MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 1
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MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 4
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MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 1
MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 2
MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 3
MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 4
MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 5
MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier 6

MCH-HA07 MeCan Brand Hearing Amplifiers Supplier

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Our digital hearing aids is programmable,at the first time,we can program them for you according to your hearing test report.If your hearing loss change later,you can take our hearing aids and program cable to your local hearing center to program them again.And we also have programmer,if you want to program them by yourself,you can buy it together.

    Medical Deaf Digital CIC Programmable Invisible Hearing Aids

    What are features of our CIC hearing aids?
    1) Intelligent Spectrum Detection Processing System
    2) Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)
    3) 6 channels & 12 Bands
    4) Programmable
    5) Adaptive Noise Reduction (12dB)
    6) Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
    7) FRONTWAVETM Directional Microphone
    8) Super Quiet
    9) 3 Memories
    10) Adjustment for High & Low Frequency
    11) Memory Switch Indicator
    12) Low Battery Indicator
    13) Adjustable Indicator
    14) Maximum Power Output (MPO) Control
    15) Power-on Delay
    16) Automatic Telecoil
    17) Telecoil Input (optional)
    18) Available In: BTE, BTE OE, RIC, InstantFit CIC

    What is the technical data of our invisible hearing aids?

    Technical Specifications

    InstantFit CIC





    Peak Gain


    HFA Full-on Gain


    Frequency Range


    THD at

    500HZ :1.6%

    800HZ :1.0%


    Eq. Input Noise Level


    Battery Current Drain


    Attack Time


    Release Time


    What is the frequently asked questions of our hearing aids?

    Q:If I am an end user,what do I need to offer?
    A:Please send me your audiogram,so I can advise you a suitable one according to your audiogram.
    Q: What is audiogram?
    A:I suggest that you can go to your local hospital to find a ENT doctor to hearing aid test for you and then you can have a hearing loss test report to indicate your hearing loss degree, we call the hearing loss report as audiogram.
    hearing aids
    Q:What is the color for option?
    A: Beige,red and blue.
    Q:How can I program the hearing aid?
    A: You can use programmer,programming cable,fitting software and computer to program the hearing aid. For the first time,we will do programming for you,but if later your customer's hearing loss change,he/she need to do programming again,you can do programming for them,as the cable and software must use ours.If you have programmer,I advise you to buy programming cables for them,the software is free for you.
    Q: What are the accessories?
    A: User Guide, Screw or Brush, ear domes.
    Q:What is the size of this kind of hearing aid?
    A:1.8*1.2cm(L*W),about 3g.

Company Advantages

1. MeCan Trolley Ultrasound Scanner with Workstation goes through a complete design process. Its design process includes mechanical design, structural design, electrical control design, instrument panel design, etc.

2. Before delivery, MeCan Lung Function Test has gone through a series of analyses. They include the stress analysis of all components, fatigue analysis, load increase analysis, etc.

3. MeCan auto lensmeter is finely designed. Its design is finished by considering many factors such as frame construction, control system design, mechanism design, and operating temperatures.

4. The design of MeCan Homogenizer Machine; Homogenizer; Dispersing Shaft Homogenizer is professionally completed. many factors have been taken into considerations such as flexibility, cycle times, running time, operating temperatures, tolerances, size precision, etc.

5. Excellent thermal stability can be expected on this product. The surface of the product is applied with high-temperature oxidation resistant coating to enhance its temperature resistance.

6. The product is of high quality. Not only its raw materials are ultra-high purity without no unnecessary impurities, but also its workmanship is done by advanced techniques.

7. The product features high dimension precision. All of its crucial sizes are 100% checked with the help of manual labor and machines.

8. This product gives one more control than they would get with a bare wall. A perfectly smooth wall, of course, is great, but any minor imperfections could harm the projected image.

9. If one is a fan of using a projector for viewing the movie and want to enjoy his or her classical movie collection, then they will definitely need this product.

10. It is hard to believe that these screens look all alike can bring a difference in the resolution of the image or the picture. But the fact is that this one does as it produces images or pictures that are sharper and clearer than other screens.

11. Features of this product will reward viewers with a bright projected image. When one uses this product to see the movie for the first time, they will recognize its value quickly.

12. Regardless of one's sleep position, it can relieve — and even help prevent — pain in their shoulders, neck, and back.

Company Features

Having been applying ourselves into the production of Mini Hearing Aids, MeCan aims to be the leading manufacturer. Focusing on the exquisite production of Mini Hearing Aids, our company has grown rapidly in this field. Being engaged in developing, designing and producing helps MeCan to develop better in the Mini Hearing Aids market.

We have invested in the most technologically advanced production equipment. They boost the productivity of our business and thereby allow us to make more sales and continue to steadily expand. Our company has been recognized as an implementer of superior quality and has been awarded many times for our brand equity, business results, and innovation. We have fully-equipped facilities. They are more powerful, more efficient, and more reliable, which helps speed up our operating times and improve internal processes considerably.

We hope to increase our brand awareness by word-of-mouth and to be known by more potential clients. Under this goal, we will strive hard to enhance our abilities in developing and manufacturing. We aim to help clients succeed. We'll work hard to create value for customers, such as helping cut production costs or improving product quality. We think highly of service-orientation. We attach importance to long-term business cooperations with clients and we'll spare no efforts to offer them professional guidance and advice. Our market position is to be the leader in the Mini Hearing Aids industry. To achieve this goal, we will grasp new technologies to optimize our products and strengthen our innovative capabilities.

Application of the Product

MeCan's hearing amplifiers is widely used in multiple industries and fields.

MeCan provides customers with unique solutions to meet their individual needs.

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