Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 1
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Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 1
Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 2
Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 3
Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 4
Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 5
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Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand

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    Anesthesia System, MCS-A06

    The Anesthesia Machine makes a good performance in Intensive Care Units (ICU), operation room, anesthesiology department and other departments. From high to low acuity, simple to complex cases, pediatric to geriatric patients, Perlong Medical Anesthesia System offers you wide choices that you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique. What’s more, our expertise in anesthesia delivery and ventilation is based on rich 23 years history of developing anesthesia solutions that meet your needs. Good performance based on high security, high accuracy, high stability and accurate monitoring.

    Trust Point

    1.Simplicity: four static casterswith self-locking function.
    2.Precisionin an anesthesia ventilator with multiple ventilation modes: IPPV, A/C, PCV,SIMV, SIGH and MANU.
    3.Flexible configurations able to customize yourrequirements.
    4.Internationalstandard and advanced technology suitable for wide range use. 
    5.Compact interfaceand big screen give you better operating experience.Over 5,000 units are installed in more than 200countries.
    6.Designed and manufactured by Perlong Medical with over 23years of experience in ICU field. 


    1.10.4”TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters, Alarm information andOscillographs. High precision flow meter, instantly know the fresh gas flow toyour patient.
    2.Integration breathing circuit design, ensure easyoperating and keep tidy.
    3.Multipleworking modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide rangepatient. Vaporizer with temperature, flow compensation and self-lock function,keep safety anytime.
    4.Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make everyparameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects.
    5.Pressure-time, low-time loop oscillographs and highprecision ETCO2, O2concentration show in real time.
    6.Vital sign monitor and anesthetic gas monitor areoptional.
    7.ETCO2 module and Anesthesia GasScavenging System (AGSS) are optional.


    1.Three levels alarm system, visual and sound alarminformation. 
    2.With multiple type of alarm, reminder and protection functions.
    3.Advanced power management control technology.
    4.Built-inbackup battery provide the emergency power supply to the unit.
    5.Low O2 pressure alarm and N2O cut-off protectio

    Hot 1 Set Anesthesia System 1 Set MeCan Brand 7

Company Advantages

1. MeCan Medical Microscope will be tested under various world-class testing facilities. They are highly efficient and offer precise testing outcomes, mainly including continuous impact fatigue tester, abrasion resistance tester, and colorfastness tester.

2. Quality performance tests for MeCan Operating Room Bed will be finished at the final stage. They include rubbing resistance tests, tensile strength tests, colorfastness, and anti-bacterial tests.

3. The design of MeCan medical feeding pump is human-oriented. A concept called ‘biomechanical swing' is adopted during design which aims to enable the feet to land on the ground in a regular and comfortable rhythm.

4. The manufacturing of MeCan poct machine covers many aspects. They are materials acquiring, graphic designing, materials cutting, molding, machining, and finishing.

5. The design of MeCan Trolley Ultrasound Machine; Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine; 4D Trolley Ultrasound Machine concerns the issue of ergonomics. It involves the thermal comfort of raw materials, hygienic, fitting to different foot shapes, feet protection function, and so on.

6. This product features excellent shock-absorption. Its materials are high performance and have the ability to cushion and reduce the stikes from the ground.

7. This product stands out for its good resistance to flexing. It has passed a bending performance test designed to determine the material resistance to cut growth during repeated bending cycles.

8. This product has the required bonding. It has been tested for the peel strength of adhesive bonds between constructions.

9. The product offers outstanding energy efficiency, which can be used up to 80% less energy than conventional bulbs. This will help save more money on energy for users.

10. Poor quality light could cause eye strain. The product fulfils stringent test criteria to ensure that it meets eye comfort requirements.

11. The product eliminates the trouble of waste disposal issues including mercury and lead, which is significant to the environmental protection.

12. As an environmental-friendly product, it facilitates in reducing electricity demand and thus leads to less greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Company Features

MeCan is developed by Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited with the great influence in the field of Tiny Size ENT Unit Price. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is famous in Tiny Size ENT Unit Price market and has its own brand called MeCan. MeCan has won many people's trust for its high quality Tiny Size ENT Unit Price. Lots of people choose MeCan for Tiny Size ENT Unit Price, which owns to Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's leading status in global market.

MeCan has powerful manufacturing Tiny Size ENT Unit Price abilities. The high-quality Tiny Size ENT Unit Price makes MeCan outstanding. The high quality Tiny Size ENT Unit Price is made by high technology. Tiny Size ENT Unit Price is exceptionally qualified in the market. MeCan has complete quality control system to produce Tiny Size ENT Unit Price.

MeCan expects customers to get comprehensive services here. MeCan has always been committed to providing one-stop service for domestic and foreign customers. In addition to providing quality products, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited aims to provide excellent service to customers.

Application of the Product

Our Anesthesia System has been widely used in many industries.

MeCan always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

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