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4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan 2
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4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan 1
4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan 2
4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan 3
4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan 4
4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan 5

4D Ultrasound MC-DU-30 Bulk Buy MC-DU-30 MeCan


Company Advantages

· MeCan Bluetooth Hearing Aids is the outcome of various disciplinary knowledge. It is developed under the guideline of mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, power machinery, CNC technology, and so on.

· The product has size stability. It has been inspected under FZ/T 60031-2011, a testing method to check its size change after steam ironing.

· The product helps reduce the amount of time spent on maintaining and it uses standard sockets, which is designed for ease of use.

    Notebook B/W Ultrasound Machine ,LED Laptop Ultrasound Scanner

    What is the detail of our Notebook B/W Ultrasound ?


    Notebook LED Digital Ultrasound Scanner

    Display  mode

    B;B/B;4B;B +M;M

    Display size

    10.4inch LED display

    Image multiplying factor

    3.5MHz/R60 convex array probe: 0.8;×1.0,×1.2,×1.5, ×1.8, ×2.0

    ( 6 modes)×0.8;×1.0(display penetration depth)


    Magnify 2 times of real time image

    Dynamic range

    0~120db adjustable

    Focus position

    Dynamic electron focusing

    Image processing

    8γ corrections, Point correlation, Frame correlation, Line correlation, Digital filting,

    Digital edge enhancement and pseudo color processing

    According to the user’s pattern style preference, the parameter will be set up   automatically and saved ,Boot default this parameter. This default of parameter can also be modified in the menu.

    Gray scale

    256 levels

    Frequency conversion


    5 periods of frequency conversion

    Frequency range applies

    5.5MHz/6.0MHz/6.5MHz/7.0MHz/7.5MHz can match high frequency probe

    Measuring function

    Distance, circumference/area(method of ellipse,method of loci) ,volume,heart rate, gestational weeks, expected date of confinement and fetus weight,etc.

    Annotation function:

    Hospital name;patient’s name, age and gender; Body marks(with probe’s position);Full-screen character annotation;Real-time clock display

    Puncture guide

    3.5MHz convex array probe can display punture guide in B mode

    Gain control

    8segments TGC and overall gain can be adjusted respectively

    Image polarity

    Left and right flip; up and down flip

    Capacity cine loop

    Real time display 256 consecutive images which are moemorized successively

    Image playback

    Series playback or check one by one

    Permanent storage

    128 images

    Output interface

    USB port

    Standard configuration

    Ultrasound machine with 3.5Mhz convex array probe and power adapter

    Optional Probes

    3.5MHz Convex Array Probe

    7.5MHz Convex Array Probe

    6.5MHz Trans-vaginal Probe

    7.5MHz High-frequency Rectal Probe

    Standard Configuration
    1.     One host machine
    2.     One convex array probe:F=3.5MHZ
    3.     One power adapter
    4.     11.1 V 2500MAH Li battery
    5.     USB port
     Optional probes:

    Notebook B/W Ultrasound MachineNotebook B/W Ultrasound MachineNotebook B/W Ultrasound Machine

Company Features

· Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is praised as the top pioneer in manufacturing colposcopy instruments. We have experience as well as competence in in product development and manufacture.

· The excellent quality of the MeCan branded colposcopy instruments is favored by the majority of users. With a very professional team, we have achieved a strong annual production capacity. Every step, including product design, material selection, production and management, is tightly controlled in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited.

· Our primary goal is to constantly combine our capacity for innovation with our entrepreneurial spirit to create a better world. Get price!

Product Details

Our company pursues superior quality. In the production process, we are dedicated to creating perfection in every detail.

Application of the Product

4D Ultrasound has a wide range of applications.

MeCan insists on providing customers with of high quality and a one-stop solution that's comprehensive and efficient.

Product Comparison

MeCan's 4D Ultrasound has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company attaches great importance to the cultivation and introduction of scientific and technological talents. Now we have established a team of outstanding talents with experts from various disciplines, and has realized the intelligentization of scientific and technological development means.

MeCan is committed to providing the best products and services for customers.

MeCan's business concept is to stick to honesty-based business and to pursue excellence and develop with innovations. The enterprise spirit is focused on self-improvement, perseverance, and courage. All these help build a good corporate image and make our company a forerunner in the industry.

During the development for years, MeCan has accumulated a wealth of production and processing experience and has enhanced the market visibility and brand influence.

Our company has opened up the domestic and international market network, so our is circulating in the domestic and foreign market. The products have won the praise from many customers for their excellent quality, and the output of the products has also been increased linearly.

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