Laboratory Oven MCX-CT02 by MeCan 1
Laboratory Oven MCX-CT02 by MeCan 2
Laboratory Oven MCX-CT02 by MeCan 1
Laboratory Oven MCX-CT02 by MeCan 2

Laboratory Oven MCX-CT02 by MeCan

Medical CT Scan Equipment 64-Slice Platform CT Machine Product informationMedical MRI Scan Equipment is the aggregation of  innovation,...

Medical CT Scan Equipment 64-Slice Platform CT Machine

Product information
Medical MRI Scan Equipment is the aggregation of  innovation, which is designed and developed on the forefront high-tech platform. It can give you high definition images at low dose, high-end CT technology made affordable.
128-slice platform: Technology once reserved for high end CT systems is now available in Medical MRI Scan Equipment
32-row isometric detector design: 32-row submillimeter detector with 20mm coverage can realize fast scan and high quality images
5.3MHU tube heat capacity: 5.3MHU tube with 50kW generator enable Medical MRI Scan Equipment to provide long service life and great profit for hospitals
Full-scale low dose solutions: Unique O-dose platform and advanced ClearView iterative reconstruction algorithm, patient dose can be minimized without a compromise in diagnostic quality
Comprehensive clinical application: Integrate our full range of advanced clinical applications from our powerful workstation



Company Advantages

1. MeCan Laminar Flow Cabinet; Flow Cabinet; Laminar Cabinet is innovatively designed by our experienced designers.

2. MeCan Stainless Steel Pet Cage adopts modernized production methods.

3. The manufacturing of MeCan ventilator for ambulances is based on the advanced technology.

4. Although the initial cost is not cheap and is more expensive than other traditional lights, this product that lasts for a decade repays its cost in several years.

5. This product is certified as a green source product. It is over CFL bulb because it does not contain hazardous mercury which is harmful to the environment.

6. Featuring 100% recyclable and no hazardous materials, the safe disposal of this product leads to zero pollution to the environment.

7. A room that has this product is undoubtedly worthy of attention and praise. It will give a great visual impression to many guests.

8. The product is designed in a way to make people's lives easier and more comfortable because it provides proper size and functionality.

9. This product is meant to be something practical that you have in a room thanks to its ease of use and comfort.

10. This product is durable enough to stand up to normal use, while also adhering to the end consumer’s design and materials standards.

11. This product is held to the highest structural and aesthetic standards, which is perfectly suitable for daily and prolonged use.

Company Features

Over the years of development, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been flourishing in the industry. We have become an expert in the manufacturing of portable anestesia machine. With strong developing and manufacturing abilities of portable anestesia machine, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has won an honorable reputation in the domestic market. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has grown over the years with rich experience of manufacturing portable anestesia machine. We are a well-known enterprise in this industry. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited takes superiority in the domestic market. We are highly praised for the strong competence in the development and manufacture of portable anestesia machine.

Equipped with advanced facilities, our factory reaches a high level of annual output. Through years of innovation and development, we have built our company into an international one, with business interests in many countries and regions across all five Continents. The company has gathered a group of outstanding design talents. Members are able to combine imagination with collaboration and craftsmanship to develop thoughtful, elegant product design solutions. People are at the core of our company. They use their industry insights, a comprehensive portfolio of activities, and digital resources to create products that enable businesses to thrive.

Our motto is: “the business of business is relationships”, and we live that by working hard to satisfy each of our customers on a personal and professional level. We will pro-actively corporate with our suppliers complying with ethical practices and help our customers find sustainable solutions to critical issues. Our purpose is to constantly maintain the highest standards of business practices and provide the best possible results for our customers globally. We strive to develop as a strong and independent company by creating maximum value for our customers, stakeholders, and ourselves. We responsibly conduct our business. We will work to reduce energy use, waste, and carbon emission from the purchase of our materials meant and production.

Application of the Product

The laboratory oven of MeCan can meet the different needs of different customers.

MeCan has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.

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