MeCan Brand 3-15 Working Days Trolley Color Doppler 3-15 Working Days Factory 1
MeCan Brand 3-15 Working Days Trolley Color Doppler 3-15 Working Days Factory 2
MeCan Brand 3-15 Working Days Trolley Color Doppler 3-15 Working Days Factory 1
MeCan Brand 3-15 Working Days Trolley Color Doppler 3-15 Working Days Factory 2

MeCan Brand 3-15 Working Days Trolley Color Doppler 3-15 Working Days Factory

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    Anesthesia equipment With Double Small Vaporizers

    This Anesthesia Machine is an essential important anesthesia device in an operation room. Its function is to provide oxygen and anesthetic agent to a patient needing to go through an anesthesia operation and perform ventilation management.

    This anesthesia machine is intended for use in children and adults with a body weight heavier than 10kg.

    This Anesthesia Machine is equipped with an accurate dedicated anaesthetic vaporizer and a safety device for preventing cyanosis and necessary alarm system. During the anesthesia, the patient’s respiratory functions can be managed by using a microcomputer controlled pneumatic electrically controlled synchronizing anesthesia respirator. Each connection part of the whole machine is a standard interface. A highly efficient and large volume soda lime absorber can minimize the re-inhalation of carbon dioxide by the patient.

    Operating conditions for Anesthesia Machine:

    ---------Ambient temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃ ;

    ---------Relative humidity: no higher than 80 %;

    --------Atmospheric pressure: 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa.

    --------Power requirement: ~220-240V, 50/60Hz, 40VA, to be well grounded.

    --------Air source requirement: medical oxygen and laughing gas with a rated pressure ranging from 0.3 to 0.5MPa.

    Attention: the AC power supply used for the anesthesia machine must be well   grounded.

    Attention: the anesthesia machine used must be equipped with a carbon dioxide monitor complying with ISO 9918:1993, an oxygen monitor complying with ISO 7767:1997 and an expiratory gas volume monitor complying with of Medical Electrical Equipment Part II: Special Requirements for Safety and Basic Performance of Anesthesia System. 


    3.1 Operating mode: circulatory closed, semi-closed and semi-open.

    3.2 Gas requirement: medical oxygen and laughing gas with a pressure ranging from 0.3MPa to 0.5 MPa.

    3.3 The maximum error of the pressure testing device should not exceed ± (4% of the full scale reading + 8% of the actual reading).

    3.4 For oxygen and laughing gas, a special pressure regulator with a safety valve will be provided. The exhaust pressure of the safety valve should not be higher than 6 kPa.

    3.5 Indication range of the oxygen and laughing gas flow meter: 0.1 L/min ~ 10 L/min.

    When the flow rate ranges from 10% of the full scale value to 100%, the scale accuracy should be within ±10% of the indicated value.

    3.6 The flow meter is equipped with an oxygen-laughing gas proportional control device.

    When the oxygen concentration in the mixed gas N2O/O2 conveyed by the anesthesia

    machine is no lower than 20% (V/V) or the FiO2 is lower than 20%, the machine will emit an


    3.7 When the oxygen pressure of the anesthesia machine is 0.20MPa±0.05MPa, the machine raises a low gas source pressure alarm which is a high priority alarm, and shuts off the laughing gas conveyed to the common gas outlet.

    3.8 Oxygen Flush:25~75 L/Min;

    3.9 Anesthetic gas concentration adjustment range of vaporizer: 0~5%, relative error ±20 %.

    3.10 The exhaust pressure of the safety valve of the respiratory circuit is no higher than 6 kPa.

    3.11 Anesthesia ventilator

    3.11.1 Respiration Mode:IPPV,SIPPV,Manu

    3.11.2 Respiration Frequency:4~40bpm

    3.11.3 I/E Ratio:1:1.5~1:4

    3.11.4 Tidal Volume:50~1500mL

    3.11.5 Ptr:-10~10hPa

    3.11.6 Controlled ventilation and assisted ventilation switching time: 6s

    3.11.7 Maximum safety pressure:  ≤ 12.5 kPa.

    3.11.8 Pressure limit range: 1~6 kPa

    3.11.9 Airway pressure alarm: adjustment range of upper alarm limit: 0.3kPa ~ 6 kPa, permissible error ±0.2 kPa, or ±15% (whichever is greater), the machine should immediately raise a high level alarm when the airway pressure rises to the alarm value; the lower alarm limit ranges from 0.2 to 5 kPa and the permissible error is ±0.2 kPa or ±15% (whichever is greater). The machine should immediately raise a medium level alarm when the airway pressure drops to the alarm value and such condition lasts 4 to 15s.

