MCS-ESU03 MeCan Brand Mortuary Freezer Factory 1
MCS-ESU03 MeCan Brand Mortuary Freezer Factory 2
MCS-ESU03 MeCan Brand Mortuary Freezer Factory 1
MCS-ESU03 MeCan Brand Mortuary Freezer Factory 2

MCS-ESU03 MeCan Brand Mortuary Freezer Factory

Company Advantages1. MeCan electronical infusion pump is created by combining a range of factors. They involve color, size, smooth flow of lines...
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Company Advantages

1. MeCan electronical infusion pump is created by combining a range of factors. They involve color, size, smooth flow of lines, stitch details, fabric texture, and shape.

2. The design of MeCan biological incubator takes various factors into consideration. Different elements such as body proportions and symmetrical balance are finely handled to be proportionate to one another.

3. Various fashion designing principles are adopted in the design of MeCan Neonate Bilirubin Phototherapy. They include unity, proportion, lines, style, color matching, and so on.

4. The design of MeCan Dental Study Model involves a wide array of aspects. It contains in-depth knowledge of fabric, such as how fabrics move, drape, breathe, react when worn.

5. MeCan Neonate Bilirubin Phototherapy is meticulously designed by apparel designers. The design involves elements of color and texture, three-dimension drawing, and sewing and cutting workmanship of all kinds of fabrics.

6. The product is highly energy efficient. When it is not in use, it can automatically stand by to help minimize power consumption.

7. The product features good heat dissipation. Its vents promote front-to-back airflow and keep it stay cool, which contributes to its smooth operation.

8. The product has a relatively simple operating system. It combines a powerful processing flow with simple operation instruction to finish its tasks.

9. To improve the quality of the architectural environment, this product can be the solution to create environmentally friendly, safe, organized, enjoyable and adaptable environments.

10. This product could play an important role in building as it sets a tone for a building. It improves the building's technical functionality with regard to comfort, pleasant ambiance, and sustainability.

11. Bringing an increasing number of colors and degrees of translucency, this product widens the design palette open to architects.

12. This product can mitigate solar insolation, thereby offering reductions in heating/cooling loads, and improve the distribution of daylight.

13. This product allows for the powerful plasticity of the building’s design while responding to very different functional demands.

    Medical Surgical Bipolar Diathermy Machine

    Main Features

    ◆  Deep hemostasis, foot control outputs, mild hemostasis.

    ◆  According to the depth of hemostasis, the output mode stops automatically. The output power will not reduce when operating in dry and bleeding spot.

    ◆  Foot control mode: When the tissue reach the coagulation effects, the output power declines slowly.

    ◆  Auto mode: when the tissue or blood vessel was coagulated, output power drops off sharply, to keep the forceps from sticking and over burnt for tissues.

    ◆  Low voltage effectively reduces forming of the sparking of forceps, stimulating for the neuromuscular, to increase the security.

    ◆  Microcontroller system allows this unit can be used in many delicate surgery.

    ◆  Bipolar cut :macro bipolar.

    Technical specifications

    Two working modes: bipolar coag、 bipolar cut

    Power: 220V±22V(110V±11V) 50Hz±1Hz

    Working frequency:1024KHz

    Output power:1) bipolar coag:1-120W(load 200Ω)

                         2) bipolar cut:1-120W(load 200Ω)


    Footswitch: 1set

    None sticky bipolar Forceps and cable: 1set

    surgical diathermy machine  bipolar diathermy machine

Company Features

Over the years, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been a reliable partner to provide quality 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer in an increasingly challenging marketplace. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is one of China's premier manufacturer of 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer. We have been active in the industry for years. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been thought of a highly reliable Chinese manufacturer, as we provide the highest quality 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer in the industry. Since its inception, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited starts with the manufacture of 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer. Over the years, the company has been growing steadily and significantly.

We are able to produce 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer in safe workplaces that are environmentally responsible. MeCan is able to effectively manage the diverse needs of our customers. By seeking out the newest technology and best materials, MeCan offers superior products to help meet customer ecological and quality goals. Our global capabilities, systems expertise, and 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer solutions deliver value to our customers on many levels.

MeCan ​​considers high quality as the most important factor in business success. Our high quality 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer will meet the different requirements of our customers. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited will continue to provide professional services to each customer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited firmly provides professional services to each client. MeCan ​​is committed to providing customers with high quality 270L Freezer; Freezer; Laboratory Freezer.

Product Details

MeCan pursues perfection in every detail of mortuary freezer, so as to show quality excellence.

Application of the Product

MeCan's mortuary freezer is available in a wide range of applications.

MeCan always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

Product Comparison

The mortuary freezer produced by MeCan has better quality, as shown below.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has own research and development, design and sales teams. They provide powerful guarantee in product development, structural design and business development.

MeCan is able to provide comprehensive and efficient services and solve customers' problems depending on a professional service team.

Adhering to the core value, MeCan is courageous to challenge and make self-breakthrough. We also think highly of sincerity-based management and win-win cooperation. Competing in a decent way to make benefits is what we always believe in. We aim to meet customers' needs and market demand and strive to become a leading company in the industry.

Founded in MeCan always adheres to the spirit to be focused and persistent during years. We obtain a leap-forward development in business scale.

MeCan has established long-term business relationships with many companies at home and abroad.

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