How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 1
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 2
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 3
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 4
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 1
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 2
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 3
How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan 4

How Does Ultrasound Work L/C - - MeCan

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    350W Diathermy Surgical Electrocautery Machine

    Excellent compatibility, available in vessel sealing, suitable for general surgery,vascular surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, gastroenterology, TURP and TUVP, and compatible with cystoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy


    1. Automatic Detection Function for Startup and Error Function.

    2.Memory Function. Therer are totally 10 memory settings, the previous power setting digits is presented when restart the generator

    3.Neutral electrode contact quality inspection system, the contact area between the pad and the patient skin can be detected,the system is providing the real-time evaluation of the pad and the patient skin to see if it is big enough for the efficient contact area, the output will be automatically stopped and alarm is raised once it's detected that the contact area is getting small to the certain dangerous situation.

    4.Large vessel ligation 

    5. It can start the argon system, the set of argon plasma coagulation system is completed by matching up with the argon system.

    6.Huge high-definition digital display.

    7.With excellent compatibility, it connects with cystoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy and providing them the power source to cutting and coagulation. It also operated at the urethral resection of the prostate(TURP),the arthroscopic surgery and the usage of gasification electrode surgery(TUVP) etc.

    8.Each output terminal is independent output design.

    Working modes

    Pure Cut


    Fine Cutting, fresh tissue surface and no cursting existed.

    Blend Cut 1


    With slight coagulation during cutting

    Blend Cut 2


    With strong coagulation in the process of cutting

    Coagulation 1


    spray coagulation,which is providing the efficient non-contact coagulation with the operation of the argon system.

    Coagulation 2


    Strong coagulation or spray coagualtion and the coagulation is comparatively much faster also the working area is much bigger.

    Coagulation 3


    Soft coagulation or pinpoint coagulation, comparatively they have more effect on the solidated layer of the tissure, and the scope is smaller , it works with endoscopy

    Bipolar Coagulation 1


    Large vessel sealing, then the arteriovenous of 7mm or less can be safe closure, the ESU generator feels the electrical impedance of the tissue from the forceps, the system will automatically stop the output and the sound alarm is activated when the tissue get coagulations reaching to the optimum standard.

    Bipolar Coagulation 2


    Without any delay at the instant of startup, and it’s applicable to micro surgery.

    Technology data


    220V±10V, 50Hz ±1Hz

    Working frequency

    330KHz ~ 460KHz

    Leakage currents to ground

    Less than 0.5mA

    Leakage currents to patient

    Less than 0.01mA

    Environmental temperature range

    5°C~ 40°C

    Relative moisture range


    Atmosphere pressure range

    86.0 ~ 106.0 Kpa

    Transport data

    Dimensions:    47cm*42cm*16cm

    Gross weight:   13Kg

    Standard Matching Accessories

    Instruction for use

    1 pc

    Power cord

    1 pc

    Individual pedal switch

    1 pc

    Dual pedal switch

    1 pc

    Disposable ESU pencil

    5 pc

    Disposable ESU pad(split)

    5 pcs

    Reusable cable for pad

    1 pcs

    Reusable bipolar forceps+cable

    1 pc

    Reusable ESU pencil

    1 pc

    Reusable ESU pad(solid)+cable

    1 pc

    Disposable short electrode tips(Leep,Blade,Needle,Ball)

    10 pcs

    Disposable long electrode tips(Leep,Blade,Needle,Ball)

    10 pcs

    Reusable artery  forceps+cable(optional)

    1 pc

Company Advantages

1. The production technology of MeCan Tube Roller Mixe; Roller Mixer; Blood Tube Mixer is greatly optimized.

2. MeCan adult cpr manikin is guaranteed for safety by a team of professionals.

3. The appealing design makes MeCan pediatric medical supplies attract more customers.

4. The creative and unique MeCan Lithium 360 Rotating Micro Oscillating Bone Saw is designed by our competent team.

5. It satisfies all of the International quality standards, which are very strict.

6. The production process is improved for providing quality guarantee.

7. It's production follows strict quality management criteria based on international standards.

8. The product greatly helps save on energy costs. It consumes little energy, which will directly contribute to saving on electricity bills.

9. The product produces little emissions and only uses less electricity. It plays a significant role in reducing carbon footprint.

10. The product can achieve energy conservation. The use of this product will lead people to reduce the carbon footprint and save energy costs.

11. The product greatly helps people save money on operating costs by reducing energy use without compromising on performance.

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a strong manufacturer of high-quality Portable Ultrasound Machine 3D 4D. Currently, our products have been widely sold to many countries around the world. With increasing expanded markets, the current major focuses of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited are R&D, design, manufacturing, and overseas marketing of Portable Ultrasound Machine 3D 4D. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is founded engaging in the manufacturing of Portable Ultrasound Machine 3D 4D since years ago with continuously increasing overseas customers. Among most of the other suppliers that produce Portable Ultrasound Machine 3D 4D, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited can be regarded as a leader in the market owing to its certain market share. Since our inception, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has built a reputation for high-quality Portable Ultrasound Machine 3D 4D which has been expanded to various industries.

The professional excellent talents unite a powerful and creative team of design, research and development for Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has professional technique team provided with strong Portable Ultrasound Machine 3D 4D research technology. Our company has formed effective and powerful R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, and management teams. Professional technique team builds up Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's solid technical strength and competitiveness.

Bringing in a set of the first-class infrastructure for waste treatment, we have strong determination to handle environmental issues. These infrastructures will help us handle and dispose of wastewater and waste gases in line with international best practice. We actively respond to environmental issues. We will work closely with other governmental departments to minimize the negative impact or damage to the environment. For instance, we accept the authorities' inspection for waste handling. To upgrade our production ways to minimize pollution, we have introduced adequate facilities for the disposal of wastes. These facilities enable us to handle wastes in line with international waste treating standards.

Application of the Product

how does ultrasound work of MeCan can play a role in various industries.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

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