    3.11.10 Tidal volume alarm: the upper alarm limit ranges from 50 to 2000ml, the permissible error is ±20%, the adjustment range of the lower alarm limit is 0~1800ml, the permissible error is ±20% and the machine should raise a medium level alarm.

    3.11.11 Ventilation volume lower alarm limit: the adjustment range is  0~12 L/min , and the permissible error is ±20%. The ventilation volume upper alarm limit is fixed to be 25 L/min, the permissible error is ±20% and the machine should raise a medium level alarm.

    3.11.12 Power supply fault alarm: the machine should give audible alarm in case of power outage and the alarm should last more than 120s.

    3.11.13 The silencing time of the audible alarm signal should be less than 120s. The alarm status should not be deactivated and visual alarm signal should not be intermittent.

    3.11.14 The emergency battery should be a lead acid battery with a rated output voltage of DC 12V. The duration of the operation of the anesthetic respirator driven by the battery should be more than 60min.

    4.Dimensions and Weight

    Dimensions: 1580 mm×500 mm×850 mm

    Weight: 75 kg.

    5.Installation and Commissioning

    Attention: installation, commissioning, inspection and use of the anesthesia machine should be completed by qualified professionals. This anesthesia machine has been commissioned by a professional when delivered for use. The user does not need to adjust it; otherwise it will cause unexpected fault or damage.

Company Advantages

1. Each MeCan Heating Dry Bath Incubator; Dry Bath Incubator; Bath Incubator is made from only carefully selected materials.

2. MeCan Stainless Steel Pet cages was born out of innovation and curiosity.

3. MeCan Lon Meter is designed by ourselves with the inspiration we find at various trade shows.

4. The table board of the product has even texture. The table board is treated under high temperature and pressure to eliminate the capillary porosity.

5. The product is waterproof. Processed by the seam process technology, the jointing is seamless. Hence, no moisture or water content will seep into the seam.

6. The product is wear resistant. The finish on its surface is high quality and can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

7. This product will dramatically contribute to profitable growth. Thanks to its easy operation and maintenance, it helps lower operating costs.

8. The product is easy for people to install. It comes with a complete detailed operation guide including user instructions, maintenance, and installation procedures.

9. This product actually needs little maintenance. This will reduce the time and cost of maintenance and finally help save production costs.

10. This product dramatically helps manufacturers cut the time needed to finish the projects. It contributes a lot in improving production efficiency.

11. When using this product, people can free their hands to some extent. This product provides them safer and more comfortable working conditions.

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a supplier of X-Ray Machine with trusted manufacturing abilities. We have years of combined experience in the field. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited continues to advance on a daily basis in developing and manufacturing of X-Ray Machine. We have achieved recognition as a result of excellent manufacturing ability. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has achieved a stable position in the market place. We are a professional manufacturer of X-Ray Machine. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has come a long and far way in developing and manufacturing X-Ray Machine. We have made ourselves well known to the market. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is one of the industry-leading manufacturers in China. We provide quality X-Ray Machine based on extensive experience and in-depth product knowledge.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has complete test measures and high-qualified employees. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has superior equipment and advanced process for X-Ray Machine production. First-class assembly lines are formed in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited owns advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited possesses a powerful technical staff and advanced production equipment.

Sustainability is a core element of our company. We have made and strictly follow the product criteria that take into account sustainability aspects across the entire life cycle for the evaluation of products. Sustainability is a core element of our company. We develop product criteria that are forward-looking and are tested with customers, NGOs, and other stakeholder groups. Sustainability is an important element in our efforts for building trust with customers. We only develop products that offer outstanding sustainability advantages. Sustainability is a core element of our company. We support the value chain in making sound decisions on sustainability, and that drives actions and collaborations with a tangible impact on people, planet, and performance. We spare no efforts for sustainable development. For example, we go beyond the factory fence and really engage with local communities, government agencies and NGOs to drive action on sustainable water use.

Application of the Product

The Trolley Color Doppler produced by MeCan is of high quality. And it is one of the products widely used in the industry.

We strive to provide customers with efficient, complete, and flexible solutions based on their needs.

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