, and sturdy design.

    Portable 2D Echo Machine Echocardiography Machine

    What is application of our Ecografo Portatil Color Doppler?
    Mode B (2D) measurement
    a) General measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, distance narrower radio, area stenosis ratio.
    b) Gynecological measurement: uterine size and volume, cervix size and volume, right/left ovary size and volume, endometrial thickness, right/left follicle volume.
    M mode measurements: distance, heart rate.
    Doppler measurements: General measurement: systolic and end-diastolic velocity, peak flow, time, blood flow, pulse index and heart rate.
    What is specification of our 2D Ecografo Color Doppler?


    12.1” high-resolution LCD

    Image mode

    B, BB, 4B, B+M , M, PWD, PwrD, CD, CWD, DirPwr, B+C+D


    digital back-light control and spin button

    Input / Output Interface

    USB2.0 , LAN , VGA , RS232 , Video, DICOM3.0

    Gray scale


    Scanning lines


    Dynamic Range


    Maximum frame rate


    Pseudo-color display



    body mark and character note, body mark: ≥100

    Cine loop

    ≥100 frame

    Image memory

    ≥160G, format BMP/JPG/DCM/TIF



    Partial enlarged

    ≥ 4 times

    Image processing

    8 frame-related, 6 related to six-speed lines

    Image flip

    up and down , left and right , image rotation ( 2B, 4B mode rotated 90 ° ) , black and white

    Sampling frame size, position and color

    support B / color consistent width adjustable

    Pulse repetition frequency

    0.5-2khz , 6 adjustable


    20dB-48dB , grading adjustable

    Wall filter

    40-500 adjustable

    Noise Reduction

    32 adjustable

    Sample volume

    0.5-10mm adjustable range 20

    Scan speed

    8 adjustable

    Support synchronous updates automatically trace and spectral inversion Baseline position, spectrum volume and correction angle : adjustable Blood flow measurement velocity:

    a) Maximum blood flow velocity measurement: pulse doppler > 2m/s

    b) Lowest measured blood flow velocity: <2mm /s (non-noise signals)

    What is configuration of our ultrasound scanner?
    Standard Configuration
    Scanner Body : 1pc
    3.5Mhz Convex Probe : 1pc
    Charger with a Set of Wires : 1set
    Bottle of USG gel : 1pc
    User Manual : 1pc
    Micro-convex probe
    Phased array probe
    Trans-virginal probe
    Linear probe
    3D software
    Puncture frame

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited, a collection of R&D, design, production, and sales, is a large-scale professional manufacturer of educational models. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has earned a great reputation from the market due to the ability and competence in developing and manufacturing educational models. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has won the respect of the industry due to the competence in the R&D and manufacture of educational models.

Integrating the finest technology and excellent staff together, MeCan has been always offering educational models with long lasting performance. MeCan earnestly introduces the high-tech machines to produce educational models. The utilization of technological innovation drives the MeCan to grow faster.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited could customize as per customer's samples and requests. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited' perfect after-sale service will bring all of our customers best purchase experience. We can provide customers with product commissioning and technical training services. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited strives to satisfy all needs of clients which include pres-sales service, technical support and after-sales service.

Product Details

Choose our Sternum Saw for the following reasons.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Sternum Saw can be used in a variety of situations.

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production strength, MeCan is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with general products, the Sternum Saw we produce have the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has a group of experienced and skilled production experts, providing strong technical support for the production of products.

MeCan always gives priority to customers and services. We continuously provide excellent services for numerous customers.

Our company will, as always, fulfill our corporate mission of 'pursuing excellent quality and satisfying customer's needs', keep making progress and innovation, and provide customers with high quality and good service.

Our company was founded in and has been developing for years. We have improved our various facilities and economic strength with numerous business projects and comprehensive strength.

Our company's sales network covers all major cities in the country. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other regions.

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