MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 1
MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 2
MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 3
MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 1
MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 2
MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 3

MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company

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1 set

    12 Channel ECG Machine with 7 Inch LCD Screen

    MCS-ECG10 Portable Infusion Pump MeCan Brand Company 4

    1.Portable delicate design, big color LCD to display and soft alphanumeric keyboard operation
    2.Accurate pulse pace identification and excellent auto-interpretation function
    3.High accuracy digital filter, auto baseline adjustment
    4.12 leads synchronously acquisition and displa; Recording mode : 3ch+++, 6ch, 6ch+, 12ch 
    5.Working modes: Manual / Auto / Analysis / Storage
    6.800×480 graphic 7 inch color LCD to display detailed ECG information
    7.250 patient cases save and replay (SD card storage is optional)
    8.Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports continuous work for about 4 hours. 
    9.215mm*20m roll or 210*140mm folder, high resolution thermal paper
    10.Rs232 and USB interface ( USB disk storage,laser printer printing , PC ECG software are optional )
    11.Language : English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian 
    12.300mm*230mm*75mm, 2.8kgs
    Technical Specification
    Lead Standard: 12 leads 
    Time constant: ≥3.2s
    Lead acquisition: 12bit/1000Hz (synchronously 12 leads) 
    Frequency response: 0.05~160Hz(-3db)
    Work mode: Man / Auto/Analysis/Storage 
    Noise level: <15μVp-p
    AC Filter: 50Hz / 60Hz
    EMG Filter: 25Hz / 45Hz
    Anti-Drift Filter: 0.15Hz (Adaptive) 
    Inter-channel Interference: ≤0.5mm
    CMMR: ≥120dB (with AC FILTER) 
    Sensitivity 2.5,5,10,20, 40, Auto  (mm/mV)
    Input circuit 
    Floating; Protection circuit against
    Defibrillator effect 
    Recording mode 
    3ch+++, 6ch, 6ch+,12ch
    Default Man. Mode is  3ch+++  format
    Default Auto. Mode is  12ch format
    Input Impedance: ≥50MΩ 
    Paper speed: 6.25、12.5、25、50mm/s(±3%)
    Input circuit current: ≤0.05μA 
    Paper:  215mm *20m Roll or 210*140mm folder paper
    Patient current leakage: <10μA 
    Communication: RS232/ USB port  ( optional) 
    Calibrating voltage: 1mV±2% 

    Power Supply
    AC 110-230V(±10%),50/60Hz(±1Hz),60VA
    DC Built-in rechargeable battery,14.4V(4400mAh)
    Voltage tolerance: ≥±500mV 
    Dimension/Weight: 347mm×293mm×83mm/4.8Kg

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Company Advantages

1. MeCan Manual Hospital Bed has been certified under CE. It meets the health, safety, and environmental protection standards required in the water purify equipment industry.

2. The purifying technology of MeCan Dog Exercise Equipment has been optimized. It is carried out by our engineers who try to achieve the great purifying effect while shortening the time.

3. MeCan Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer has passed a full-scale evaluation. The evaluation of PLC, valves, monitors, and controllers have been conducted by the third-party organization.

4. MeCan restoration implant orthodontics has been strictly tested. The testing involves metals precipitation, oil and grease removal, and BOD or COD removal.

5. MeCan flexo printer has passed through the assessment regarding system design, waste characterization, chemical treatability, sludge dewaterability, and pH neutralization.

6. The product does not generate noise. It is designed with an anti-noise system which can make the noise lower than the noise standards prescribed by the state.

7. This product is characterized by energy efficiency. Its finely designed mechanical components and parts feature less energy loss during operations.

8. The product has excellent flexibility and endurance. It is able to repeat the movement for thousands of times without malfunction.

9. It helps build brand recognition. Its beautiful and thoughtful design that focused on branding seizes the opportunity to connect with an actively engaged customer.

10. It helps show off the environmental mindset of a brand. Being easily recycled, it meets the growing consumer demand for environmental responsibility.

11. This product could be the customers' first look at a company/brand. Its strong and relatable design connects the customer with the company/brand and makes an impression.

12. Whether this product is meant for retail or is going to be used for shipping, it is more than just a way to protect the merchandise. It is the first impression of a brand.

13. Using this product communicates the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility. This behavior not only shows environmental responsibility but also reinforces brand loyalty to the increasing environmental conscious consumer group.

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a company that integrates Defibrillator Monitor development, market development, manufacturing and sales. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is extremely famous in the Defibrillator Monitor industry. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a company specializing in Defibrillator Monitor and related product development, design and production.

We have employed a team of manufacturing members. They have clear and strong communication skills and relevant manufacturing experience in the Defibrillator Monitor industry to conduct their manufacturing work. We have already invested in a series of advanced manufacturing facilities. With the aid of these highly efficient facilities, we are able to provide products for our customers by complying with the highest standards. Our quality check team is crucial to our company. They utilize their years of QC experience to ensure the highest standards of product quality and safety. We have brought together professional manufacturing team leaders. They have the ability to supervise all aspects of the manufacturing line and monitor progress and time frames for orders. We have professional manufacturing workers. Combing their years of expertise in the Defibrillator Monitor industry, they are able to manufacture products with the best fit, form, and function.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited provides professional service for every customer. We will work with Defibrillator Monitor to provide you with professional services. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited will provide quality professional services. It is believed by every MeCan people that high quality is the most important factor for business success.

Application of the Product

The Portable infusion pump produced by MeCan is very popular in the market and is widely used in industry.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

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