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MeCan Brand Cash Hospital Furniture for Sale Cash Supplier 2
MeCan Brand Cash Hospital Furniture for Sale Cash Supplier 3
MeCan Brand Cash Hospital Furniture for Sale Cash Supplier 1
MeCan Brand Cash Hospital Furniture for Sale Cash Supplier 2
MeCan Brand Cash Hospital Furniture for Sale Cash Supplier 3

MeCan Brand Cash Hospital Furniture for Sale Cash Supplier

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Company Advantages

1. Assembly quality of fully automatic biochemistry analyzer has been highly improved.

2. After many times of iterations, sole weight of Animal Cage supplier'body frame is effectively decreased.

3. Body frame optimum design and advanced technology application can be seen from our Medical X-ray equipment.

4. The product is zero-defect as we implement strict inspection on each stage of produciton process.

5. The product is quality-assured as it has been stringently tested on various parameters before coming into the market.

6. The product meets the industry specifications of quality and safety.

7. As we have stringently checked the quality on each stage of production, the product must be in compliance with international quality standards.

8. The product is in tune with set quality standards in many regions.

9. Our dedicated R&D team has made significant improvements to the MeCan Orbital Shaker; Shaker; Digital Orbital Shaker production technology.

10. More and more people choose this product, showing the market application prospects of the product.

11. This product is widely used in various applications and has great market potential.

12. This product has great economic benefits and is very popular among customers.

    High Frequency X-ray Radiograph System

    Packing Details: (2 wooden cases)


    Packing Dimension(mm)











    This machine is applied to take radiography on every part of human body, such as head, limbs, chest, limbus and abdomen and etc.
    . Application:




    Output power


    Main inverter frequency 


    X-ray tube


    Rotary anode, dual-focus

    Large/ Small focus

    1.2mm/ 0.6mm

    Power of large/ small focus

    75kW/ 27kW.

    Anode thermal capacity


    Tube thermal capacity


    Rotary anode speed


    Anode target surface angle


    mA range


    Tube voltage 


    Exposure Time




    Table radiography grids

    Grid density: 103L/inch

    Grid ratio: 10:1;

    Focusing Distance: 120cm

    Stationary type: 18"×18"


    Film size: 356*432mm(14”*17*)

    Longitudinal movement: 560mm

    Mechanical Movement



    X-ray tube Longitudinal movement


    X-ray tube Rotation range around transverse axis


    X-ray tube Rotation range around X-ray tube axis


    X-ray tube Rotation range around pillar

    4* 90°


    Table size


    Table height


    Table transverse movement


    Table longitudinal movement  


    Power supply

    380/400VAC three phase


    Operation method

    1. Close-table graphic program controlled LCD touchable screen operation

    2. Wireless remote control exposure

    III. configuracion





    new integral radiography table (with pillar) 



    combined high-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator



    Colored LCD touch screen control box(optional)  






    Electric box 



    Upright Bucky Stand  (standard)



    Upright Bucky Stand


    1. Packing Detail: 1950*750*600mm    

    N.W.: 200kg G.W.: 235kg

    2. The height: 1768 mm

    3. Movement range of cassette: 560-1625mm

    4. Max film size: 17’’ ×17’’    

    Film size: 5"×7"-17"×17"

    5. Parameters,

    Grid Density: 103L/INCH

    Grid Ratio: 10:1

    Focus Distance: 150cm

    Features: with Stationary Filter line, 18” X18”

    IV. Feature:

    1. It is installed with close-table graphical colorful LCD touch screen and wireless remote control exposure, which makes the operator easy to use.

    2. We incorporate the latest compact high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator, which ensure superior image quality, while the skin dose is low, to protect the patient better.

    3. human graphical LCD touch screen, intelligent and fast operation

    4. It can choose KV, mAs two buttons system photograph mode and Kv, mA, S three buttons system, two photography mode could meet different users professional requirements perfectly

    5. Adopt the technology of kV and mAs numeral closed loop control, real-time control of the microprocessor, which ensures the accuracy and repeatability of the output dose.

    6. Be equipped with radiography parameter of multi-part, multi-posture, multi-body, adult -child physical characteristic, the operator can modify and save the parameter by himself, which makes the operation more conveniently.

    7. Possess multiple automatic protection and fault clue function, which makes the operation safer and more reliable.

    8. The radiography table can float in any direction, electromagnetic braking, position the patient more convenience and accuracy.

    9. X-ray generator component can move round the axis of X-ray generator, cross arm and Pillar stand , be convenient with side and slanting direction projection and radiography of patient on the stretcher.

    10. Be equipped with the chest stand, which is used in the radiography of the head, chest, belly, pelvic cavity, backbone and periphery.

    11. Control console of graphic program controlled LCD touch screen is optional, which can set the radiography parameter and exposure in another room.

    V. Options:

    1. Control console

    2. AEC

Company Features

With the improvement of social economy, MeCan has always kept up with the trend to enhance its strength in Ducted Fume Hood; Fume Hood; Lab Fume Hood industry. MeCan is a dominant provider which owns Ducted Fume Hood; Fume Hood; Lab Fume Hood. With Ducted Fume Hood; Fume Hood; Lab Fume Hood as its core business, MeCan is skilled at providing high-end products for customers. As the economy goes, MeCan has been the prominent Ducted Fume Hood; Fume Hood; Lab Fume Hood supplier in this industry.

We employ a team of exceptional R&D talents with deep experience in the Ducted Fume Hood; Fume Hood; Lab Fume Hood industry. They are engaged in the research and development of the products while keeping up with the market trend. We have a team of professional manufacturing members. They are familiar with complex and sophisticated new tools, such as robotic systems or all kinds of advanced machine. Our team of manufacturing experts has years of combined experience in the Ducted Fume Hood; Fume Hood; Lab Fume Hood industry. They use their depth of experience to solve challenges from customers and bring them substantial results.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is committed to bring the best than other manufacturers. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited attaches great importance to the needs of customers and their feedbacks. We always make full preparations for customers. We always insist on the responsibility of high quality. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has established a mature after-sales service system to better serve every customer.

Product Details

MeCan's hospital furniture for sale is of exquisite workmanship, which is reflected in the details.

Application of the Product

MeCan's hospital furniture for sale is widely used in the industry and is widely recognized by customers.

Based on customers' specific situations and needs, MeCan provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions.

Product Comparison

MeCan's hospital furniture for sale has the following advantages over other similar products.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has a high-quality management team and a skilled research and development team. Besides, we have a long-term cooperation with relevant research units. All this makes good conditions for our product research and development and innovation.

MeCan attaches great importance to customers. We devote ourselves to providing high-quality products and professional services.

MeCan's mission is to produce high-quality products and meet customer's needs. We regard 'honest and trustworthy, excellent and innovative, mutual benefit and win-win' as culture value. We hope that we could achieve the vision which is to become the most influential value creator in the industry.

Since the establishment in our company has insisted on seeking survival by quality, and continuously improved our technical processes and product quality. Now, we have gained industry recognition with high-quality products.

In recent years, MeCan has been carrying out the online sales model. The sales scope has been rapidly expanding, and the annual sales volume has been rising.

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