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MCL-6800P MeCan Brand Ultrasound Scanner Supplier 1
MCL-6800P MeCan Brand Ultrasound Scanner Supplier 2
MCL-6800P MeCan Brand Ultrasound Scanner Supplier 3
MCL-6800P MeCan Brand Ultrasound Scanner Supplier 4
MCL-6800P MeCan Brand Ultrasound Scanner Supplier 5

MCL-6800P MeCan Brand Ultrasound Scanner Supplier

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    Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner

    What is the function of our Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner?
    Brief introduction:
    Animal sperm comprehensive and intuitive image data, test data-rich, comprehensive data semen analysis, excellent operating performance.
    Intuitive, clear, beautifully printed reports designed to make diagnostic results at a glance.
    Main function:
    Curvilinear motion, linear motion, the average path;
    Sperm velocity classification statistics to live before a Class A rapid rate, slow to live before the b-class rate, c-class movement rate to non-pre-, d-level slow;
    The main test items: other component of animal sperm, mixing abnormal sperm count, abnormal sperm count, abnormal sperm, sperm appearance;
    Allowable number of sample collection (a) 1-2000 (or more), the detection rate range (um / s) 0-200;
    Capture several images (frames) 0-75, resolution particle diameter (um) 1-10;
    Analysis of the acquisition time (sec) 1-5 or more (the size of the computer memory), the number of groups of image acquisition (group) 100.
    Software Features:
    Chinese-English change interface.
    Medical dedicated capture card supports a single field, single frame, continuous field, collecting a continuous frame.
    The software has a high resolution image capture, image processing, interface driver software automatically sperm static and dynamic analysis of statistical software, sperm deformity analysis and other components of semen analysis software, capable of visual analysis, diverse query, modify, statistics, store and print test reporting and other functions.
    What is the specifications of our Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner?
    Vitality (Motility) analysis:
    Analysis can save images to facilitate the future; sperm can quickly generate accurate illustrations,
    precise analysis of kinetic parameters of the trajectory of a single sperm and sperm motility;
    VAP: average rate;
    VCL: track speed;
    VSL: straight rate
    ALH: Head swing frequency;
    BCF: Flogging frequency;
    LIN: linear (VSL / VCL);
    STR: straight Index;
    WOB: Vibration Index.
    Concentration analysis:
    According to WHO standard, it can be detect sperm concentration automatically, quickly and accurately;
    Sperm per milliliter concentration and overall density (M / ML);
    Total static number of sperm (Type D);
    Forward movement of sperm count (Type A + B);
    The total number of sperm movement (Type A + B + C);
    Morphology analysis:
    In the monochromatic mode, identification swimming sperm head deformities, central,
    for analysis of the individual, and to provide a basis and parameters for quantitative analysis of sperm morphology;
    Spherical normal;
    Head size (area, perimeter, length, width);
    Middle size (area width);
    Central embedding (distances, angles);
    Normal tail.
    Standard Configuration:
    . Main Unit Display : 1set
    . Camera : 1pc
    . Binocular Microscope : 1pc
    . Analysis Software : 1pc
    . Counting Plate : 1pc
    . Sperm Thermostat : 1pc
    . Microscope Slide : 1bag
    . USB Capture Box : 1pc
    . Softdog : 1pc
    . Full sets of wire : 1set
    . User Manual : 1pc

Company Advantages

1. MeCan Cannulated Drill has gone through material appearance inspections. These checks include color, texture, spots, color lines, uniform crystal/grain structure, etc.

2. MeCan anesthesia machine ppt go through a polishing process once it is processed by CNC machines. It is gauged, calibrated and then polished to a perfect finish in a wide range of colors and designs.

3. The production of MeCan obstetric delivery table covers a series of processes. It includes the inspection of the slab, template layout, cutting, polishing, and hand finishing.

4. MeCan Integral Dental Chair is strictly inspected. It will be ensured that the edges are uniform around all sides and be reviewed from multiple angles.

5. The product has undergone strict tests according to international quality standards.

6. The product has been tested in terms of quality for assuring its excellence.

7. The product has been rigorously inspected and tested and proved to be of long-lasting performance and good durability.

8. Being trusted by long-term partners, MeCan is encouraged to produce higher-quality ICU Patient Monitor.

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10. The customers speak highly of the quality of musculoskeletal ultrasound machine portable made by MeCan.

11. The MeCan employees are all with a good understanding of the importance of a high-quality lab oven thermostat.

12. Being strong in advanced technology and quality check, MeCan is specialized in producing high-end giving birth simulator.

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a Hospital Mortuary Equipment company that has famous brands, networks, and management expertise. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a brand-new high-grade Hospital Mortuary Equipment manufacturer. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is the leading manufacturers in Hospital Mortuary Equipment in China. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has developed into a integrated group company which gathering together science and technology, industry and trade of Hospital Mortuary Equipment. After years of development, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has become a well-known brand in China's Hospital Mortuary Equipment industry.

We feel fortunate to have attracted so many qualified employees. They are regularly engaged in training to update their skills and ensure their ability to perform efficiently, accurately, and within our designated quality assurance procedures. We have staff that is second to none. We have hundreds of skilled personnel available in the required crafts, and many of them have been in their respective fields for several decades. Our factory features some of the best machinery available. We have multiple machines in each category and highly skilled personnel to operate them, ensuring that we can meet customers scheduling needs. We have personnel that is experts in product creation. They are accustomed to multi-disciplinary approaches in manufacture. Being fast, professional, competent, and knowledgeable, they allow us to provide the best.

Our environmental sustainability strategy is about reducing our own environmental impacts against ambitious targets and supporting our clients with their sustainability challenges. Sustainability is a business imperative at the core of everything we do. We collaborate with clients and partners to build solutions that promote environmental sustainability. Our major objective focuses on entering more new markets, so as to acquire new customers from all over the world. We will expand our marketing team to provide product solutions to them. We will focus on the objective of differentiating the products and make efforts to drive upgrades in research and development, with an aim to creating more distinctive products for clients. Depending on the relationships we have with our suppliers, we are committed to responsible, sustainable practices extending to every facet of our business.

Application of the Product

Multiple in function and wide in application, Ultrasound Scanner can be used in many industries and fields.

MeCan always adheres to the service concept of 'meeting customer needs'. And we are committed to providing customers with a one-stop solution that is timely, efficient and economical.

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