Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 1
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 2
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 3
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 4
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 1
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 2
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 3
Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand 4

Hot T/T Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator T/T MeCan Brand

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation technology is an emerging diagnosis and treatment technology, which is called "Four Brain Science and Technology in the 21st century" with PET, fMRI, MEG. Because of its advantages such as no damage, no pain, accurate positioning, safety and reliability, this technology has been widely used in clinical treatments.

Company Advantages

· MeCan

· The product is highly resistant to stains. The surface of this product is smooth enough, thus it is less likely to accumulate dust and sediment.

· This product plays a crucial role in space designing. Some of the most creative yet functional space designs can be defined by the way this product is positioned throughout the space.

Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation Infrared TMS Physical Therapy Equipments

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Product principle
◎Strong pulse current flows through the coil; ◎The coil is transformed into a powerful pulsed magnetic field; ◎Pulsed magnetic field passes through the skin and skull; ◎Stimulate the central nervous system (mainly the cerebral cortex); ◎Affect the metabolism and neuroelectric activity in the brain, causing physiological and biochemical reactions.
Product advantages
◎Integrated mobile cart workstation with large screen display, which is convenient for clinical operation; ◎8-shaped stimulation coil, easier to grasp the focus; ◎Stable cold cycle control system, with over-temperature protection function, to ensure that the machine can work for a long time; ◎A variety of optional stimulation modes, manual and automatic program stimulation, extensive clinical applications; ◎Magnetic field strength: 3T; ◎Information management function: massive information storage, search, analyse, report and other functions are available; ◎Support the inspection functions of motor threshold (MT), motor evoked potential (MEP), and central nerve conduction time (CMCT).
Therapeutic advantages
◎Non-invasive, painless, easy to operate, safe and reliable, without obvious side effects; ◎It can be used as an early diagnosis of the disease, better predict the progress and prognosis of the disease, and provide better support for subsequent intervention methods; ◎It can be used as a new type of clinical treatment of neuro electro physiological technology.
Clinical application range
1. Neurology: Epilepsy, Parkinson, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, etc. 2. Psychiatry: Depression, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, Mania, Schizophrenia, Autism,Tinnitus, Sleep Disorders, etc. 3. Rehabilitation: Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Peripheral Nerve Injury, Motor Dysfunction. 4. Other departments: Postpartum Depression in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neuro development in Pediatrics, Children with Cerebral Palsy.

Company Features

· Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is currently the largest research and production base for Weight loss Machine.

· We have imported a wide range of extensive fabrication facilities. They allow us to manufacture products in line with the highest standards required by the customers. Our friendly project management team has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industries. They are familiar with culture and language in the target market. They can provide expert advice throughout the order process.

· Sustainability is a consideration in all of our business decisions. Contact us!

Product Details

With a focus on every detail of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator, we strive to create high-quality products.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator can play an important role in various fields.

We work hard to develop solutions that best meet the needs of our customers based on their actual situation, so as to help each customer succeed.

Product Comparison

Compared with general products, the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator we produce have the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

With a focus on talents development, MeCan has a talent team mainly engaged in scientific research. They provide technical support for us to develop and innovate our products.

MeCan has sales service centers in multiple cities in the country. This enables us to promptly and efficiently provide consumers with quality products and services.

In the business management, our company attaches great importance to quality and credit, and we follow the enterprise spirit of 'optimistic and active, positive and aspirant, innovative and developing'. In order to provide quality product, we continuously enhance our core competitiveness, and gradually implement the development strategy of scale and industrialization. With the quality products, our customers could enjoy a relaxing experience.

MeCan has experienced wind and rain for years. Now we are the head of the industry.

MeCan has a sales network of covering the whole country. It also covers many countries and regions, such as Europe, Africa, and America.

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