3-15 Working Days Obgyn Table MeCan Brand-1 1
3-15 Working Days Obgyn Table MeCan Brand-1 2
3-15 Working Days Obgyn Table MeCan Brand-1 1
3-15 Working Days Obgyn Table MeCan Brand-1 2

3-15 Working Days Obgyn Table MeCan Brand-1

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3-15 working days
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Company Advantages

1. The quality control of MeCan Elisa Reader not only relies on manual inspection but also advanced technology such as computerized testing and hardness testers.

2. The quality of MeCan Clinical Portable Diagnostic Audiometer is verified to meet the hardware toos & accessories manufacture standards and quality report is offered by the third-party authentication institution.

3. Advanced process equipment is used during the production of MeCan vet clinic stainless steel animal cage, such as the newest CNC cutting, stamping, and welding machines.

4. The surface process of MeCan dog treadmill includes rust, grease, oxidization, and burnishing. All these processes are done in line with hardware manufacture standards both domestically and internationally.

5. MeCan Lithium Micro Canulated Drill is processed by advanced CNC machines which feature high precision. These machines help facilitate consistency and reliability of the product.

6. This product is mildewproof and fungus resistant. Anti-mold agents are used in the processing of fabrics to eliminate any harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

7. This product is unlikely to pilling. Antistatic agents are used to reduce the likelihood of fiber entanglement in the pilling.

8. This product is non-toxic. All it uses including chemical agents such as dyes, fixing agents, fungicides, etc.

9. This product is resistant to high temperatures. It is made of a heat-resistanting material with a high melting and high decomposition point.

10. This product is very resistant to wrinkles. It is treated with a formaldehyde-free anti-wrinkle finishing agent to form a permanent cross-linking of the fibers, which improves the elasticity and wrinkle recovery properties of the fibers.

11. Placing a hot pan directly on this product, spilling liquids all over it, or the claws of a pet will not have any effect on it.

12. As this product is unique in characteristics and color, it can easily freshen or update the look and feel of any kitchen.

13. The product has been a key part of kitchen renovations. It adds a new aesthetic to space as well as improved functionality.

14. The product is the best choice for people who need a countertop with an elegant, heat resistant, and sturdy design.

    Blood Gas Serum Electrolyte Analyzer For Electrolyte Measurement

    3-15 Working Days Obgyn Table MeCan Brand-1 3

    Model A:   K, Na, Cl
    Model B:   K, Na, Cl, TCO2
    Model C:   K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, Tca, PH (5 items 7parameters)
    Model D:   K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, Tca, PH, TCO2, AG (7 items 9parameters)
    Model E:   K, Na, Li
    Model F:   K, Na, Cl, Li
    Model G:   K, Na, Cl, Li, TCO2
    Model H:   K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, PH,Li (6 items 8parameters)
    Model I:     K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, PH, Li, TCO2, AG (8 items 10 parameters)
    Automatic conveyor panel (Optional)
    Management database software of Electrolyte
    What is the detail of our Measuring parameters?
    Measuring parameters

      Measuring ranges Resolution CV%
    K+ 0.50-15.00 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L ≤1.0%
    Na+ 30.0 -200.0 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L ≤1.0%
    Cl- 20.0 -200.0 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L ≤1.0%
    Ca++ 0.10-6.00 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L ≤1.5%
    Li+ 0.10-5.00 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L ≤2.0%
    pH 4.00-9.00 0.01 ≤0.5%
    TCO2 2.0 -70.0 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L ≤3.0%
    What is the detail of our Technical specifications?
    Technical specificati
    Measuring time ≤25~90s(Type A~Type I,Time for sampling, measuring, washing and printing)
    Sample size 60~300μl(Type A~Type I,optional)
    Applicable specimens blood serum,blood plasma,whole blood,cerebrospinal fluid and dilute urine
    Data storage 1000
    Automatic sampling No
    Display LCD
    Operating mode YESNO button
    Print ntemal graphic thermal printer
    Air bubble test Yes(optional)
    Alarm for waste liquid overflow Yes(optional)
    Alarm for standard liquid level Yes(optional)
    Barcode scanning No
    CPU 16bit
    communication interface RS232
    Online software NO
    Working condition Temperature: 5°C~35°C Relative humidity ≤80%
    Power AC220V±20;50Hz±1Hz
    Weight 12kg(Host machine)

