Hot 3-15 Working Days Dry Oven 3-15 Working Days MeCan Brand 1
Hot 3-15 Working Days Dry Oven 3-15 Working Days MeCan Brand 1

Hot 3-15 Working Days Dry Oven 3-15 Working Days MeCan Brand

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3-15 working days

    Hemoglobin Testing System 


    Hot 3-15 Working Days Dry Oven 3-15 Working Days MeCan Brand 2


    Hemoglobin (HIS) and Hematocrit (Hct) results in<15 seconds
    Simply insert strip, apply specimen and read results
    Features auto-calibration for added convenience
    No specimen preparation required
    Low maintenance and quick clean up
    Only 10μL capillary or venous blood required
    Precise results equivalent to automatic hematology analyzers
    Wide Hb measurement range of 4.5-25.6 g/dL with Hct range of 13-75%
    Stores up to 1,000 results
    Operated by battery or optional AC adapter
    Small and handheld for immediate diagnosis
    Ready to use in any point of care setting
    Dry strips eliminate inconvenience in shipping and storage of liquid reagents
    Can test capillary and venous whole blood
    Minimal training required
    Easy to read large LCD
    Quick data transfer via Mini USB port



    Technical Specification


    Reflectance Photometry

    Detection Principle


    Time to Results

    <15 seconds


    1.000 tests with date/time and ID number

    Specimen Volume


    Specimen Type

    Capillary and Venous whole blood

    Hb Measurement Range

    4.5-25.6 g/dL

    Hct Range



    525 nm

    PC Interface

    Mini USB Port



    Hb Within Run Provision CV


    Hb Total Precision CV



    Hb 4.5- 10 g/dL  0.4 g/dL; Hb 10-25.6g/dL  4%

    Ambient Operating Conditions

    10.40°C (50-104F); ≤85%RH

    Optimum Operating Conditions

    15.30°C (59-86F); ≤85%RH

    Meter Storage Conditions

    0-50°C (32-122F); ≤90% RH

    Strip Storage Conditions

    2-30°C (36-86F): ≤85% RH

    Strip Shell Life

    2 years unopened canister; 3 months opened canister

    Power Source

    3 AAA Batteries or AC Adaptor

    Battery Life

    2.700 tests or 360 hours

    Automatic Shut Off

    8 minutes

    Line Leakage Current

    3 uA

    Motor Dimensions (L X W X H)

    127 mm x58mmx25mm (5.0“x 2.28" x 0.09”)

    LCD Dimensions (L X W )

    39 men x 37 mm (1.54“x 1.46”)

Company Advantages

1. The MeCan Dental Model is produced using quality raw materials and smart technology.

2. The MeCan doppler color ultrasound scanner is fabricated by our deft professionals.

3. MeCan Heating Dry Bath Incubator; Dry Bath Incubator; Bath Incubator meets the latest industry production standards.

4. All of our MeCan ambulance stretcher comply with the latest industry standards.

5. The production of MeCan Dog Anatomical Model is all based on industry-leading technology.

6. This product is hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for people with eczema, sensitive skin and allergies.

7. Its fabric is shrink-, wrinkle- and fade-resistant, which allow this product to still look new even after years of use.

8. Its dyes contain no harmful chemicals that can cause sensitive skin to become inflamed, itchy, uncomfortable and even unbearable.

9. The fabric of this product does not contain any skin irritants. Thus it is soft, supple and suitable on all types of skin.

10. Healthy and environmentally friendly, it is suitable for those who suffer from dry skin, eczema or another skin condition.

11. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's business achievements have been unanimously approved by the market and industry colleagues.

12. MeCan is strong enough to meet the technical needs of portable oxygen concentrators for sale market.

13. MeCan has the most advanced technology and innovative capabilities for Portable Veterinary Ultrasound.

14. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's ESR Analyzer / Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer has good international competitiveness.

15. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited gains insight into the most cutting-edge technologies in the world's pediatric gait trainer industries.

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is at the leading position in the fields of argon electrosurgical unit R&D in the China. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is in the leading place in terms of argon electrosurgical unit production. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is in the international forefront of argon electrosurgical unit production area. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited ranks the first nationwide in producing argon electrosurgical unit.

All our argon electrosurgical unit have conducted strict tests. We have a top R&D team to keep improving quality and design for our argon electrosurgical unit. Staff working in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited are all well-trained. We've been focusing on manufacturing high quality argon electrosurgical unit for domestic and abroad customers. Every piece of argon electrosurgical unit has to go through material checking, double QC checking and etc.

Customers can enjoy the services without any worries at reasonable costs at Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited upholds professional manufacturing and dedicated service spirit. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited will further enhance its sense of social responsibility. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited focuses on brands, standards, service, and performance. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited strives to be your best business partner in such high-speed developing & serious-competition environment.

Application of the Product

The dry oven produced by our company is suitable for various occasions in industry.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

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