    Technical characteristics for the Electrolyte Analyzer: 
      The whole running process of the equipment is controlled by acomputer.Also,automatic electric potential tracking and correcting software are adopted to ensure its stable performance.
      There are only two press button(i.e YES and NO)on the equipment while the menu is completely in English. Once there is a failure,the equipment will automatically prompt and remove it. It is really convenient.
       The machine adopts innovative international patent technology such as wave theory flushing method and direct flushing pipe method to avoid block and crossed contamination.
       Every time putting the specimen into the machine,the machine could simultaneously detect eight ions including K,Na,Cl,iCa,nCa,TCa,pH,Li,TCO2,AG as well as ten parameters.
       It can absorb the specimen and calibrate the ion automatically,and make analysis quickly. It only takes 25s to finish the process of absorbing the specimen to indicating the result.
       After conducting analysis to specimens,the equipment will automatically flush,keeping the electrode standby in clean status.
       It has a ultra large screen with completely English display,which is quite clear for operators . The built-in printer can print out the result , so it's very quick and convenient.
       The equipment is set with quality control correction procedure,and capable of correcting measured data automatically,as well as by the two parameters of pith and average deviation. 
       The equipment is capable of storing 1000 result, and it can be extended to be more than 10000.The equipment will automatically refresh once it reaches the store limit.
       Our services offices are distributed all over the nation. Users are regularly visited, and their problems as well worries will be removed.
    Reagent Of Electrolyte Analyzer !

    Packing list    Type A
    No. Items Quantity Remark
    1 Electrolyte analyzer 1unit   
    2 K Electrode 1pcs  
    3 Na Electrode 1pcs  
    4 Cl Electrode 1pcs  
    5 Reference Electrode 1pcs  
    6 Calibration Solution A 1 bottle 350ml
    7 Calibration Solution B 1 bottle 350ml
    8 Reference Electrode Internal Solution 2 bottles 10ml
    9 Electrode Internal Solution 1 bottle 3ml
    10 Cleaning Solution 1 bottle 110ml
    11 Activating Solution 1 bottle 110ml
    12 QC Solution 1 bottle 110ml
    13 Electrode Wash Solution (Protein Enzyme) 5 bottles 25mg
    Electrode Wash Solution (Diluent) 5 bottles 1ml
    14 Operating Manual  1copy  
    15 Instrument power line 1 unit  
    16 Printer paper 1 roll  
    17 Waste bottle  1 bottle  
    18 Cap with hole 2 units 3units (Types with CO2)
    19 Special injector pinhead  1unit  
    Electrolyte Analyzer

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited integrates the design, production, sales and service of veterinary surgeon. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a comprehensive veterinary surgeon company with resource advantages. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited wins the market and establishes a reputation through its veterinary surgeon. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is the leader of foreign trade veterinary surgeon company in China.

The company is possessed with the manufacturing certificate. This certificate is valuable because it proves that the company has the ability and specific knowledge of the products' design, development, production, etc. Trustworthy, professional, efficient, and customer care are what our customers think of us. This is a great honor and reputation given by them for our company after such years of cooperation. The company has its own self-supported import and export right, and we have been certified under quality standards stipulated in many countries. This means the company is allowed to export merchandises freely without customs issues. The factory has a comprehensive supply chain management system. This system effectively and efficiently manages the supply chain from material suppliers to the company, including such managerial factors as people, data recording, and equipment.

For customers, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited always adheres to veterinary surgeon. Because of veterinary surgeon, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited can continuously improve product quality and service quality in the process of accumulating experience. The development track of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited cannot be separated from a center. This center is a customer. Since its establishment, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has always adhered to the operating ideas of veterinary surgeon.

Product Details

To better learn about obgyn table, MeCan will provide detailed pictures and detailed information in the following section for your reference.

Application of the Product

MeCan's obgyn table can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers.

In addition to creating excellent MeCan is also able to provide comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the same category,MeCan's obgyn table's outstanding advantages are as follows.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has a group of experienced and professional technical talents. They are truth-seeking, practical, and innovative. They actively make progress and constantly seek innovation. It is their commitment to writing a glorious chapter for our company with wisdom and ability.

MeCan answers all kinds of customer's questions with patience and provides valuable services, so that customers can feel respected and caring.

Our company always insists on the business philosophy of 'winning the market with quality and gaining the reputation with service'. All of us should struggle hard to achieve development step by step, and pursue excellence and innovation in a practical and diligent attitude. All that brings us a brand new attitude, leading our company's development.

MeCan has been engaged in the industry for years. We have rich industry-related experience.

At present, MeCan constructs a huge sales network in China while actively opening up the international market.

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